Opposion Leader James Lukuku dies at 40


Opposition Republican Progressive Party (RPP) Leader James Lukuku has died. RPP Vice President Leslie Chikuse has confirmed the death of Mr. Lukuku to ZNBC News in Lusaka.

Mr. Chikuse said that the late Mr. Lukuku had complained of stomach pains and was admitted to the University Teaching Hospitals last evening around 21:00 hours.

He said the death of Mr. Lukuku has robbed the country of a youthful leader who was fearless when it comes to matters of Governance. Mr. Chikuse said the death of the PRR Leader will affect the party’s preparations for the 2021 General election.

He said the funeral gathering for the late Mr. Lukuku is at his home in Garden Compound near Petroda filling station and that burial arrangements will be announced later.

And UPND has released the following statement

We have learned with sorrow the death of RPP President James Lukuku.

President Lukuku died at UTH after a short illness.

We shall remember President Lukuku as a fearless politician who gave all for the liberation of this country.

Mr.Lukuku’s dream was to see a people-driven constitution in Zambia.

Apart from his fight for the rule of law and safeguarding fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens, President Lukuku looked forward to the collapse of the evil Bill 10.
We shall remember President Lukuku for his commitment to the unity of purpose towards achieving a dream for a better Zambia.

He was a friend to the UPND family and hoped that one day, President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND family would redeem the millions of Zambians from abject poverty.
As UPND, we have lost a comrade. We have lost a freedom fighter. We have lost a progressive thinker and we have lost a fearless politician.
We shall miss his fearless political life.

On behalf of the UPND, and on my own behalf, I wish to convey our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family members.
We pray that God consoles bereaved family members during this trying moment.

Issued by :
Stephen Katuka
UPND Secretary-General


  1. Chitimukulu Sosala inspired the PF to kill James. I didn’t say Sosala killed, but he influenced that death.
    It is immature for any chief to hit-back at his subjects even if they “insult” you. James point of view was to stop Sosala to be a public PF cadre, that’s all he was saying. Here now we go here is dead… Who is next, Mucheleka??
    We need to go ku ng’anga, and I can mention the suspects.
    I am just mourning a dear friend. It is extremely sad.

  2. Sad and premature death that has shocked everyone. On deaths like this one the hospital has a duty to make public the cause of sudden death. Rest in peace JKL.

  3. In African in general and Zambia in particular it is not uncommon to look for a personified cause of death. When someone dies in the prime of their life, death is never easily accepted. Someone must be blamed for it. If the dead person differed with another person, an accusing finger is pointed to this person. Never mind the Christian beliefs we seem to hold dear. It is always, ba mwipeye fye! He has just been killed. Not surprising we are reading this even here from bloggers.

  4. You have killed this guy let’s see how many will see August 2021 in pf the soul of james is right now crying for revenge.

  5. The ones who have killed him are the ones who were encouraging him to insult the Chitimukulu. Kambwili realized and apologized, the young man was playing to the gallery. The accusations that he raised were very serious and clearly there were a lot of people who were seriously injured and disturbed and anyone of them could have done this – the Bemba Kingdom is huge. HH thought this was business as usual – an energetic young man is gone, because as a leader you failed to guide him. Very sad indeed.

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