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ZRA donates confiscated cooking oil to health institutions

Economy ZRA donates confiscated cooking oil to health institutions

The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA), has donated over six thousand litres of cooking oil worth K200, 000 to various charity and health institutions in Southern Province.

ZRA Commissioner – Customs Services Director, Sydney Chibbabbuka says the donation has been made in line with the Commission’s corporate social responsibility policy to deserving institutions.

Mr. Chibbabbuka said the donation which includes 259 cases of 12 by two litres cooking oil translates into 6,216 litres with a market value of K200, 000.

Speaking to Journalists at Livingstone’s Port Office on yesterday, Mr Chibbabbuka explained that the donation was as a result of an importer who tried to smuggle the cooking oil into the country to evade payment of duties and taxes.

Livingstone Central Hospital, Zimba Mission Hospital, Maamba Hospital, Monze and Choma General Hospitals are among the beneficiaries of the donated cooking oil.

Other institutions include Maramba Old People’s Home, SOS Children’s Village Livingstone, Mukasa Minor Seminary, Kwatu Children’s Home, Lushomo Trust Kazungula, Lubasi Orphanage, Ebenezer Orphanage, Faith and Grace, Youth Community Centre Livingstone and Namwianga Mission of Kalomo.

And Mr Chibbabbuka said the cooking oil which was smuggled through the Kazungula Border was intercepted on the Livingstone/Kazungula road between 23 hours and midnight on the 28th of August, 2020.

He said the Commission then seized and forfeited the merchandise, including the truck that was carrying the goods.

Mr. Chibbabbuka said the taxes and duties due on the seized consignment were about K350, 000.

He reiterated that other than just collecting taxes, the Commission had the responsibility to protect industries and promote fair competition which in turn helped to enhance the country’s development.

Mr Chibbabbuka warned importers to desist from smuggling and other forms of tax evasion that deny revenue to the government.

“ZRA will not tolerate any form of smuggling or concealment of goods, as it is our duty to seize and forfeit any goods which have not been duly declared and vessels used in such vices, ” he said.

Mr. Chibbabbuka further said the Commission had stepped up its enforcement activities to curb smuggling and other forms of tax evasion.

And speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries, Livingstone Central Hospital Medical Superintendent, John Kachimba said it was sad the donation was being made as a result of people doing the wrong thing.

Dr Kachimba said smuggling and tax evasion were detrimental to the country’s development as they affected the vulnerable people in society.

“We represent the same people that tax evaders are depriving; the orphans who need our support; the elderly who need our care and the patients we have the privilege of looking after,” he said.

Dr Kachimba also noted that government had the responsibility to provide certain services and could not manage to do so if citizens did not pay taxes.

“We join the call by ZRA for each and everyone of us to be responsible and pay taxes to ensure government raises the necessary revenues to enable it discharge its responsibilities effectively, ” he said.


  1. At least now they coming into senses, unlike last year when PF was at a peak, ZRA used to set food on fire.

  2. Toxic oils donated to health institutions.. Ironic.
    Cooking oils made from crushing seeds will not improve patient’s health but only make it worse due to high levels of toxic additives used in the manufacturing process.

  3. The real problem is in the shortage of products like cooking oil which can easily be produced locally. Instead of looking to invest time, money and energy in local products, both government and citizens rush to import everything from outside in order to get quick benefits.

  4. Good gesture we thank you ba zra. We wish hh would take a leaf from your book and share the wealth that actually belongs to zambian as he obtained via privatisation and crooked dealings. Whatever hh owns is yours zambians

  5. As long as Zambia is a net importer of edible oils smuggling will always exist especially from East Africa which has a large manufacturing base than us. Instead of making fake promises about Mulungushi Textiles, re-engineer the factory to include an edible oil refinery. The market for cooking oil is quite very big. That’s the only viable way to run that textile. You’ll kill 2 birds with 1 stone. The same cotton will provide feed for both the textile and the refinery. The best approach is to concession to a consortium of local farmers or cooperative that will also promote out-grower schemes for farmers in the central region and even beyond. Kapiri Glass Products can be transformed to produce plastic containers for packaging. That’s the way to go

  6. The cooking oil should be destroyed just like they destroy confiscated elephant tasks or rhino horns.The act of publicly destroying these illegal materials is for purposes of discouraging future law breakers.
    Zambia is now a lawless, morally bankrupt and highly indebted country.
    The PF casually recycle proceeds of criminal activities using state institutions.
    Zambia is completely finished as a country.

  7. KK loved Zambia despite being reminded over and over again that he was not indigenous! He had vision for a self sufficient and sustaining nation but his efforts were thwarted by in-house greed coupled with deceit! Those that were mature at independence will harbor nostalgia for what had been inherited and the years following of that which KK tried to sustain or build anew, reality is what is wished for now had been given a thought before and even an attempt at implementation! Greed and a rush at quick personal enrichment derailed a national development vision for lack of building on a predecessor’s efforts to the easy way of importation for consumption!

  8. Excellent move to donate the cooking oil to deserving institutions. This should serve as a lesson to those in the habit of smuggling goods into the country that it’s not worth it because they will end up being forfeited to the state. What a waste of revenue for whoever is behind this huge consignment!!!

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