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Change is inevitable, there’s no need to fear it

Columns Change is inevitable, there's no need to fear it

By Fred M’membe

Information and broadcasting services minister Dora Siliya says they are not ready to hand over power to anyone in 2021.

“We shouldn’t relax that Edgar azawina since he is an Easterner but if we vote lazily, our friends in Southern Province will challenge us and we will be removed in power. Let’s not vote lazily the way we did on Rupiah. We lost him because we are many but few voted and we lost him. Those eight bags of fertiliser we got under Rupiah disappeared because Sata ate Cassava which doesn’t require fertiliser and you started calling us Paya Farmer and it’s now under President Edgar Lungu that agriculture has been revamped.

These elections of next year are not an easy one. It’s war abale anga. It’s a war, we should make sure everyone registers as voters and vote on 12th August 2021 or else we will lose. Napapata, we go wrong, we in government, but forgive us please. Pray for us, we know we have gone through problems in these five years but let’s not lose this presidency because we still have a lot to do with it in our families, communities. We are not only happy for Edgar to be in State House but to work for us. If this presidency leaves, Eastern Province, nobody among us will be alive when it will be back here…Let’s not be lazy.

If Edgar Lungu loses next year, good agricultural system will collapse. So we have to put on much effort if Edgar is to win next year because we still have a lot to do. For now, we are not ready to hand over power to anyone unless in 2026 we are going to say ‘now namwe a Tonga mungatoleko ici cinthu but pakali pano usogoleri tikali nao nacocita,” Minister Siliya pleaded with over 300 village headmen and indunas from Eastern Province last Sunday.

This fear of losing power, of change is widespread among our colleagues in the current government and the ruling party. And it has been openly expressed by many, including the President himself. It has actually become a phobia.

Philosophizing a little on this issue, I would say we have no alternative to meeting the future, we have no hope but the changes, advances, and improvements that the future may bring. Even if our current leaders want to stay in power forever, they won’t be able to do so. Nobody controls the future. No matter what schemes they may pull, other times will come.

The fear of change or changing things is called Metathesiophobia. It is often linked with Tropophobia which is the fear of moving. The origin of the word Metathesiophobia comes from Greek ‘meta’ meaning change and Phobos meaning fear.

Metathesiophobes often tend to live in the past and may also be depressed. Their phobia makes them unwilling to move, to progress, or to change anything. This can severely impact one’s work and personal lives.

The fear of change is evolutionary in humans. Since times immemorial, man has liked routine. Our internal predispositions – heredity and genetics – teach us to resist change mainly to ‘always feel in control’. But the normal fear of change becomes a full-blown phobia when it is irrational, persistent and very intense.

Fear of being unable to adapt can also deter one’s adaptability. Insecurity and guilt are other common emotions behind Metathesiophobia.
Benjamin Franklin once said, “When you are finished changing, you are finished.”

The fear of change is a natural survival instinct ingrained in humans. However, in cases of extreme Metathesiophobia, life can become very difficult. It can negatively impact one’s work and/or personal lives.

Thought of change or adapting to a new environment may lead to a full-blown panic. Avoiding change, one may go to great lengths, break ties, tell lies, or make excuses, manipulate electoral processes, rig elections, commit human rights violations. This can affect many things and lead to irrationality. Often the phobic is aware that his/her fear of change is irrational. However, he/she is unable to overcome it.

The root of Metathesiophobia is deeply embedded in one’s psyche.

Many people suffer from this phobia but the key is to accept change as part of life. Nothing lasts forever. Change is inevitable, there’s no need to fear it. We must always prepare for it and be ready to embrace it.


  1. This is the same Dora who greatly contributed to the downfall of Rupiah Banda and MMD. I remember when she embarked on a sex campaign in 2011 in the same Eastern Province. History does repeat itself mind you

  2. Dora’s comments are not edifying. Whatever she was saying is coated with tribalism. Why talk of losing Rupiah Banda because of poor voting in Eastern Province as though Easterners should only vote for an Easterner? Does Dora mean it when she says “One Zambia, One Nation”? It is time we started voting for people based on merit and not region/tribe.

  3. These PF chaps are just frightened little men and women because they are so scared of loosing power. There must be life after being in government, if you are in it for service.

  4. My Tribe is small and I have been voting for Candidates from other Tribes. What should I take from this ? Is this the reason I have remained poor ?
    Dora Please , please your sinking tribalism will follow you to the grave.

  5. This is the confirmation of what i have been telling people that EASTERNERS are the waste TRIBALIST in Zambia.
    They regarded Kaunda as there own and when Zambia said NO to Kaunda Only eastern said YES.
    They remained with UNIP until Rupiya became vice president and subsequently president.
    The all Zambia said NO to Rupiya and only eastern said YES. They hated Mr Sata in such a way that ba Dora lifted the MIDLE finger in parliament meaning insulting Zambians who elected them as mother F……..S. When Mr Lungu became the President the all eastern is now PF.
    And us bembas sometimes thats why they call us dull because they will be coming with fake jokes like we are MBUYAS you are our caseins

  6. DANK
    It is OK, the whole Concept is to let everyone know that this stime, everyone should emulate the voters in Southern province by voting massively. Whatever meandering Dora was doing was just to emphais this point.

  7. DANK
    It is OK, the whole Concept is to let everyone know that this time, everyone should emulate the voters in Southern province by voting massively. Whatever meandering Dora was doing was just to emphais this point.

  8. We don’t need that Southern Rhodesia political party and its leader in Zambia. Thank you Dora to your encouragement . We shall not let you down.

  9. We don’t need that Southern Rhodesia political party and its leader in Zambia. Thank you Dora for your encouragement . We shall not let you down.

  10. She looks like a chinyau cha vimbuza wanting to dance “fwemba”! What an ugly abyss whore, you bet it’s the mbebas they’re hussling all the time dementing them like this with tribal bigotry. Only Kainyokolola Zulu can see beauty in such a monstrocity, I mean, what do you expect from Nkandu Lunyo’s toyboy, that ugly Prof. of Tribalism?

  11. She looks like a chinyau cha vimbuza wanting to dance “fwemba”! What an ugly abyss whore, you bet it’s the mbebas they’re hussling all the time dementing them like this with tribal bigotry. Only Kainyokolola Zulu can see beauty in such a monstrocity, I mean, what do you expect from Nkandu Lunyo’s toyboy, that ugly Prof. of Tribalism????

  12. This Dora raised the middle finger in parliament, which is an open insult and you expect her not to be tribal. Have you seen a Tonga person in this cabinet, even just a nominated one, zero,It tells you a lot

  13. And they are the same people shouting the one Zambia one nation slogan the loudest, a lot of hypocrits in this government. Very tribal,They cant enter heaven, not even one day

  14. Wena Kainyokolola Zulu, leave me alone, I’m not your size! You are nothing but a god damn Nyanja tribally bigoted intellectual midget! If you indeed think that a foul mouthed obese bed wetting whore like CliDoraLis Slit is what constitutes beauty in Nyanjaland, that’s your choice. Keep it to yourselves kwanu Kumawa! You should also be ashamed of yourself sleeping with Nkandu Luonyo, she is even older than your own mother but you think sleeping with her is keeping it in “Chumbuya”.

  15. @Gaudensio, that is why Dora is reminding people to vote massively like southerners because they kniow what they want, so others should alo know what the want by voting massively. To answer your question, there is no Tonga in Cabinet because any one appointed in cabinet is considered a traitor by you youselves as you keep telling us in your blogs, e.g Monde,Siamune etc, these are very young an engergtic leaders but their only scene is to be “traitors”

  16. In just one speech Dora has achieved 3 things:

    1. Planted seeds of tribalism and division in the country
    2. Demeaned the founding father of the party that has made her a minister. Basically referred to Sata as a cassava eater ignorant of good farming practices.
    3. Encouraged citizens not to be honest so that they can fraudulently access the social cash transfer, money that is mainly funded by donors.

    If these are not grounds to dismiss this minister then I don’t know what is

  17. Don’t expect anything good from PF. But remember the history of the world shows that there is always a fight between good and evil. And good always triumphs, no matter how long it takes. This is open tribalism and hate by this minister, it will be really strange if the authorities treat it this as business as usual, just some admonition would do.

  18. Politicians will always want to divide us for their own benefit. We need to put an effective law regarding hate speech and Tribalism if we desire this Country to remain united. If we split into tribes without doubt we all lose.

  19. You chi f00l with the long name we know that your tribally charged party and demigod leader are so desperate and have run out of options to win elections. So now you just dream up things in your sick minded imagination. Why would a successful and handsome man like me sleep with anyone other than my beautiful wlfe regina. If anything if there is anyone I would sleep with it’s your daughter who is probably desperate for daddy type of attention.

    • That’s why mu class mulaba ifikopo alyo nabamano.same class, some students pass the exam and other students fail the very same exam.Ka kaizar zulu,mulekwatako insoni.But I know Iam wasting my time telling you to be wise for once.Amano yabula nyina umwana aya mone kwi.You say people in UPND are desperate sure?who between the PF & the UPND is desperate?Insoni ebuntu.You are fighting with your enemy and you tell your friends to hold your enemy’s hands, then you start punching and hitting him.Then you brag and boast that you did beat him? Shame on you. If the PF was not desperate we would see other political parties assembling freely, we would not see people being arrested for expressing their views. We wouldn’t hear of independent papers and broadcasting houses being closed like nobody’s…

  20. It’s always astonishing how people considered fairly reasonable, resort rather to insults, than consider critically the issues raised, & debate sensibly.

    When you start describing people as; ugly, whores, etc., you are not addressing issues raised in the article.

    This behaviour, is as bad as resorting to fists when angry. It’s unacceptable primeval behaviour & quite off-putting to any who might have lent a sympathetic ear to your cause.

  21. I am an easterner , kwamadede , cheif musholo , but i put zambia before tribe…….

    Lungu has destroyed everything this once great country stood for……

    His senior minister practice tribal politics at will while the humble one gives his blessings….

    Lungu is the worst president Zambia will EVER have , we pray.

  22. @spaka you are so right. A leader will stand up to distance himself from such tribalism but Lungu won’t Condemn Dora. He will just dopily assume that fake sheepish look that Zambians mistake for humility.

  23. Very quick to see tribalism in others. Listen to what she said not what you want to hear. She was saying bane vote in numbers like southern province does.

  24. Iwe John politics stop acting like a dope. You mean youre so dumb you can’t see what Dora is saying?
    Because Edgar is an Easterner all easterners must vote for him because Southern votes for a southerner is tribal and divisive
    She is campaigning for a war when us Zambians are campaigning for an election andyou and Lungu turn a blind eye? If calling for a war against Southerners isn’t hate speech what qualifies as hate speech. So it only qualifies as such when it is spoken by the opposition?

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