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HH will not respond to the Muchinga Police Call-Out-Katuka

Feature Politics HH will not respond to the Muchinga Police Call-Out-Katuka

UNITED PARTY FOR NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Secretary General, Stephen Katuka has demanded for the immediate arrest of Serenje district Vice youth Chairman Esau Jere for attacking UPND President Hakainde Hichilema’s entourage in full view of the police.

And UPND Chairman for Agriculture Levy Ngoma says the party will not avail its leader Hakainde Hichilema before any Muchinga Police station as he was the victim of PF aggression.

Addressing the media in Lusaka this morning, Mr Katuka said it was appalling to note that the police have failed to arrest Mr. Jere who is visibly seen in both video and pictorial footage carrying and throwing stones at the UPND Presidential convoy in pure infringement of President Hichilema’s fundamental freedoms of movement and assembly.

He said the police must first move in and arrest the known PF cadres who caused full scale damage to property in Serenje and Lavushimanda districts before issuing any call outs to the UPND leader.

“We are aware that there is a police call out somewhere for President Hichilema. On the Serenje incident, the UPND convoy was on a public road so there is no way we could just stop our vehicles to start attacking anyone. We demand for the arrest of one Esau Jere, the PF Youth Chairman for Serenje who was the mastermind of the trail of destruction in that area. We demand for the arrest of those who caused the fracas before they could demand for HH’s arrest,” he said.

And Mr.Ngoma said only a sane victim can report themselves to the police for questioning and added that the party will not allow its President to leave for Chinsali on police instructions.
“We are the victims.President Hichilema was the victim of the PF attack and we find it absurd that the police has decided to the victim and not the aggressors for interviews.We are also aware that the PF has set up teams between Kabwe and Chinsali to cause mayhem and harm the UPND team.Let the police protect this one man called Hichilema who is a bonafide citizen of this country and not harass him.That we shall not allow”,Mr Ngoma added.


  1. Where is this dog called Kaizer Zulu to comment? He has nothing in life to do but glued on LT to just harrass bloggers.

    Where are you Kaizer Zulu?

    PF must go!

  2. The little boy got overly excited about having a convoy of cars eescort him. This is the type of thing we as kids used to do at the weekend. You all go mu convoy to drink. How childish can hh be? Let him be aware that a police call out is not a joke. If he think he has grown testicles, let him ignore the call out. The police cannot be disrespect by one little childish boy. As for madilu keep shouting pf must go, like a retarded baboon.

    • A kangaroo like Kaizer Zulu will never grow up and always a reflection of his troubled upbringing.

      I’ve met people like you who portray that picture of successful and well to do. Including your leader Edgar Lungu knows why he behaves like that.

      He never thought one day would be a president and he still thinks he is the only person in Zambia who can manage. Thanks to God, even those who sung the loudest are testing his true colors.

      The coin two sides and what goes up must come down. There will be a day when he will face the same music gives to his opponents.

      PF must pack and go!

  3. Well done UPND mobilisation , you are listening when I told you to invest in video surveillance…….

    The PF thugs can not argue with video.

  4. The indictment is on us Zambians to rid ourselves of these lunatics. The PF and the UPND are the most violent political Parties. Kampyongo has failed to run the ZP, it’s now a laughing-stock. Hichilema also thinks that power comes from the barrel of a gun. Both the PF and UPND must be voted out if we want to bring sanity to the governance of the country. Edgar only knows how to fix his opponents, so we can’t expect much from him.

  5. A call out is not an arrest warrant let him just report. The issue is not about jere but kidnapping and assault of police officers. Did upnd complain about jere to any police station??

  6. Ayatollah!!!! What wrong did HH do? And want did you expect him to do given the hostile situation in Serenje. The problem is the supporters who don’t understand democratic tenets and leadership do nothing to educate them.

  7. @Yaks, HH is a hardcore criminal and the mistake Edgar has made is not to make him and his Party accountable for the deaths of people during the January 2015 and August 2016 political violence he instigated after he lost elections. He’s a major sponsor of political violence

  8. When ECL goes to other provinces we do not see this kind of violence except the booing in Southern province. But when this coronated son of Mazoka (MHSRIP) goes anywhere he carries with him “The Mapatizya formula” he has to be true to his character when you cannot beat someone in the ballot box, on policy and ideas then you turn to violence! We have been saying that the worst thing to have happened on the Zambian political scene is to have a self conceited, clueless, tribalistic and violent leader, 2021 is a retirement year for Hakainde. UPND need to start assembling a party with a national character, that is the only thing that will preserve this party otherwise it will go into oblivion like Tilyenji’s UNIP. Mornachys do not survive in democracy. Hichilema thinks that hiring thugs…

  9. …Hichilema thinks that hiring thugs and going with them to other provinces symbolises his popularity, they are lying to you Bwana HH, you are on your way out. Listen to the hard truth that Sean Tembo told you “Dwindling fortune”

  10. These PF kangaroos with loose mouths will say anything to please their pay masters.

    We know your evil intention is to go it alone in next year’s elections and unfortunately that won’t happen.

    People are standing on the fence watching and they final judges.

    The verdict will be so punitive to handle.

    We shall PF bandits upprehended to the new government. By then PF will have no one in it. It will be just a shell of a party.

    PF is like a house builty on sand dune and very soon it will be swept away.

    PF must go!

  11. We are sick of these parties which ferry their cadres to other areas to incite violence. PF and upnd stop it. Upnd and your chief thug William Banda.

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