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UPND Dismisses Police Chief’s Allegations of PArty Members attacking People in Muchinga

Feature Politics UPND Dismisses Police Chief's Allegations of PArty Members attacking People in Muchinga

By Stephen Katuka UPND Secretary General

We wish to distance ourselves from the purported attacks being advanced by Police Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja that the United Party for National Development ( UPND cadres attacked people in Muchinga.

I. G Kanganja is contradicting himself. On one hand , he is directing the police to arrest UPND cadres whom he accuses of attacking people in Lavushimanda District in Muchinga Province.

On the other hand, I.G Kanganja is directing his officers to investigate the attack. How do police arrest people before carrying out investigations?

Kakoma Kanganja should have directed his mind to the law by reminding himself that directing his officers to pounce on UPND cadres before investigations is contradictory and a deliberate administrative blunder.

We urge IG Kanganja to take responsibility for the violence taking place in the country and protect all citizens regardless of their political affiliation.

In case he has forgotten, we are still waiting for the police investigations in who the gassers are.

We also want the police to tell us who set the City Market on fire.

Further, IG Kanganja has not told us who killed Mapenzi Chibulo on her way to attend a UPND rally in Chawama, Lawrence Banda in Kama by election, Mukonka and later on who shot Masani.

It is surprising that when PF cadres are repelled by those they attack, Mr. Kanganja quickly issues a statement but when UPND members are attacked , no statement is issued.

Even where UPND are victims , police have issued a statement to down play the attack.

We know that Kanganja is just acting on instructions from above. We blame the establishment and the PF abuse of the Zambia Police Service.
When UPND forms government, we shall ensure the police is protected through institutional reforms.

We urge Kanganja not to accuse our members of violence even before investigations are done. Such statements simply arm twist officers tasked with investigations.


  1. This PIG is the worst corrupt PF cader around…….

    After 2021 , he should be investigated for inciting pf violence against the opposition and harrassing opposition and if found wanting should be stripped jailed and stripped of his police pension.

    We hope he has hidden the money well lungu pays him because he will be sued by victims and dusted down for every ngwee……..

  2. The police cannot lie as they are the custodians of peace, anyone found wanting must be punished see what Mucheleka and his friends did in Kasama how do you say they didn’t do what they did.

  3. I know I am not the most handsome man in the world or even come close to it. However, one thing I know is that kakuta mubi. This ugliness patali. This is incredible level of ugliness.

  4. I am surprised that when a politician steals and is jailed, its political persecution but when a katondo man is jailed for the same offence it justice being served. What’s wrong with us the Lumpen proletariat, cadres and uncounted citizens? If our political leader is investigated for fraud, or capture of state property, we cry foul, but when a street man is investigated , we feel relieved because Justice is being served and the police are doing a good job. Why? So why are some opposition and ruling party politicians so frightened when the people demanded that a commission of inquiry be instituted to investigate those who store state property? Should we usher thugs, thieves, conmen into state house to lead this country.? We have a very big problem with ignorant cadres and political thugs…

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