RDA awards contracts worth over K18 million to 12 local sub-contractors to work on Katoba to Chirundu via Chiawa road

The Signing of Contracts with Local Contractors
The Signing of Contracts with Local Contractors

The Road Development Agency (RDA) has awarded contracts worth over K18 million to 12 local sub-contractors to undertake works along the Katoba to Chirundu via Chiawa road in Lusaka Province.

A total of 29 sub-contractors have been nominated by the Agency to work on the Katoba to Chirundu via Chiawa road.

RDA Director Communications and Corporate Affairs Masuzyo Ndhlovu said during the signing ceremony in Lusaka that the first batch involved 12 sub-contractors, a move he said was meant to limit the number to enhance smooth operations at a given time on site.

Mr. Ndhlovu said RDA signed a contract with China-Geo Engineering Corporation for the spot improvement of approximately 100 km of the Katoba to Chirundu via Chiawa road.
“The road will serve as an alternative route from Lusaka and is expected to spur local development in the area. This project is under the supervision of Messrs Iliso Consulting,” he said.

Since the introduction of the 20 percent sub-contracting policy in 2012, RDA developed modalities and guidelines which were reviewed in 2015 for the implementation of the policy.

Mr. Ndhlovu said the Agency has to date registered over 1942 sub-contractors earmarked to be engaged in road construction activities.

He said 778 sub-contractors have so far been engaged under various road projects such as the Link Zambia 8000, L400, Zambia Township Roads on the Copperbelt and other construction, rehabilitation and maintenance projects.

RDA Senior Manager Local Contractors Development Eng. Samuel Twasa said it was the Agency’s desire to ensure that local contractors attained financial independence and be able to take up bigger jobs in road construction.

Eng. Twasa said RDA wanted to create jobs and sustainable local contracting capacity among sub-contractors. He urged the sub-contractors to pay attention to detail on site so that they undertake quality works. “We will be carrying out random site visits to monitor activities and ensure there is compliance,” he said.

Lusaka Province Regional Manager Eng. Chabala Pandeki said the signed contracts had been reviewed and packaged in line with RDA policy guidelines for sub-contracting.
Eng. Pandeki said the sub-contractors would ride on the rates for the main contractor and only a management fee of 5 percent would be retained by the main contractor.
He urged sub-contractors to adhere to specifications enshrined in the contract documents.

“You are advised to work closely with the main contractor China-Geo Engineering Corporation who in fact is going to supervise your works. We expect you to cooperate very well with the main contractor,” he said.

He also urged the contractor to support the sub-contractors and make them settle down quickly in their respective road sections.

The firms awarded the contractors are Ngalitas, Axcel Enterprises, Fremu Construction, Kaungu General Dealers, Mende Construction, Virgin Services and Ex-selza.
Others are: Takweza Infrastructure Services, Rodmead Construction, Pittscon Zambia, Siyana and Inmark-Thirty-two plus.

The Signing of Contracts with Local Contractors
The Signing of Contracts with Local Contractors


    • Now let’s assume a decent construction cost of US$1,1million per km, meaning the contract value for this work is US$110million (K2.2Billion). So what’s K18million compared to this? Who are you fooling with these crumbs when all the money is either being externalised or corruptly shared by politicians and the politically connected? Ba KABWALALA imwe!!! LESS THAN 0.8% of the spoils here. Is this even reportable in the mind of a SANE PERSON??????

  1. One year later, roads will be undone, incomplete, badly constructed, roads certified under scandals and roads washed away by the first rains in their existence. Zambia prides in that.

  2. Time really runs fast, can you believe this; Meanwhile, President Sata has announced that he has taken over the supervision of all road contracts under the Roads Development Agency to ensure efficiency and transparency.
    He said the RDA will now not report to the Ministry of Works and Supply but State House in order to address corruption allegations at the agency.
    President Sata said the RDA should be weary of some individuals and organisations that may seek road contracts using his name

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