ERB Regrets Fuel supply disruption Caused by Striking Truck Drivers

Energy Regulations Board (ERB) offices

The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) has regretted the disruption of supply of fuel in some parts of the country.

ERB Communications Manager Kwali Mfuni attributed the disruption of fuel supply to a strike action by an organization representing truck drivers which affected tanker drivers.

In a press statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka on Tuesday, Ms Mfuni explained that preliminary investigations by the ERB revealed that tankers carrying imported fuel could not cross into the country while other tankers had to be parked for safety.

“However, due to the strike action which affected some tanker drivers, some parts of the country experienced disruption in fuel supplies as some deliveries could not be made as scheduled” said Mfuni.

The ERB has since assured the general public that the country has adequate stocks petroleum products to meet local consumption.
Ms Mfuni said measures have since been put in place to provide security escorts to petroleum tankers to ensure safe delivery of fuel to different parts of the country.

She appealed to stakeholders to allow for restoration and normalization of supply of fuel at the earliest.

Ms Mfuni urged motorists not to panic and rush but buy fuel as they normally do and report any suspected fuel hoarding by tanker drivers.


  1. Lies the shortage started before truck driver issue …………..
    When a minister says don’ t panic …….. thats the time to really start worrying

  2. Ba Lsk times this is poor reporting, you cant even give a background as to why they are striking or they just woke up and decided to strike for no reason?

  3. This is just lack of proper planning on the part of government. This goes to show how much of a 3rd world country we are. Can this happen in USA?

    The minister of energy must resign for incompetence. The minister has failed and his cohorts at ERB. They all failed to forecast.

  4. Most filling stations had fuel, they just stopped selling because they anticipated a price increase, and that’s what attendants were telling us not the lies that Kwali Mfune is peddling.

  5. Global fuel prices have been very low for the past 6 months , under $50 pb even as low as $29 pb , have any of these low costs been passed on to the consumer in

  6. LT, what is with blocking comments? ERB, thank your for apologizing, for sure our tank will have fuel through this apology.

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