Former Zambian President Rupiah Banda opens up on cancer battle


After making the difficult decision to go public on his battle against colon cancer, former Zambian President Rupiah Banda says more should be done to help people fight the disease.


  1. Lusaka times you are a bit too late reporting an important issue like this one. Having met the former president recently I was very emotional but also inspired by his determination and bravery in fighting this scourge of a disease. I remain confident that he will win this battle. Amen

  2. When the angel of death comes knocking his time will be up. RB can go to best hospital in the world and spend x amount of dollars for medication but if his death is written no one can help him.

    Hoping the man repents for all his sins

  3. Mr bwezani it’s time to reflect what you did all These years.Are
    There any achievements you are
    Proud of which you can boast of?
    These seats are for us to create
    Something which Zambians will
    Remember you for.Wish you full

  4. RB has done well to go public about his fight against cancer. He’s befits to play the role of a goodwill ambassador to speak for so many people that need help. The Cancer Diseases Hospital is full of people in a similar situation and need help. RB can speak for them

  5. I wonder why you people are morning yet. He is just fine. The only problem is Edgar who has even refused to forgive Guy Scott. Edgar has terrible heart, lets wait and see when he get back his illness.

  6. A quick recovery for the former president. Jesus Christ took all our sickness, including cancer and by His stripes you are healed sir. Isaiah 53:5

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