UPND President Hakainde Hichilema pays tribute to the late James Lukuku


United Party for National Development (UPND) President, Hakainde Hichilema this morning joined thousands of mourners at the church service for the late Republican Progressive Party (RPP) leader, James Lukuku at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka.

The outspoken RPP leader died on the 30th of October at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) after a short illness.

In his tribute to Mr Lukuku, President Hichilema, who described the death of Mr Lukuku as a great loss to the nation, told congregants that the late RPP leader stood for a just, fair and inclusive society.

He said that the disappearance of Mr Lukuku’s files at UTH as well as the subsequent prolonged period for the postmortem was a sign of how rotten the country’s systems had become.

He said Mr Lukuku fought for a broad spectrum of social injustices that led to him becoming a fearless, young vibrant, and youthful political leader.

“Our interactions with James had grown beyond politics to something of brotherhood in nature. James fought for a number of things. Things that are supposed to be normal like doing a postmortem takes hours. Things like the files going missing when he was only sick for a few days. These are the things that he fought for. James fought for a just and fair society that must accommodate everybody. Go well James, my young brother! We will carry on the struggle that you began and very soon you will be proud of us,” said
President Hichilema.

And in a sermon earlier, Bishop Steven Nkhata of Burning Bush Ministries told congregants that it was sad that the excitement that Mr Lukuku brought to the country’s political scene owing to his vibrance had been short-lived.

Bishop Nkhata stated that the fearless nature and courage that Mr. Lukuku had was as a result of the drive and ambition to see a better country.

Notable among those who attended the included ADD leader, Charles Milupi, PAC leader, Andyford Banda, NDC leader, Chishimba Kambwili, RPP Vice President, Leslie Chikuse, UPND National Chairman, Mutale Nalumango, UPND Secretary-General, Stephen Katuka, his deputy for Political Affairs, Patrick Mucheleka, UPND Spokesperson, Charles Kakoma, Chairperson for Mobilization, Sylvia Masebo and Mazabuka Central MP, Garry Nkombo.


  1. Strange deaths surrounding this party and it’s leader, from bodyguards to associates. How many is this now? Be careful how you associate yourselves, you can end up being a sacrifice.

  2. Rip comrade. At least you were brave enough to engage in debate rather than running away like the chaps in upnd did during bill 10

  3. I’m shocked to hear that his files went missing. Anyway this is the new normal under the PF. Lukuku was a mortal just like all of us. God knows what has caused his death. We mourn with his family

  4. Kaizar is still mourning bill 10. It was not the responsibility of UPND to pass bill 10, it was the duty of democracy and democracy in parliament required two thirds of the votes which PF failed to garner, tough lack. UPND should not even feel an iota of being guilty, it is not their duty to pass party bills but bills of national character and consensus.

  5. Mulenga continue changing names here like a crazy dog. No one is crying over bill 10. That is history. The only losers are the zambian people who have been denied an opportunity to have a better constitution. Regardless we in pf will win. We have won elections without bill 10 so nothing will change. However can you as upnd say the same?

  6. This lab technician cum presidential advisor appears rabid. Always talking about UPND as if he belongs to our party. Shaa..

  7. PF as a party in power should respect and mourn the passing on of James Lukuku not only as a Zambian but leader of a political party in Zambia.
    This also demonstrates unity and adhering to our values as Zambians and more also as a christian nation.


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