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Female doctor brutally murdered


The body of Dr. Tasila Tembo, missing since last Friday has been found.

Her family reported to the Police that she missing last week on Friday.Her torso and severed head were found today near Mikango Barracks area.Her boyfriend who is a soldier is also missing since last week and reportedly with a fire arm.

The remains of Dr. Tasila Mercy Tembo will be buried on Thursday because of the extent of decomposition of the body.

Acting Police Spokesperson Danny Mwale confirmed the death of Dr Tasila Tembo aged 47 and said her body was discovered in a decomposed state covered with leaves in Nanking Army Training Centre in Mikango Barracks area.

In a statement released to the media , Mr. Mwale said the police have since launched a man-hunt for the suspect identified as Lieutenant Nigel Mwaba aged 33 of Zambia Army in Lusaka.

“Police in Lusaka received a report of a missing person in which it was reported that a female identified as Dr. Tasila Tembo aged 47 of Plot number 1732 Meanwood, Ibex Hill went missing. This occurred on October 24, 2020 around 16 hours,” Mwale said.

Mwale said investigations into the matter and police discovered the body of a Dr Tembo in a decomposed state covered with leaves in Nanking Army Training Centre in Mikango area.

He said the body was temporarily buried at a traditional burial site in Mikango area and is awaiting Post-mortem to be conducted today at the University Teaching Hospital.

Mwale said Police have since launched a manhunt for the suspect and has appealed to members of the public who may have the information of the whereabouts of the suspect to report to any police station.

Happier Times: Dr Tasila Tembo-Peters with Lieutenant Nigel Mwaba


  1. People who do such is the reason we have death penalty. I cannot fathom how a normal human can do such a thing.

    • Very sad indeed. Loosing such a brilliant and intelligent female Doctor. I’ll always miss you Dr.Tasila Tembo on Health Matters program on ZNBC TV. God shall judge. Rest in peace Dr.Tasila until we meet again on the other side of the world. Zambia is mourning you.

  2. Oh, my God…what a loss! I remember her from the HEALTH MATTERS programme she used to present on on ZNBC and from St. Mary’s Secondary School where she used to drop and pick her daughter. How gruesome her murder was. I just wonder if she deserved such a death at the hands of someone 14 years younger. The perpetrator may run away for now but will soon be caught or just hand himself in to the police. It is such a waste of human talent. It takes 7 years to train a medical doctor. May her soul rest in peace.

  3. That name Tasila is becoming a curse.
    There was another Tasila in news last week.
    And somebody took another daughter named Tasila in marriage, fcvk the wedding, I feel sorry for her. All Tasilas deserves be single, we tired of reading these brutal way on lives of women.

  4. What a merciless way to end for the lady. As for the murderer, he can’t run forever. With blood on his hands, there is no peace for him.

  5. I’m numb with anger, horror and disgust. If Lt Nigel Mwaba is man enough, he should hand himself over to the police and I expect the police to weluza as Paul Ngozi all those years ago.

  6. Very stupid and indisciplined Soldier! You deserve to be hanged by your balls until your evil soul leaves your body.


  8. What do you expect from these chaps who eat monkeys? Instead of loving such a beautiful, educated and intelligent girl who had to lower her standards for this uneducated PF Cadre rascal!
    May Her Soul Rest In Everlasting Soul.

  9. Zambia we need modern forensic equipment and special mortuaries to solve homicide cases such as this; how do you temporarily bury a body further let the evidence rot away.

  10. Very sad news indeed.

    She should have dated a man closer to her age, and of similar education.

    May her soul rest in peace.

    By the way, did Lungu tell the nation who was behind the gassing? I understand that jerebo Spax is out and enjoying life again.

  11. Tooo sad, what a huge loss!!! I am crying for you Tasila, you were such an amazing person. I hope whoever is behind your murder comes to light and faces the law. Rest in perfect peace our Angel.

  12. I can guess the out come. Sentenced to death, after years turned to life..the man become pastor .parole sits after 5 years pardoned due to good behaviour..

  13. I have heard some people say age is just numbers, it is not, see how someone who was 14 years older than the boyfriend surrendered her life to the devil, when she should have known better to detect those signs of relationship failure and run away. If you are old it means you have been young before and should know the foolishness of the young ones, but when you are young it means you have never been old to know what wisdom is. The act is barbaric and *****ic, hopefully he does not get a parole for good behaviour ngabalya njikwite.

  14. I detect idiocy in you. Why are you ascribing age to their actions? It’s your lack of maturity forcing you to conclude things according to your opinionations. A person is only young in mind when he or she is at the youth stage and below. After that she is as adult as any 50, 70 or 90 year old. she or he can’t be denied his right to make worldly decisions by ageists, racists, sexists, etc

  15. Oh my God, I loved Tasila Peter’s , her intelligence made me continue to watch the TV programme called Heath Matters. Am so sad, why kill her iwe ci Lieutenant Mwaba. Wherever you are God is seeing you and you will suffer for killing her. May you be caught in Jesus name.

  16. In the wake of the murder of Dr. Tasila Tembo, we must do more than wring our hands as a country. There is no better time than amid this despair to consider how we can prevent this from happening to one more woman because a lot of women in Zambia and everywhere across the globe are dying at the hands of some horrible men who have continued perpetrating violence in other relationships . It needs a commitment by every concerned government to safety and protection of the most vulnerable women, research, and a wholehearted guarantee from government and traditional leaders at all levels. I have not heard an official reaction or statement from the Zambian government regarding Dr. Tembo’s murder.
    Instead of wasting time and resources listening to unproductive leaders, there is need to propose…

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