President Lungu leads Zambians in celebrating 56th Independence Day

President Edgar Lungu during the laying of wreaths at Freedom Statue in Lusaka
President Edgar Lungu during the laying of wreaths at Freedom Statue in Lusaka

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu today led hundreds of Zambians in commemorating the country’s 56th independence anniversary by laying wreaths at the Lusaka’s freedom statue.

President Lungu as per custom was the first to lay a wreath at the statue followed by service chiefs and diplomats in remembrance of the departed heroes and heroines who fought for Zambia’s independence.

The laying of wreath ceremony was also attended by Chief Justice Irene Mabilimima , speaker of the National assembly , Cabinet Ministers, members of the Patriotic Front party central committee , Senior government officials , freedom fighters and members of the public.

And in delivering the homily, Zambia Army Director for Religious and Moral Services Shadreck Mwale who quoted Genesis 11:6 from the bible said the scripture reminds the country that nothing will be withheld from a nation that is united .

He said Zambia will continue on this trajectory of building the future, proudly as one land and one nation.

“Always remember that our gallant freedom fighters in the 1960s struggled for a united independent Zambia, therefore 56 years down the lane, our challenge as citizen of the great nation is to strive for a united developed Zambia. let us all unity for the good of mother Zambia,” Rev Mwale said .

Reverend Mwale urged citizens to have one voice , united and live in one accord because the Lord will be store a blessing and life everlasting on such a people.

“let us not sow seeds of discord, division , tribalism, hatred and any negative vice but instead build on the foundation of a united and free Zambia which we shall all be proud of, let us all not be ashamed to say One Zambia One Nation,” Rev Mwale emphasized.

He urged all Zambians to desire to fulfill the dream of those who struggled for the united Zambia and cling to the agenda of patriotism and love.

The 56th Independence Day was celebrated under the theme “One Land, One Nation – Building Our Future Proud and Free”.


  1. This is an impostor and not a president. Had he been a president Zambia would not have sunk this low in everything.

  2. What independence
    Zambia is now one of China’s colonies in Africa because of reckless borrowing by the PF.

  3. Great event. Time to celebrate. Let angry evil diasporan continue mourning like pregnant cows. Yes we have challenges just like the next country , but we can celebrate what we have and who we are. We are proud of our country and remain patriotic. There in diaspora the right wing whlte supporters wont allow you to celebrate zambian independence. Shame

  4. A failour of a leader….

    All he has to show is buildings built using borrowed money for which he has even failed to pay back….

  5. Hello I’m in the UK lived in Zambia many years ago at Kalewa Barracks Ndola I went to school in Ndola. My father was awarded the Meritorious Medal somewhat 45 years later for a heroic deed he did whilst serving on contract to the Zambian Army.I have tried in vain since his passing away tried to get from the Zambian Army & Government the award posthumously for The Eagle of Zambia Presidential award for bravery & meritorious merit which by the constitution should have been bestowed. My family would be truly honoured to receive this.I have sent documents and information to Zambia via The London High Commission, to honour him as he saved thousands of lives an Army barracks and Army& civilian personnel. His story should be told a Zambian hero and his name should be held along with many in…

  6. Thank you Reverend Mwale but I don’t know whether to believe that book you are quoting..
    My doubts arise because another one of your kind Frederick Titus Jacob Chiluba told us that in Genesis12 God promised to bless the friends of Israel so Chiluba proceeded to re-establish diplomatic relations with Israel.
    We have since then, it was 1991, waited for the blessings but the Kwacha has depreciated, we owe 27 billion us dollars, Covid hasn’t spared us, loadshedding has become our breakfast, lunch and supper and even midnight snack. Locusts have attacked our crops, someone gassed our citizens and we have the world’s worst police force after Nigeria. Every citizen thinks it’s only normal to steal from our treasury. BLESSINGS?

  7. The independence has lost meaning in Zambia’s public eyes.

    You can’t be independent when you can’t move, say, mingle with us.

    Brutality by the police officers is the order of the day and tell us we have to celebrate this day.

    Even colonial masters would do better.

    PF must go!

  8. That stand looks rubbish, don’t just spend money to run lavish campaigns, update some of these antiques inherited from the colonial thieves. We have all kinds of materials we can show off to the world as progress. Look at that eagle, even a grade 1 class can do better than that. Anyway we applaude your attempt to bring us Zambians together but that should also show in how you distribute the wealth of this mineral and resource rich country. Independence without freedom of expression and creativity is the same as slavery. Let’s break the chains and it starts with dealing with corruption seriously.

  9. I would rather choose to take my children to visit the last home (graves) of my and their grandparents who lived the colonial era for a family history lecture! Its like while the vice president is urging respect and loyalty to the Zambian flag, the president demands loyalty to himself!

  10. Excellent patriotism!! This is one of the Zambian statutory holidays that touches my heart and acts as a reminder to always remember where you came from. We Zambia’s in Australia also had wonderful independence day celebrations in various states, special thank you to our Ambassador Frank Bwalya who sent out his special messages to all Zambians gathered in different states. We truly live in a country where we are allowed to celebrate our culture freely.

  11. I am ashamed to be Zambian with ECL at the helm.. The man is clueless.. How do you hold your head up with such debt? He is drunk with the accidental presidency that the cadres gave him.. SATA was in opposition for 10 years and ECL can not last a week in opposition. HH like Sata has been tested for authenticity and is the only presidential candidate worth the vote of Zambian people.

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