Kampyongo must to stop using the police to abuse citizens rights-Jack Mwiimbu

UPND Monze member of parliament Jack Mwiimbu
UPND Monze member of parliament Jack Mwiimbu

United Party for National Development (UPND) Monze Central MP, Jack Mwiimbu has appealed to the Attorney General’s office to render appropriate advise to the Ministry of Home Affairs to stop using the police to abrogate the rights of citizens.

Speaking in Parliament during the Motion of Supply on the 2021 budget this morning, Hon Mwiimbu, who made cognizance of the critical role that Attorney General’s office plays in offering legal advise to Government, argued that the AGs office needed to councel Home Affairs Minister, Stephen Kampyongo on the need for him to stop using the police to abrogate human rights in the country.

“We have noted with concern that the Ministry of Home Affairs, through the police, has continued to abrogate the rights of citizens of this country. The AG must ensure that there is adherence to the rule of law and there is no segregation pertaining to prosecution in this country,” he said.

He stated that every member of the public had the constitutional right to seek redress from the AG’s office each time they were aggrieved.

“[Therefore], any member of the public has the right to sue or approach the Attorney General to seek redress each time they are aggrieved because this is an institution that advises Government pertaining to all legal matters that affects ministries and quasi government institutions,” he said.

He said that it was regrettable that certain members of the society were arrested on tramped up charges while those linked to the ruling elite were allowed to go scot free despite committing grave offenses.

“We have noted that certain individuals who have committed similar crimes have been left scotfree. I have in mind someone who was accused recently of having slapped a police was locked up. There was another incidence of a similar nature where a senior PF cadre was filmed clobbering a police officer. To date, nothing has happened. We are appealing to the DPP to ensure that there is fairness in the application of the law,” he said.


  1. The confusions are fanned by the so called big opposition part in order to realize the amagedon declaration. It takes a strong government to control such behavior to protect Innocent people.

  2. I know I am not the most handsome man but Jack patali ububi. Kwati ni monitor lizard. I can’t take anything he says serious this useless man

    • Koma iwe ulibe nzelu Kangaroo Zoo (KZ).

      No wonder you spend day and night on LT. Can’t you write something sensible?

      PF must go!

  3. Zambia equals Animal farm but time will tell Napoleon will flee the farm or face and dance to the same music. History is the best teacher. Citizens will have the last laugh we are marching forward by faith not sight. GOD Will redeem his people

  4. How can a young boy Romeo Kangombe manage to abduct bakapokola? Not even Stephen can manage to abduct an officer.

  5. Kampyongo is a disaster, is brain cavity is full of silicone so he can’t think properly. He’s a danger to himself and to the Zambian public

  6. My advise to the voters, read this book written by George Orwell. “ANIMAL FARM” All animals are equal but some other animals are more equal than others. Then you will know which party you will vote for come 2021.

  7. Abuse of power!
    Remember this – DISGRACED State House Aide Kaizer Zulu his counterpart Amos Chanda, Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo and Minister in-charge of National Development Planning Lucky Mulusa on Tuesday night celebrated the arrest of UPND President Hakainde Hichilema in style at a pub on 8 Reedbuck road in Kabulonga.
    The four senior PF officials took turns boasting how they had made sure they had fixed the opposition leader and how they were controlling state institution.
    The officials who were in the company of another mercenary, Lewis Mosho and some former Post Journalist and what looked like prostitutes, drunk the night out and only left 8 reedbuck after midnight.

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