Tutwa Ngulube and the Likes are Misguided Young Persons

PF youths show the party symbol at the Lusaka magistrate court

By Mapanza H Nkwilimba

Disheartening political narrative in our country, Zambia seems to have taken a center stage. For some time, I have seen and viewed video clips attributed to Tutwa Ngulube’s and other Patriotic Front (PF) leaders’ divisive and dangerous utterances. Two examples: I saw and listened to a video where Tutwa is seen advocating for police brutality when he directed the police to break bones of citizens opposed to the views of the PF. The most recent video shows Tutwa threatening members of the PF in Kabwe with death by “panga”. Speaking in ichibemba, Tutwa is clearly heard telling PF members “destroying” the party from within that they would be followed into their homes, beaten up, and handed over to the police.

Tutwa is a lawyer. He is not only member of Parliament for Kabwe Central but also deputy chief whip for the PF. Such an educated young man cannot be a mere useful idiot. Useful idiots are persons perceived to be propagandists for a cause whose goals they do not understand. They are cynically used by the leaders of the cause.

Tutwa comes out as one of the architects of a mission to destroy democracy in Zambia. He is on a mission not only to instill fear in the minds of citizens but also to have them brutalized, maimed, or even killed so that citizens do not exercise their freedoms of assembly, association and expression. He could be a key cog in the path of destruction. The confidence with which he enthuses what could be his useful idiots leaves his fellow leaders in the PF exposed for what they are; little women and men scared of their own shadows.

I am usually hesitant to write on political happenings in Zambia. However, the current trajectory of Zambia’s political landscape calls for many voices of reason. I think that my voice must be heard. Young men and women in Tutwa’s age group must be reminded of where Zambia has come from. I say “reminded” because I am sure they know. When I decided to reject lucrative job offers by international organizations in 1991 in order to play a role in developing a culture of democracy in Zambia Tutwa was only 12 years old. The other young politicians like Bowman Lusambo, Stephen Kampyongo, and Dora Siliiya were 14, 19, and 21 years old, respectively. These represent the young people whose future leadership we fought for. We desired visionary, selfless, and entrepreneurial leadership out of our youth. I am disappointed today to be witnessing greedy, selfish, visionless, divisive, and dangerous leadership from our young men and women.

In the early 90’s we were fed up and tired of voting between animals and Dr. Kenneth Kaunda. In one election Dr. Kaunda “competed” with a hyena. In another he “competed” with a frog. Obviously, our supreme leader garnered more than 80 percent of the votes. Out of frustration I offered my votes to the animals in the middle of threats that the authorities would know how I voted and would be dealt with. The Zambian people wanted change of government and a return to multiparty democracy. Brutality, divisiveness, intolerance to divergent views were some of the vices Zambians fought against. After 29 years we seem to have gone a full circle. This is not good for unity and development of Zambia.

My advise to young people like Tutwa Ngulube is that they should not be misguided by narrow selfish interests. They must learn from history. We expect much more from the young generation in leading our country in unit of purpose within the culture of plural politics. Threatening citizens with brutality with impunity is shooting yourselves in the foot. It will take you nowhere. The people of Zambia will rise again, and fight for their freedom.

My advise to Zambians is that we must not relent from doing what is right regardless of dictatorial tendencies in our leaders. Citizens have the right to freedom of assembly and association. The Tutwas of this world must not be allowed to brutalize or kill us. You (including the Police) must refuse to be useful idiots in the hands of selfish politicians.




  1. Why wasting space writing on Tutwa Ngulube who asked the Police to crush the bones of dissenting views. His name should be among the top 10 in the truth commission of 2021

  2. Just note the name of the pathetic tribal upnd author and it will tell you everything you need to know. I wont even waste my time reading this ma2uvi. I would rather watch paint dry

  3. Tutwa Ngulube would do well to read the history of the Rwanda genocide. The words he spoke may one day be the very same words that will be used against him in the international courts of justice if Zambia were ever to ignite into a genocide. I am amazed that a learned person, an officer of the courts of law in Zambia can be that violent and exhibit such criminal behaviour. Indeed you cannot change a person by schooling. Tutwa has been to school but remains uneducated.


  5. But when Romeo Kang’ombe disarms ZP officers and abducts them with upnd bantustan savages you can’t offer advice???

  6. Mapanza sorry you feel that way. However, as the saying goes, the truth hurts. These are the Joys of freedom of speech. If you are freely going to write crap then be prepared for other to give their views on your crap. Chapwa chamana basaaa

  7. They say the brain is the most outstanding organ.It works 24 hrs;365 days; right from birth, until one joins the pf.Then it stops.

  8. KZ, thanks for acknowleging the need for freedom of expression. As to whether my article is “crap” readers will decide. My concern is your apparent hatred for your fellow Zambian. Pls, get the message and do not shoot the messenger.

  9. Can you believe it, Tutwa is a leader in our country, the other dandala head was a political advisor. The only good thing the failed leader has done is to bring a breath of fresh air to the office of Presidential spokesperson and also the office of Political advisor. That was a total disaster, well done ECL on this one

  10. Leadership has very much been cheapened in Zambia, beyond comprehension that Tutwa and Bowman could be our leaders. Very good that the Political advisor brought in by ECH appears matured and a lot of decency has been restored in that office

  11. RESPONSE TO Mapanza H Nkwilimba
    Nkwilimba has joined a fleet of writers such as Anthony Bwalya and Richard Aaron Ngoma hell-bent on twisting facts on Zambian political landscape. It is these UPND cadres who play the role of “useful *****s”. It is possible that UPND planted Saboi Imboela into NDC to make sure this party dances to UPND’s political line. Nkwilimba must know that Richard Ngoma LIED by posting allegations that all prominent GRZ Officers were of Malawian origin. E.g., Richard alleged that Dunduza Chisiza had children in Zambia. The correct facts is that Dunduza was more linked to Tanzania – not Zambia. Dunduza founded Malawi Congress Party with Orton Chirwa in 1959. He was a Govt Minister when he died in a car accident on 2nd Sept. 1962 at Thondwe R. bridge near Zomba along…

  12. Nkwilimba must also note that UPND, which hopes to form government, must appreciate the need for good international relations with countries bordering with Zambia. Malawi and Congo DR are potential good trading partners with Zambia. Such ties must be nurtured by all Zambian politicians. Yet UPND is generating and propagating hateful statements against our neighbouring states. For unwise political expediency, UPND leaders have buried their heads in the sand – not wanting accept infrastructural developments evolving in several parts of Zambia – including the state of art Kazungula Bridge.

  13. Indeed, Tutwa may have been to a higher learning of education but remains UNEDUCATED. For, when we find no model in young men such as Tutwa Ngulube who not only claim to be educated but represent the so called cream of PF hierarchy, it’s probably not a problem to be solved, but rather a truth to be accepted that Tutwa represents the UNEDUCATED lot within PF.

  14. Last kicks of a dying horse. This violence these PF people are proposing are signs of a Government on its way out. They know things are not okay so they resort to violence to maintain their grip on power. Desperate people do desperate things. They have been recording fake election victories. I say ‘fake’ because they cannot win a free and fair election and they know it. The playing field is very rough for the opposition

  15. Desperate people do desperate things. They have been recording fake election victories. I say ‘fake’ because they cannot win a free and fair election and they know it. The playing field is very rough for the opposition

  16. The PF have been recording fake election victories. I say ‘fake’ because they cannot win a free and fair election and they know it. The playing field is very rough for the opposition

  17. A cockroach never knows the value of its wings and will die trapped in a bathtub trying to get out with its legs. A cockroach always flies downwards from an upper position but never flies upward even when it’s in danger. So relate what I have said to every PF official who have no clue on how to use the power given to them by the people.

  18. If it were countries where they have functioning professional bodies ,some stupid lawyer with umutwe umwaisula amanyami could have been reprimanded for bringing the profession which is supposed to be whiter than white into redicule .The only problem is , we have a professional body that allowed back onto it’s register a member who stole money from his client .Now he has brought the economy onto it’s knees .

  19. @Mwansa Kabinga. Read books about LOGIC. They will help you to learn how to put forth your argument.
    @Kaizer Zulu; Deal with the topic and not the person. Do you agree with Tutwa Ngulube on killing in order to let Lungu ‘apite?’
    I am certain that the President will come out and disavow Tutwa’s words, since Lungu is a humble leader and an honourable man. Him and Wina are the only reasonable people remaining in PF after Sata died. That is why they are recruiting from MMD.

  20. If we see things from another man’s point of view, let’s say sympathetic identification ” there could be no propensity to character assassination. The author is not wrong in his right and certainly this article is not crap. If I must disagree with some parts of this article, parallel and evidentiary statements must prop my dissenting views. Engaging in cheap vulgarities helps no one but speaks volume of your character and how you view others. Is the UPND right in every course nor is PF, certainly not. We must use these platforms to spread knowledge not hateful language bubbling in our hearts. That those opposed to your politics deserve insults and death is sad. Epo mpelele.

  21. This is the great country Chambia and the youfisi like Kanganja, Kapeso and Katanga are in charge. Did you notice Ka…

  22. Dull lawyer like his presidio. When he was appointed deputy “chief whip” he took the meaning literally and thought his new job was to “whip” people. That’s why always advocating violence. But now he has tough competition from within PF as the current kabwe mayor prince Chileshe as well as former DC Chishala are strong contenders for his post of MP in 2021 thats why the antics as he feels very threatened.

  23. The only way we are going to be objective is to discuss issues that help develop our economy, not these recycled ideas of freedom of assembly sung by HH day in and day out. When they say let us work on the colonial laws, they stay out of parliament. But continue to support what HH calls surrogstes like this guy writing for UPND, he would rightfully be reffered to as UPND surrogate.

  24. If Sata was still there, which of the animals we know now could have been given positions they are now occupying na mashinsha? So you know why things are the way they are and who is responsible.

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