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Matters of Health and wellness critical to productivity- Chipata Mayor


Chipata Mayor Sinoya Mwale has observed that modern matters of health and wellness are very critical because they border on productivity.

The Mayor said this when he opened a first ever new Dynalab International outlet in the City.

Mr Mwale said a healthy nation requires healthy and productive people, and has called upon people his city to take fitness activities as part of their lifestyle health if they are to avoid being afflicted by non-communicable diseases.

He stated that people must get involved in sporting activities has been proved as a preventive measure against diseases such as high blood pressure and obesity.

The Mayor noted that President Edgar Lungu has called for the promotion of healthy living among the local citizenry so as to have a productive nation.

He advised people in Chipata to go beyond use of Dynalab products which play a role in keeping the bodies healthy

“Today, we are witnessing an event that is meant to address healthy issues of not only Chipata residents but those visiting Chipata and are in need of herbal supplements, pharmaceutical drugs, cosmetics or indeed organic fertilizers,” Mr Mwale said.

Mr Mwale commended Dynalab International for opening an outlet in Chipata adding that people will now get the company’s products right from their doorstep.

“We are very grateful as the people of Chipata for this consideration to open an outlet here. Dynalab which came into operation in 2009 will certainly provide opportunity to address one’s needs,” he said.

The Mayor noted that people are assets that spearhead the county’s national and economic development and he hoped that the mission of Dynalab was going to contribute to wealth creation and healthy communities.

Mr Mwale pledged the local authority support to Dynalab International through encouraging communities to make use of the company’s products.

And Dynalab International Managing Director Richard William Sanyu said his organisation is in the country to supplement Government efforts through job creation and women empowerment programs.

Mr Sanyu commended the Dynalab International team in Chipata for its good work in marketing the company’s products in the Eastern Province.

Earlier, in her testimony, Gladys Theo said after her divorce, she had problems of taking care of her children until she came to know about Dynalab International.

Ms Theo said she started selling Dynalab products and earning commissions.

“I can now single-handedly afford to pay fees for my children and pay for rent. I was noticed by Dynalab International for my hard work and was given a trip to Kenya to meet with other people also working for the organisation. My life has really changed for the better,” she said.


  1. PF should not even think of floating a candidate in Chipata in Eastern province in next years election. We are voting for the opposition this time. The current PF MP is not bad, he just belongs to a party which has failed the nation. Don’t argue with me, argue with economic stats. Economic malaise started way before Covid due to reckless borrowing.

  2. Now we hear the PF has written to the 3 MPs who did not vote for bill 10 in parliament to exculpate themselves, I hope the speaker will protect these guys because they are supposed to vote with their conscious and not what the party says, so assuming these 3 were to debate the bill, they should have been debating in favour of what they did not believe in. If the UPND MPs follow instructions to walk out of parliament they are condemned that they are following party interests instead of national interest, so for PF there is no national interest, the MPs should just vote for what the party wants. Very autocratic party. MPs should vote on what they believe is good for the people

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