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Zambians will be required to produce a COVID-19 testing certificate to enter Namibia


Zambia’s High Commissioner to Namibia Stella Libongani has advised Zambians intending to enter Namibia to notify the Mission in Lusaka in writing, 14 days prior to travel.

Ms Libongani stated that the Republic of Namibia has reopened selected points of entry including Katima Mulilo border post, effective 14th October, 2020, but that entry into the country is still subject to applicable health regulations.

In a press statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka by the Zambian Mission in Namibia, Ms Libongani stressed that all travelers must have a negative SARS-COV-2 PCR test result, which is not older than seven (07) days.

She said travelers will be subjected to thorough screening at points of entry and must undergo mandatory quarantine for seven (07) days at their own cost.

“All persons permitted to enter Namibia will have to undergo testing for Covid-19 during the period of quarantine. In addition, the travelers are required to complete and submit prescribed forms and hand them to officials upon arrival to ensure continued surveillance, contact tracing and proper follow up of possible cases,” said Ms Libongani.

The High Commissioner urged Zambians returning to or wishing to travel to Namibia for business, educational, health and tourism purposes to strictly adhere to the health regulations set to control the spread of Covid-19.

Ms Libongani said the High Commission will notify the general public in Zambia on further developments in due course.


  1. We are clearly doing better than them in the fight against covid. If the need arises our health speciaslits and policy advisors will advise us to implement such rule. Until then it is business as usual

  2. That Sata’s Police Commissioner Libongani has landed herself a good job as ambassador in a decent country Namibia.
    But all covid-19 certificates in Zambia will be bought at a very expensive price. Beneficiaries are medical officials. Best is to isolate travelers.

  3. This is just medical fascism. They want to vaccinate and control the population with who knows what. So they make it harder to get around without their ‘covid pass’.

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