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Commission of inquiry on Privatisation- No wonder we are the 4th hungriest nation on Earth!

Feature Politics Commission of inquiry on Privatisation- No wonder we are the 4th hungriest...

The nonsense and sheer opportunism we entertain in this country is mind baffling. No wonder we are the 4th hungriest nation on earth, amidst plenty natural resources.

All the major newspapers today have, on their front pages, faint calls for the Commission Of Inquiry on privatization. If you didn’t know better, you would think these are genuine calls to get answers. Alas, it’s nothing but petty opportunism and playing politics to fix HH.

We don’t seem to learn in this country. We have been here before with this PF government. The PF Government have always used Commissions of Inquiry for politics, at a great cost to the country.

When President Sata assumed office, he appointed many useless Commissions of Inquiry, whose reports and recommendations were either ignored or not implemented.

  1. Rodger Chongwe Commission of Inquiry on the Barotse Riots. More than K5.5 million was wasted on this COI, yet, when the findings were presented to President Sata, he simply rubbished the findings of the report and that was the end of the story.
  2. Oil Procurement Commission of Inquiry. K4.7 million was spent on this COI for oil procurement whose findings have not even been released to the public up to today.
  3. Sale of ZAMTEL to Lapgreen Commission of Inquiry. This was a comical one. I attended the hearings at Mulungushi Conference Centre. Most of the witnesses who came had nothing really to say, apart from making political insinuations and statements. It was such a waste of resources and time. K2.3 million was spent on this useless Zamtel inquiry whose findings have never been released.
  4. ZANACO Commission of Inquiry to probe the sale of ZANACO to Rabobank of the Netherlands. Another waste and quickly forgotten. There was really nothing that warranted a COI, it was more to do with playing to the gallery.
  5. Commission of Inquiry into the Procurement of Scanners at Zambia Revenue Authority. Another useless and comical COI. When Commission chairperson Kingsley Chanda wanted to handover the report to the President, Mr. Sata said, “this report is a joke and you Mr Chikwanda next time don’t bring useless people like this Chanda to me.” That was the end of that COI despite huge sums of money spent on it. In fact, the same scanners and the company contracted to run them on behalf of ZRA got their contract back and continued.
  6. NAPSA Commission of Inquiry constituted to investigate the purchase of a farm in Lusaka and the financing of the Zambia National Building Society Central Arcades project by the National Pensions Scheme Authority (NAPSA). Another useless politically motivated COI where taxpayers money went down the drain. President Sata refused to accept the report because Commission Chairperson, Sebastian Zulu who was also Justice Minister failed to show up and instead delegated his vice Ngosa Simbyakula, to present the report.
  7. President Lungu set up a commission of inquiry into political violence and voting pattern. The commission spent huge somes of money by going to all corners of Zambia collecting information. The report was compiled and presented to President Lungu last year, but nothing has been done with the recommendations. The report is just gathering dust.

All these Commissions of Inquiry have produced nothing, apart from reckless expenditure. It’s diabolical to continue on this path in the midst of a poorly performing economy just to fix a political opponent.

Pensioners are still waiting for their money, funding to institutions such as schools and universities is erratic, the vulnerable on cash transfer are not recieving their cash on time, salaries are never paid on time for some government institutions, but President Lungu and his PF government want to waste time and resources on a Commission of inquiry whose outcome will be nothing but waste.

By Upset Zambian


  1. This is the type of reaction from the people who think that only their views are correct. You can almost feel the anger, the fuming and the resentment of diverse views. What is 27 years to forget about such issues when alot of people are being tried and jailed today for crimes committed years back. What is the ? ? fear about.

    • Commission of Inquiry on Gassing
      Commission of Inquiry on Compilation of Voters Register
      Commission of Inquiry on Inflated Prices in Government Procurement
      Commission of Inquiry on Appointment of Tasila’s Shibukombe
      Commission of Inquiry on why the attention seeking Lusaka Mayor was kicked out of a front seat at Tasila’s Wedding
      Commission of Inquiry on the Investments that Sampa, Tasila and husband brought to Lusaka following their USA trip
      Commission of Inquiry on how PF SG Davies Mwila solicits bribes from potential MP and Councillor candidates for adoption
      Commission of Inquiry on how Zambia should be closed down for Reorganisation, Cleansing, Refurbishment, Repair and Re-culturing !!!!

  2. Commission of inquiry into the procurement of fire tenders.
    Commission of inquiry into the procurement of ambulances.
    Commission of inquiry into the toll plaza contracts.
    Commission of inquiry into the ZNBC partnership with the Chinese.
    Commission of inquiry into the 48 flats.
    Commission of inquiry into how Lungu made miracle money in 18 months.

  3. First of this fo0lish “Upset Zambian” cannot give his or her name so that we can profile it properly. And the gullible UPND supporters will be celebrating without verifying that none of the aforementioned inquiries yielded results. Commission 1,3,4,6&7 have had results and actions. That is why we still have Zamtel and Zanaco. The printer procurement was resolved after an inquiry. Why did all these UPND suppoters tell their cult leader all these points they are bringing up now when HH was busy teasing Lungu that he is ready for an inquiry. Where were these clowns when HH called Zambians sleeping? Their clown HH failed to appear on ZNBC to defend himself. Zambia is 4th hungriest nation because of people that stole its money and assets during privatization.

  4. This is slowly turning into a King Saul vs David scenario, BEFOR DAVID BECAME KING THE REIGNING KING WAS SO JELOUS OF HIM.

  5. Identify yourself you id.ot. If nothing was not done in the past it does mean HH and other culprits must not be held accountable for stealing from Zambians. HH TAKATEKEPOOOOOOO

  6. Calm down. We wanna know what went down.
    You can’t sampwisha national assets and be seen walking with head high.
    Who damn does that?
    Mwalikunkuma kuli bupompwe munshibila nsala?

  7. Calm down. We wanna know what went down.
    You can’t sampwisha national assets and be seen walking with head high.
    Who damn does that?
    Mwalikunkuma kuli bupompwe munshibila nsala?

  8. Kekekekkeke, the 4th starving nation in the world??? Ba mwankole don’t hunt on their own, they even steal and eat bathing soap. Mwankole always look smart, black with white strip.
    Mwankole waiting for commission of inquiry to lock down HH so they can scavenge on his New Kasama house.

  9. Bushe nindalama zanyoko? COI are requested by the people and if you are not among the people, find a clan to belong to. We are all affected by politics.

  10. Ndombolo ya solo as the debt request gets rejected. There will be more distractions as the music changes from genre to genre. We will keep returning to Jerusalema from time to time… stay tuned.

  11. Up to now , lungu is hiding the fact from zambians that his clan own the 48 houses , they are busy giving us fake names……

    If lungu is serious that this call is not targetting HH with a COI let him set a date after he wins elections in 2021 ,nor who ever wins…..

    After all we have waited 27 years , we can wait another 1 year for the truth….

  12. Commission of inquiry into the pornographic videos by 2 ministers
    Commission of inquiry into the distribution of mealie meal only during bye-elections
    Commission of inquiry into the conduct of Kaizer Zulu
    Commission of inquiry into the use of the presidential jet by Findlay
    Commission of inquiry into the Eswatini Mansion

  13. what goes around comes back around…Lungu careful…you will be the next to be PROBED KACHAKOLWA MWANKOLE IWE!!

  14. Innocents are always upright, will not frustrate opportunities to their innocence. Upset UN Zambian go back to your country.
    Let Zambia prove our novo rich musankwa innocent!!!

  15. Innocents are always upright, will not frustrate opportunities to prove their innocence. Upset UN Zambian go back to your country.
    Let Zambia prove our novo rich musankwa innocent!!!

  16. Mr angriest….”fourth 4th …est nation on Earth…. your family (if you have any) is what? 1st satisfiediest family?

    some of you are just good at taking your homes are terrible! for lack of a better word!

  17. Earth…. your family (if you have any) is what? 1st satisfiediest family on Earth?

    some of you are just good at talking your homes are terrible! for lack of a better word!

  18. Mr angriest….”fourth 4th …est nation on Earth…. your family (if you have any) is what? 1st satisfiediest family?

    some of you are just good at taking your homes are terrible! for lack of a better word!

  19. A lot of people were in the thick of privatisation INCLUDING a certain lawyer called Edgar Lungu and a former minister called Edith Nawakwi (aka Nakwakwa). They never saw a problem while they were eating. Nomba impiya nashipwa due to the wrong investments and the threat of going to jele when HH becomes President of Zambia has sent shivers down their weak imingololo. When Chiluba saw KK emerging stronger in 1996, he used lawfare to bar KK. Now ECL has seen the same problem and he will use a COI because like the tribunal against Mutembo Nchito SC, he will appoint his cronies to cast blame on HH. HH will be arrested and tied up in courts for the next 10 years with adjournments while PF continues to plunder the country and sell it to the Chinese.

  20. Yaa,the inquiry is welcome but let’s first begin with publication of past reports and then also how some people suddenly became rich over night in the current administration.w e can not waste money on something that happened in the old testament while ignoring the plunder happening as we speak.insoni Ubuntu

  21. Ati by upset zambian hahahahahaha ya naseka. You are right, this article was written by an emotional angry upnd diasporan. Even me I can be angry if I lost elections over 4 times and the chi same leader continued standing and losing. Upnd supporters in diaspora why don’t you come back to Zambia and challenge your hh so that you stand a chance to win elections. With this level of anger you will die young of stress. Lobe. Kikik

  22. I have a feeling that HH’s wealth has been exaggerated. In his first election, he declared less than 40 million and later moved to 73 in the recent past election. Maybe we just need to learn how he has been accelerating his wealth creation in the past 20 years from a mare 22m to 73 in 2016. This could benefit a lot of us. On the other end, I hope people are ready to face the same investigations when they are out of power. Precedence is key in life. With these mansions people are building.

  23. I am, also very upset with this nonsense of privatization inquiry which will not yield any fruits, but waste more money. This country is good at wasting money from the little money it makes from taxes. Great leaders are inspired by unsolved poverty to turnaround to riches of individuals and the country. It is my hope that we gather signatures that will stop the nonsense.

  24. Which Upset Zambian is this now? He is so scared of being known for who he is but still wants to make a banner of his thoughts. Spare us the reading of such trash

  25. So in upnd is, when you commit a crime by killing someone 40 years ago. You cant be held responsible?. Take a leaf from USA R.K or cosy they committed crimes 20 years ago. Today there behind bars. So what is ao special with HH? The owner of 51 houses has been found, HH is quiet.

  26. Is there any thinking any more in this country. Instead of being serious and fixing the economy, they are busy with things that don’t even help the country.

  27. if what i see above written by many bloggers is the level of Zambia,s wisdom and intellect looking at comments on many issues then there is need to be concerned as a Country. One wonders if these bloggers stand for the truth or not or whether what they write about can impact on someones knowledge and understanding. You just see a rebuttal of what some one has said or written just for sake of doing so. One wonders on whose behalf these people are writing or speaking. Yet this is a platform that can turn out to be very informative and educational if used properly. Some bloggers don,t mind what language they use and can even go to an extent of writing insults. It is becoming disgusting reading this part of Lusaka times as at the end of the day one comes out with nothing but frustration…

  28. Agony is been used to carry placards and taking a petition to static house calling for an inquiry on privatization, after the inquiry only to be told that the council house which your parents bought at K10 during privatization has to taken back by the state, that’s when you will realize that you are also a beneficiary of the privatization process, actually all those born in the 90s and beyond are products of privatization. Ask me how and I will explain.

  29. If what i read above written by many bloggers is the level of Zambia’s wisdom and intellect then there is need to get concerned as a Country. One wonders whether as Zambians we understand upholding the truth or not. Some comments written by many bloggers do not make sense at all and one wonders if they write with any conviction at all. Most of the time you see a situation were people want to out do each other by form of a rebuttal one way or the other to push forward a certain opinion. Yet this is a plat form that can be quite educative and provide information to a well informed citizenry. What we see is use of an palatable language and in some cases actual insults. It may not be surprising if some of these writers have been planted to frustrate the real truth and confuse the readers…

  30. flag Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    You don’t need a COI on Zambia’s privatization program. What happened is well known. The MMD government (including Nawakwi) botched that program and it is disingenuous to blame Hakainde Hichilema for it. HH held no government position and was merely a consultant employed by the govt who were the decision makers. Musi-o-tunya hotel and the Lima bank house are just 0.01% of the public entities that were sold.

    The mines are the big companies that were sold. To spare you from wasting money… the country was in so much debt (like now) and IMF and World bank forced the govt to sell companies at giveaway prices with conditions favourable to the buyers. The money generated from the program was stolen by Chiluba and his minions (some dead and others still alive like Nawakwi).

  31. Why are UPND zealots afraid of Inquiry. You want to talk about fire tenders, ambulances where HH has had no hand but afraid to talk about his sins: ati we need to talk about corruption today. Corruption yesterday and Corruption today is the same. You guys are id*ots

  32. Why are UPND zealots afraid of Inquiry. You want to talk about fire tenders, ambulances where HH has had no hand but afraid to talk about his sins: ati we need to talk about corruption today. Corruption yesterday and Corruption today is the same. You guys are id.ots

  33. HH sins of the past are more acceptable than some so called sins done today? This is why I don’t trust UPND

  34. Bernadette, that is why you can’t see beyond your nose. Think beyond your daily Nshima needs. The gassing, fire tenders etc are real issues that have not been resolved. Privatization has seen many investigations and no tangible results other than costly lawyer fees.

    Ask the question –

    how are we going to develop the country so that 50 years from now we don’t live on nkongole?

    Where did the money from nkongole go and who will be paying back?

    Why should I be paying?

  35. The COI is an attempt to legitimize effort at faulting one HH by PF on realizing that the Nawakwi attack strategy is falling short. I just don’t like the idea of the COI because taxpayers resources will be wasted for political expediency! It is an undeniable fact that of all the hired participants to aid the MMD birthed privatization program, one Hakainde Hichilema decided to try his hand in politics and vying for the national top seat as elected leader! PF with its zealots hate the idea thus the smear campaign! I would advise PF to just go ahead and arrest the HH and charge him for causing the PF party leadership sleepless nights over the possibility that he is elected president and may call for accountability. Could maybe also the fear that HH as president would respond in the…


  37. The Government does run business to make money to pay debt. When the government borrows the expectations are that the Nkongole money will help Stimulate the economy and as a result many people will get employment and the expanded tax base will fund the repayment. The the tax base doesn’t expand then you have problems servicing date.

    In short citizen pay the debt contracted by government. It is in your best interest as citizens to persuade government to stop contracting debt recklessly- it is you that will be paying.

    For your information the president, ministers, and MPs don’t pay tax on there emoluments.

    You should at the very list care!!

  38. Corrections to above posting: Government doesn’t run business to make money.

    If the tax base doesn’t expand it will have problems serving debt.

  39. Now that you are all set to face the music for corruption you did for so many years, the demand for inquiry is nonsense! Wow. People like HH bring bad name to our country and not those who demand for inquiry into his corruption.

  40. If HH has not done anything wrong, not committed any crime and he is completely clean, why are you afraid of the inquiry? No matter what every they ask about, HH can reply and shut them up forever. What’s the harm in facing the inquiry?

  41. This is nothing but playing victim card. We all know how the Livingstone hotel was sold to Sin International Zambia at dirt cheap prices. Had HH been innocent, he would have not been afraid of any inquiry. Every honest man would do this. But here you are, criticising the government and people of this country. This proves that something is fishy about privatization.

  42. This is in line of the fake news that government wanted to arrest HH. That was spread on media to garner sympathy of people. But since it could not yield desired results, he has now started this drama. But don’t worry, we will not be fooled by you anymore.

  43. Get out of here …you are one of them the thieves who stole from Zambians. We are going to jail you if you do not bring back our money

  44. @ Thorn in the fresh

    Where you wearing napkins when this privatilisation was taking place?
    Or where were you when Chiluba was still alive?
    A shopkeeper is employed to sell what his/her master authorised him/her.

  45. If there is a party that is full of idio.ts it is upnd. Are you not the one who were busy saying if your sata.nic leader has done anything wrong Zambians must report him to the police if they want! And you *****.s supported your sata.nic leader and said he has not committed any wrong, ati he is a hard working business man. What are you scared of ! What is wrong !

  46. This is nothing but an attempt to suppress the voice of dissent. This is an attempt to intimidate those who dare to stand up to you and question you. This is how the so called left liberal cabal works across the world. You go to any extent to level allegations against President Edgar C Lugu and use the filthiest language for him. But start crying victim the moment, tables are turned on you! This will not be tolerated anymore.

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