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Zambia Police Denies UPND and NDC Permit to hold a Protest against ECZ


Police in Lusaka have denied the opposition UPND and NDC a go ahead to have a youth rally in Lusaka at the Freedom Statue this weekend.

The youths from the two parties had written to Lusaka Province Police Commissioner notifying his office on their intention to hold a youth rally to protest against the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

But in his response dated 6th October 2020, Officer Commanding for Lusaka Urban a Mr Kaaza said the rally could not proceed because there is no manpower to police the event as officers will be engaged in other duties.

He said proceeding with the event will pose a security risk.


  1. Full dictatorship, one can not agree any more with the archbishop who said all signs of a dictator are in full swing in Zambia now. Meanwhile the ruling party does not need any permit. Extremely primitive, real stone age tactics

  2. Serious Leadership crisis, if there was leadership, leadership was to question the Police why his opponents were being stopped from ever galvanizing, but it is the same leadership giving dictatorial instructions. Frightened little men as KK would say, spineless after grounding our once promising economy

  3. It is important that a non partisan Police is put in place. I suggest asking the Commonwealth to be seconding Police Commanders to our country because at this rate we are surely not going anywhere. But that is what unemployment does to a country,a Police officer knows that if I do the right thing I will be fired and there are no jobs anywhere. Very sad situation for our country

  4. Ever since pf came to power most opposition rallies have been cancelled due to “security concerns” by police , for the 9 years they have been power they have failed to galvanise and modernise the police to deal with this security concern, what does this tell you about their leadership qualities? they have zeal economic prowess, agriculture worse now they can’t even assure security to their own citizens.

  5. They say your behavior in your past life determines your current reputation. The upnd are very well known for their violence. These thugs even go to extent of having their own members stage manage violent acts to make them look like it is pf who attacked them- e.g. the kasama car issue. So how can they expect the police to have confidence in their own supply of private security? It’s like employing a rapist to baby sit your kids

  6. So you as educated as you claim to be.. wil you as the police propose another date for this event..That is a normal thing to do as a professional police sercive

  7. Give them another date on which to demonstrate.
    It’s a normal thing to do for a professional police service.
    Also please specify what will keep the police busy on the day.

    Otherwise stop being a dictatorship country.

  8. Sean Tembo, remind Under 5 and his pig friend Kambwili that we don’t want anarchy because of the realization of losing again

  9. It’s just the ruling party fear of the opposition. They are so scared of their opponent, resulting into suspension of civil liberties for the opposition in this age

  10. What manpower exactly?

    Funny thing is that if these youth rallies do take place, police will be there in large numbers to arrest them.

    Lungu has taken us backwards.

  11. “Copperbelt Residents affected by Privatisation March to Provincial Minister’s Office to Support Commission of Inquiry” was the headline two days ago…dictatorship tactics are now in full swing

  12. @KCI
    one thing i will give thumbs up to the UPND for walking out of parliament is because they are not looking at only the public order act to benefit the opposition they are looking at the contents of the entire bill. We cannot allow a bill to pass because it has a few good clauses in it. infact it is the PF that really want that public order thing changed now so that they can benefit when they go back into opposition and not taste their own medicine of how badly they have treated the opposition.

  13. Just a few days ago Lusambo was holding a very big PF mobilisation rally on the copperbelt. I would presume THAT IT WAS without a police permit. Now the opposition asks the same favour and instantly there is no police manpower. Shame on our once beautiful country.

    Only PF and those aligned to it would say life is blissful because surely there is this plastic temporal feeling of supremacy, but time will surely catch up with many.

    One who laughs last laughs the best. Advice is free to the wise.

  14. The language is simple and straight forward. YOU ARE ADVISED NOT TO PROCEED WITH YOUR INTENDED RALLY blah blah blah. Key word: ADVISED.
    This is an advice. You have a right to take it or leave it. Since the police are committed to other national duties, they should not show up in millions to stop or beat or arrest anyone. They also have no right to stop them. This is an offer of an opinion or suggestion as worth following. But if you see it is not worthy the attention, you ignore that advice and it is not legal for the person who advised you to attack you on the basis of not taking their advice.
    The suggested APPEAL is legally invalid as no one ever appeals an advice. What for? Wrong advice? Laughable. Appealing to be advised by Kampyongo? Hahahahaha. Zambia. Nomba kubuta uku ka. Kwati…

  15. The language is simple. This is an advice. There’s no law that forces you to take the advice. Also there’s no basis for not going ahead with the rally. It is not illegal for not taking anyone’s advice. Nowhere on earth you would punish someone for not taking your advice. An advise is an opinion or suggestion as worth following. But it is not any law books that you went against someone’s advice and you should be punished. Unless you break the law in the process.

  16. The law says to ‘inform the police’. They have done that. Been ‘advised’ against. Being only advice, they can and should still go ahead. Enough of this stu.pidity from a primitive PF government. The PF are on the streets and in compounds holding rallies or marches day and night without any hinderance but continuously use the scared and compromised police state to stifle the opposition at every turn. Any ‘sane’ person who sides with this depraved party needs their head’s content shaken

  17. what is the procedure of setting up a commission of inquiry in any country to check the mental status of a sitting president?, can lawyers assist on this one

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