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Edith Nawakwi’s Lawyer Responds to HH, claims lacks sufficient particulars

General News Edith Nawakwi's Lawyer Responds to HH, claims lacks sufficient particulars

FDD President Edith Nawakwi has responded to her UPND counterpart Hakainde Hichilema’s lawsuit in the High Court by asking for better particulars.
Mr Hichilema is demanding $ 3 million from Ms Nawakwi for alleged defamation.

But in an affidavit in support of summons for an order for further and better particulars, Ms. Nawakwi through her lawyer Chifumu Banda, says the statement of claim by Mr Hichilema lacks sufficient particulars to enable the defendant to settle a meaningful defence.

Mr. Banda says a letter has since been written to the plaintiff’s advocates requesting for further and better particulars.

In this matter, Mr. Hichilema sued Ms. Nawakwi for defamation, demanding US$3 million as damages for alleging that he illegally benefited from the privatization exercise by dubiously acquiring a house belonging to Lima Bank


  1. But in one instance which I remember she said HH bought a house from Lima Bank while presiding as its liquidator. HH refuted that with evidence. It’s now up to her to prove that she’s the one who’s right. Is it a case of being too proud to concede? In any case it’s the court that should say if the particulars are too vague for her to respond.

  2. The opportunist launched accusations against himself in this matter. This is an issue of being haunted by the guilty sustained in the privatization saga. Why open the Pandora’s box if he knew very well that he was innocent. Even if the case has not taken off, the verdict can well be predicted.

  3. It is easy to comment without understanding what is being said by the defendant’s attorney in court. Better to wait and hear what the guidance of the court on the matter will be. Chifumu Banda is a very seasoned lawyer. He has been practicing law before some of you were even conceived in your mother’s wombs. He cannot go to court to waste the court’s time.

  4. Sometimes better not to get carried
    Away as you are alone in court.
    We are too proud to withdraw or
    Apologise.It is also a drain in financing the lawyers.

  5. Lawyers in Zambia are just like politicians. Now this matter will drag on minutiae and technicality. Those of us who watched this saga unfold can see clearly what Ms Nawakwi must answer to. She made an accusation that was countered with evidence. She didn’t show her side of evidence in the accusation hence she must now be compelled by the courts to do so. Added to that, for wasting all of our time she must cough up $3 million. What is not clear apa kansi? Iwe Chifumo?

  6. The article is selective. This chi.kala didn’t just sue on Lima bank, he sued on hotel & the other thing. So this request is reasonable. Chi.kala must produce evidence on all the 3 claims so boma can scruitinize it & take the necessary action also. He must also answer to the people.

  7. Hh is a mad chap suffering from mad cow disease. Niwofunta. Ati 3 millions dollars. The f00l even quotes in dollar Haha. Hh deserves a few dirty slaps to wake him up.

  8. This looks like curing the symptoms of the diseases as opposed to the causer.

    She maybe another Kambwili in making who keeps giving a chain of excuses just to avoid court session (s)


    that political advert on THE TALE OF TWO PROFESSIONALS is dope, ba UPND that advert is so nostalgic , it has evoked the 1991 unip and mmd political campaigns, the only difference now is that mmd adverts were allowed on znbc by a man we all thought was a dictator.

  10. Nawakwi uleke ka umoya wa tenze bantu! Your callous statements and vow to commit perjury was wanton gutless stupidity to say the least! This case should never have been, you will be broke financially by the time HH is done with you, kuuuunya kamkazi ka ntota iwe!

  11. This lady is just too talkative. I don’t like people who are cheeky, arrogant and loud. I like women and men who are reserved and talk in a normal manner. I am not a fan of HH, Lungu and Nawakwi. I am a fan of a combined opposition force…. Those that can come and help rescue the kwacha

  12. Akainde is always quick to issue threats to sue and sometimes goes ahead only for the cases to die a natural death. Its a mechanism to to hoodwink gullible and brainwashed followers and those weak at heart.
    Tel me how many cases he threatens have seen a day in court None.

  13. $3 million is too little given the falsehoods or lies Edith Nawakwi was peddling about HH.
    Can HH try to increase the amount to $10 million?

  14. Aristotle, u probably need 2b reminded that late LPM’s court action forced the UNIP govt to allow the MMD’s political advertising on ZNBC tv. That was the LPM before the nasty and suspicious road accident in which he miraculously survived but his aide-de-camp police superintendent Brown Mwale was sadly killed in the spot.

  15. Ladies and Gentlemen!
    The rise and fall of HH has began watch my words. Chifumu Banda is one of the best lawyers in our country and he is already asking why the other issues mentioned by Madam Nawakwi are not included because the sum total of the three issues raised by her is what he termed as being “criminal” in nature. So wait and see what will happen.

  16. Why are Zambians suing each other in dollars? The future presidents telling us something? That they will go the Zimbabwe route if they win? Adopt the dollar as local currency?

  17. So after peddling lies on Hot FM, you are sued and run to Chifumu Banda for refuge.The downfall of Edith Nawakwi is purely her own making. Her foolish bravado is responsible for her own routing.No doubt she is smart,but her intellect and intellectual stamina do not go beyond her ego. She lacks the ability to know when she is wrong and the humility to accept and apologize.
    2 February 2002.
    The Times of Zambia.
    By Times Reporter
    FORUM for Democracy and Development (FDD) vice-president, Edith Nawakwi has lost a bid in the Supreme Court to purchase a house in Kalundu, which she wanted at the expense of the sitting tenant Bernadette Sikanyika in 1994.
    This was when the Supreme Court dismissed Ms Nawakwi’s appeal against a High Court decision order that the disputed house on plot number…

  18. What happened to all the evidence she said she was prepared to bring to court? Now she is trying to escape justice using technicalities? Very disappointing of Nawakwi. Its obvious that UPND is the only opposition in Zambia. The rest are all hungry for money. You cant lead a nation on an empty stomach.

  19. HH is intelligent and has the best lawyers in the country not some of the best. I think he wants to sue Nawaki separately for each claim which will cost Nawaki $ 3 m dollars each

  20. Perhaps LT has not told us the whole story. Edith Nawakwi has to answer to wht HH has filed into court and not wht she thinks he should hv filed.

  21. “HH is intelligent and has the best lawyers in the country” says Richard above. Nonsense, is my answer because it’s not a matter of intelligence but a matter of evidence. Edith Nawakwi is clearly an intelligent lady but we’re not dealing with intelligence here. I think intelligence is misunderstood by most Zambians. They think intelligence means not doing dumb things.

  22. I thought she said she was ready for contempt of court and wasn’t going to respond to HH .What has changed now ?

  23. @Adviser, I know mathematical logic and lawyers use it to good effect. Just pray that we do not get to know the lawyers for the other side… when I watch lawyers do battle I follow with a lot of interest because I can plot where even the most unscrupulous culprit will be let off the hook. So let the games begin.

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