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President Lungu directs Ministry of Health to equip Chilubi hospitals

Headlines President Lungu directs Ministry of Health to equip Chilubi hospitals

Chilubi, October 19, ZANIS — President Edgar Lungu has directed Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya to ensure that Chilubi Mainland and Island district hospitals receive medical equipment.

President Lungu tasked Dr. Chilufya to undertake an inspection of the two health facilities to establish the equipment that is needed for the hospitals to operate at optimum capacity.

He said the modern hospitals, which were built at a great cost, need to be equipped so that people begin to access advanced health care services.

The Head of State said this in response to village Headmen and women in Katamba ward of Chilubi Mainland, who appealed to government through the Ministry of Health to equip the hospital.

And President Lungu says there is need to increase access to skills training among the youth as a way creating self-employment.

He revealed that government will ensure that more trade schools are built especially in rural areas so that young people engage in productive activities thereby reducing levels of unemployment.

The President also thanked the village headmen and women for their support towards government programmes.

He said government will continue to work with traditional leaders in improving the welfare of the common Zambian.

And speaking on behalf of the headmen and women, Senior Headman Chipango, Teddy Likuku, said people in the area appreciate government for the investment in the health sector.

He however said the hospitals are underutilized due to lack of adequate machinery.

The Traditional leadership further expressed concern over the high levels of unemployment among youths of Chilubi District.

And the village headmen and women have hailed government for making strides in rolling out development to rural districts such as Chilubi.

President Edgar Lungu arrives at Matipa school in Chilubi to drum up support for PF council chairperson candidate Rosemary Chimbini.
President Edgar Lungu arrives at Matipa school in Chilubi to drum up support for PF council chairperson candidate Rosemary Chimbini.

Meanwhile, President Edgar Lungu has called on the electorates to hold their elected leaders accountable.

President Lungu said electorates should ensure that their elected leaders deliver development in their localities.

He was speaking when he addressed scores of residents in Mofu village to drum up support for PF candidate, Rosemary Chimbini in this Thursday’s Council Chairpersons by election.

President Lungu said the PF government remains keen to take development across the country.

He was however quick to urge electorates to put pressure on their leaders to ensure that they advocate for development.

The President further appealed on the people to uphold peace during the by election slated for this Thursday.

And PF Secretary General, Davis Mwila said the party will not be swayed from its agenda of taking development across the country.

Mr Mwila said the party has already embarked on a number of developmental projects in Chilubi district and the country as a whole.

He also urged parents to ensure that their children register as voters to enable the voter in next year’s general election.

Earlier, PF Campaign Manager for Chilubi Mainland, Brian Mundubile assured President Edgar Lungu that the party’s candidate in this Thursday’s by election Rosemary Chimbini will win the seat.


  1. And why is medicine not there in the first place, should you always be directing your ministers all the time the fact that they can’t perform without being directed should tell you something, manje ba Lungu awe shuwa Mr humble.

  2. My hardworking president showing his exceptional leadership skills. My president came from poverty so he understands the challenges our people face in certain areas and takes positive action. Meanwhile hh is busy playing with convoys like a small boy racer

  3. Disgusting. I am still trying to figure out this outmoded politicking. Govern, serve, administer. Conde wanzanga shuwa ni ma promise masiku wonse pakusanka!? Sintani izo!

  4. What nosense is talking about, it take the whole bunch of a president to give a directive.

    If it wasn’t a bye-election campaign these people of Chilubi Island wouldn’t have their hospital be equipped with whatever this guy is talking about.

    We have a president who is so clueless and I wonder whether this man is in control or he is just figurehead president.

    PF must go!

  5. There was a Parliamentary By-election just recently in Chilubi and during that By-election…. Mr. Lungu promised the people of Chilubi a lot of things and now he’s back again to fool them again

  6. where has he been all along to discover that the hospital needs to be equipped and What has happened to the many election promises given to the people of Chilubi after you bought them with bus loads of tax payers cash ?

  7. THIS IS NORMAL for PF. THEY BUILD hospitals, import actors for patients and put equipment borrowed from other hospitals and then call the President to commission. The public media are there to show this to the country. As soon as the commissioning is done, they remove everything living an empty shell and white elephant. Unfortunately this time, he has returned sooner to be told the truth and Chilufya has been caught with pants down. Liar, liar pants on fire.

  8. It’s only in chilubi maybe that you can fool pipo with your stupid humble words….and they vote for you…not here in copperbelt and luanshya respective….after lying to them the last text about hospitals medications…which you didn’t even provide…and again you are back….. tamumfwako me nsoni…aayini???? Ela ba youth we need to throw out this kind of government…..we should stand as one… revolution is needed in our country….we are becoming a laughing stoke to our fellow neighboring countries because of the debts we have, corruption amongst our leaders,and police brutality through intimidations….

  9. A President is the most lied to person in the world. Woe unto him that does not check and double check what he is told.

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