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Should criticizing the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) be criminalized?

Feature Politics Should criticizing the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) be criminalized?

By Venus N Msyani Concerned citizen

Less than a month ago, at the heads of political parties meeting with ECZ at Mulungushi International Conference Centre, the Rainbow party President Winter Kabimba came up with a suggestion.

He suggested a law to allow and give power to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to summon those who accuse it recklessly.

Mr. Kabimba didn’t mention names. An implication that he was referring to all who criticize ECZ. According to Mr. Kabimba, ECZ is not a political party but an autonomous body that should not be dragged into politics.

I strongly disagree with Mr. Kabimba. If ECZ is not a political party but an autonomous body as stated, it must stop behaving like a political party.

It must work on what seems to be a spirit of favoritism.

ECZ’s duty is to promote fair political competition in the country. Unfortunately, it has failed to do so. If we say Zambia’s political playground is even, we are the best liars ever lived.

Edgar Lungu was busy campaigning in Chilubi recently for Council Chairman while the opposition (UPND) was busy trying to rescue a colleague (Chishimba Kambwili) from prison. No change to campaign for the candidate. That is not a fair competition.

Of course, ECZ has nothing to do with Kambwili’s issue, but how about failing to keep promises.

ECZ promised people that violent political parties will be barred from participating in elections. But in every election cadres are harassing and intimidating voters. Lives and properties have been lost in some incidences.

Any action by ECZ? Non.

If you question ECZ why you have failed to keep your words, should you be summoned? Mr. Winter Kabimba, please learn to speak out of principles.

Accusing the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) of failure shouldn’t be criminalized.


  1. “…Edgar Lungu was busy campaigning in Chilubi recently for Council Chairman while the opposition (UPND) was busy trying to rescue a colleague (Chishimba Kambwili) from prison…”
    Rescue a colleague, rescue a criminal??? Then you want to criticize the ECZ for your s.t.up!d decisions?? I think Wynter has a point. We must support his suggestion so that we don’t end up with opposition like upnd in future.

  2. What we argue in this country really baffles sometimes. Can some1 for once bring a tomato vs fish farming arguement. There is good news. Socialists, dictators and Democrats all must die and account for their lives one day. See how Mugabe had among the worst send offs of all former heads of state. We had one who was sent off as a criminal suspect. Just sober up.

  3. ECZ officials of today are disgrace to democracy, a commission that supports violence, unfair elections, unfair campaigns, only supporting the ruling party because it appointed that chairman Chulu to head it was the worst decision ever made…The day this man confesses to the lies he said when adding false numbers to the ruling party in 2016 will never be forgotten…

  4. @zambian citizen , and how did your EEP fair in the same chilubi bye election, since you were not busy trying to rescue any zambian? or maybe you should have taken advantage and gone flat out to campaign for your rainbow party.

  5. The role of the Electoral Commission of Zambia must end at organizing and managing elections. Any comments, be they suggestions or criticisms must be towards the improvement of the management of elections. So I don’t agree with the manner in which Nervers Sekwila Mumba came out after losing the last by-elections. His accusations can’t add to the improvement of the management of elections, especially he was once VP. Further, I don’t agree with the proposal by Wynter Kabimba. Our elections are always emotional and therefore it’s expected that people will say whatever they wish to exhale the pressure of losing election, let’s just advise them to moderate their language. We have enough laws to deal with electoral disputes, let the Police do their work

  6. Yes allegations without evidence should be criminalized. It has become a habit for losing opposition to allege rigging everytime they lose. We can’t have these babies insulting hard working people at ecz

  7. Public institutions belong to the people that live in the country. Consequently, public as owners have the right to voice criticism depending on the context. What can not be entertained is wanton criticism without any proof or evidence. It is wrong and illegal to attack any entity without factual evidence of wrong doing. Criticism without evidence is illegal because it is tantamount to hate speech and rumors. Hate speech and rumors can destroy foundations of democracy. As a result, the country can end up in chaos and war. That is he reason why criticism of public institutions and any entity must be founded on factual evidence. Take time to strengthen public institutions. Take time to strengthen ECZ.

  8. Remove all laws that outlaw things like criticizing the head of state, blasphemy and such nonsense. If you have a weak spine hide away. The world has changed. We now have to give maximum power and ownership to the people who actually elect officials into office. Va mahala vinata! It is a new age.

  9. U missed his point sir, he said accusing ecz of rigging elections should be Substantiated by the accusers, he also touched of making wild statements such is, “this country will be on fire, there will be chaose in this country” susch statements are good as at all as he gave an example or rwandan genocide. Please follow his he did not say when one criticizes ecz no.

  10. @Fc chibwe, thank you for your comment. You heard him but I doubt if you listened. Are you saying Mr Kabimba was encouraging people to speak up? No, Kabimba’s message in short is stop criticizing ECZ.

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