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12 Ethiopian immigrants nabbed in Nyimba

Rural News 12 Ethiopian immigrants nabbed in Nyimba

The Immigration Department in Nyimba District of Eastern Province has apprehended 12 illegal immigrants of Ethiopian origin while 15 others including six Zambian citizens accompanying them are on the run.

The 27 Ethiopians were enroute to South Africa when the mini bus they were in belonging to Fleetwood School of Chipata District in Eastern province fell into a ditch while trying to escape the Kacholala police check point in Nyimba District yesterday.

One of the apprehended Ethiopians revealed that the driver wanted the Ethiopians to use a bush path while he and five other Zambians pass through the police checkpoint to reunite at a later point.

ZANIS reports that in September this year, an additional 26 Ethiopians enroute to South Africa where apprehended in a suspected human trafficking case in Nyimba District.

Seventeen-year-old Abdilwas Ahmed of Halaba in Ethiopia said that he and 25 others were apprehended by vigilant immigration officers in Nyimba as they were trying to cross into neighboring Mozambique.

Ahmed narrated that they had been in transit for three months before being apprehended.

He further reveled that logistics from Ethiopia to South Africa were arranged by a Malawian national only identified as “The boss”.

“We walked by foot to cross border checkpoints while “The boss” arranged for local drivers to move us in areas without checkpoints,” he said.

He told the media in Nyimba that “The Boss “only allowed them to eat once after every two days.

“We would only eat once in two days and at specific places where the boss arranged food for us,” he said.

Ahmed said he was travelling to South Africa to work as a shop attendant that was arranged by the “The boss”.

All the apprehended are unhurt and will appear in court soon.


  1. This is a sign that Zambia is doing well. Let us learn to appreciate that other nationalities are desperate to enter our borders. So imwe ba diaspora even most of you there abroad are illegal immigrants yet you continue to criticize our government

  2. Why should they appear in court? For being in another African country?

    These borders that white people erected for us has gone to our heads.

    Just fly them back to Ethiopia.

    Or send them to Tayali’s house.

  3. Enroute to South Africa and Zambia becomes their terminus. Send them back to Ethiopia, GRZ! Final destination: Ethiopia.

  4. Who’s this @Kaizar Zulu with a childsih metality, just keep on enjoying your little life, having beibg away from Zed for almost 30 years made it easy for some cats like @Kaizar Zulu to come out of the wild.

  5. These are all Chilufya Tayali’s in-laws. Tayali needs to be arrested for him to reunite with CK to sort out their scores.

  6. It’s sad when people are cheated into these immigration scams. It must be a tough life living in a foreign country without Legal documentation, it’s always better to go back home in such instances. I am grateful to God for giving me a beautiful job and permanent residency here in Australia. By choice I still remain a proud citizen of one country, Zambia!!!!

  7. Kaizer is a scumbag like Tayali. Ignore his stup!dity. Attention seeker are rife in Zambia on a grand scale. But they will be flashed out with their so-called govt of thieves.

  8. Diaspora Lady telling every one god gave you PR in Australia is a bit strange as it was the Australia Govt who decided if you met the guide lines and your comment you are still a proud citizen of one country Zambia when you are also a Australian citizen now as well.

  9. @ Cosmos, I don’t know who you are and have no interest in interacting with you!!! Desist from mentioning my name!!!

  10. @ Kaizar Zulu, exactly!! He’s definitely not at my level to be interacting with me, gosh!!! I only interact with intelligent people here, not that disgruntled cosmopolitan whatever his name is.

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