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Women Should not Shun Politics, political decisions affect women immensely

Columns Women Should not Shun Politics, political decisions affect women immensely

By Margaret Kangwa Pikiti

Naturally, women have different levels of compassion, which combined or working together with men’s skills can be capable of producing great results for an organisation or country.

The lack of compassion perpetuates exclusion, discrimination and inequalities. Lack of compassion also overlooks or becomes indifferent to the suffering of the poor, of women.

Zambia like many “rich” African countries has high poverty levels, with rural poverty levels of 76.6 percent, as such people struggle to have everyday basic needs met. The hierarchy of needs remains at the bottom level.

As women, we want justice, equity, and peace for all and this can only be achieved by women participating in leadership at various levels.

In class girls/women perform just as good as boys/men. Why can’t women transfer this to leadership? Really could you imagine a world or our nation without women in leadership?

And as the Socialist Party Women’s League, we urge women not to shun politics. Our views are that women are at the core of the community and societal development.

Decisions made in politics affect women immensely.

Women are able to understand communities differently, they are the majority caregivers, and in many cases breadwinners. They contribute to the economy. They are many levels in society.
Today we have female astronauts, presidents, engineers to homemakers.

It would be a drawback to change direction for women by shunning politics. We would be going backward instead of forward and upward. Women need to be involved in decision making for the country and for the people.

Let’s keep moving forward in politics and not let one “bad seed” spoil the harvest.

The Author is the 2021 Socialist Party Parliamentary Candidate, Malole Constituency.


  1. We’re seeing more and more women in politics but it’s still the same old corruption because women are also trying to be as corrupt as men. In the end there’s no real change. Which woman has resigned from government because they seriously disagree with the direction of government?

  2. As it stands, our country is amongst the poorest in the World, our currency is also amongst the poorest performing in the world.

    Let no one lie to you that what’s happening here is equally happening elsewhere around the world.

    The economies of other countries are performing very well. Whether you put a woman at the helm of things, we are not coming out of this mud unfortunately. Women are as corrupt as men, if not worse.

  3. Check the government records and you will see that the pf government has the highest number of women in top government positions in zambian history. The vice president is a woman. What more can we say. She is also running mate in 2021. We in pf believe in giving the best people roles. Even women can be the best and that is the criteria we use

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