Former Zambia defender Elijah Litana discusses his career


From rags to riches and back again. Despite blowing his football riches on booze, women and other vices, former Zambia defender Elijah Litana says he has no regrets.


  1. The interviewer lacks respect. Is this how low journalists are sinking? There is need for us to overhaul this sector and introduce stringent measures to discipline such disrespectful journalists. The likes of Zambia watchdog too. They got my comment here about miles and his fiance and misrepresented it all over social media. The sad part is that Zambians are quick to assume or conclude things that are not even stated. Grow up

  2. Kaiser

    I agree with you. If the guy is saying, he is not suffering, why insist? He has told you that life has been deleted, is it that enough? He wants Elijah to fit his preconceived story line. Ba Ken apapena mwatoba, maybe next time.

  3. Agree with KZ.
    What’s $5000 for a player? Even Pele is not a billionaire. Gondwe worked for BBC, where has taken money to sink so low to start making money on YouTube over pulling others down interwies?
    On the other hand, Litana is very funny guy, I respect Litana more than Gondwe. Litana brothers are a successful story.

  4. It’s the journalist job to get to the
    Bottom. If the person interviewed
    Is not comfortable then whyaccept the Interview. Zambians want to know how he used his wealth.

  5. No ways. The interviewer seems not to have an idea, just trying to get confessions from a guy who looks healthy and happy. Wont subscribe if this is the caliber.

  6. This is the same guy who was involved in a misogynistic interview with Mutale Mwanza of the Tuwvange fame. Zambian standards in everything are a shambles.

  7. Litana and Wawa chongo made Zambia proud at Afcon 1994 Zambia vs Nigeria. They can still earn money through writting books or memoirs.

  8. @Kaizar Zulu
    Yes I agree with you the interviewer is so disrespectful and he doesn’t know shiiiit about doing an interview….effects of fake journalism and social media now every moron Jim and Jack can claim to be a Journalist….talk of Facebook and Youtube jounaslists….

  9. Wow! I loved this guy. Those headers from corners! The Nigerians still remember him. He went to the wrong country after the 1994 AFCON finals. He should have gone to Germany or France and his career would have taken a very different path.

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