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Zambian academician appointed CEO for Canadian college

Columns Zambian academician appointed CEO for Canadian college

Zambia’s High Commissioner to Canada, Felix Mfula has congratulated Dr. Misheck Mwaba on his appointment as President and Chief Executive Officer for Bow Valley College in Calgary.

High Commissioner Mfula noted that it is exciting and inspiring to see a Zambian represent the country at this level in North America.

According to a statement issued by Secretary for Political and Administration, Brian Malama at the Zambia High Commission in Ottawa, Dr.Misheck Mwaba has been appointed as the new President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), at Bow Valley College, in Calgary/Alberta Province in Canada.

Mr Malama stated that Dr Mwaba is an accomplished academician and Zambian born research scientist living in Canada.

He further stated that Dr Mwaba is expected to lead the College’s robust Open Doors – Open Minds strategy and continue to lead post-secondary collaboration across Canada to create a seamless pathway for individuals to up skill and reskill their competencies.

Mr Malama noted that Dr Mwaba’s focus will be eliminating barriers to ensure students have the best access to education while being recognized for their existing knowledge and experience to become successfully employed.

“As the economy recovers in the coming months and years, Bow Valley College is committed to getting people back to work quickly. The College provides educational excellence for the unemployed, the underemployed, those wishing to pivot mid-career and focuses on teaching job-ready skills,” he added.

Mr Malama further added that leveraging and creating new partnerships will see Bow Valley College continue to further its Open Doors – Open Minds strategy, shaping the future of college education.

Before joining Bow Valley College, Dr. Mwaba was the Dean of Media, Trades, and Technology at Niagara College in Ontario and currently sits on the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).


  1. Congratulations to Dr. Mwaba! These are people that make us proud to be Zambians. Wishing you all the best on your new appointment as you continue raise our flag high. Meanwhile, some will still be hating and mocking ati toilet cleaners and ol’ bum swipers..

  2. Not sure about raising the Zambian flag high as he is a Canadian Citizen now and appears to be staying in Canada long term, ( you must be a Canadian Citizen to work in a gov’t college), however he like so many ex Zambians are very smart and hard working and the ideal that 1st world countries give out work permits or perm residents to Toilet Cleaners is very untrue, to meet immigration requirements you must be educated and have a skill or degree. so congratulations to Dr. Mwaba Canada’s gain Zambia’s Lost.

  3. But back home you have Professors Chakuti Chakuti and Drs Ntweno Ntweno betraying the nation and irritating Zambians by offering themselves to work as partners in crime with corrupt thieves. What a shame!

  4. Just wish at one time we can have very committed leadership in Zambia that can tap into the potential of Zambian diaspora to bring greater benefits to this country! We have so many “shinning” experts abroad of Zambian origin yet we have no concrete plans of how we can integrate them into our development strategies (may be bcoz we are lacking such strategies)! Let us start thinking about the “diaspora dividend” especially in Science and Technology!

  5. Never heard of the university. However congratulations are in order. I am not sure if he still holds Zambian citizenship after adopting Canada’s. Regardless we ask the angry upnd diasporans to emulate him. Atleast he is not scrubbing toilets after travelling all that way.

  6. “….Mr Malama noted that Dr Mwaba’s focus will be eliminating barriers to ensure students have the best access to education while being recognized….”

    This is the caliber of Zambian missions abroad, mediocre are below par…..

    We would expect the mission to advise , on top of congratulations , advise the estimed gentleman to help make a contribution back in Zambia, through his new appointment or through alumni , not just signing praise like the usual PF dancing squads at lungus rallies….

  7. On top of offering congratulations to high archiving Zambians in diaspora , the missions need to implore compatriots to help Zambia , through academy or bussiness…..

    The missions need a constant message of helping to build Zambia from diaspora.

    When we form GRZ , this will be mainstay of our missions abroad. Making sure diasporans contribute to our development.
    Another cornerstone in our education system will be the introduction of an environmental lesson throughout primary school to teach our people garbage disposal, importance of natural resources and national pride to guard Zambia jealously. We only have one Zambia.

  8. It is a personal achievement and has nothing to do with Zambia. He was not sent there by Zambia so it is wrong to say that he represents Zambia just like Guy Scott did not represent Britain. We must get rid of this tribal inferiority complex. He has achieved nothing out of the ordinary. Why don’t we congratulate Prof Joe Blogs for appointment as Vice Chancellor of UNZA for ‘representing Zambia?’

  9. Another DIASPORAN that has put Zambia on the world stage, not the bigots famous for dehumanising Zambians, always with key board cadre mentality including hatred of diasporans.

  10. THE SAINT November 4, 2020 At 12:24 pm

    “..It is a personal achievement and has nothing to do with Zambia. He was not sent there by Zambia….”

    Do you know how much was spent on his free education , from primary to university in Zambia , by Zambian taxpayers ???

    If we all contributed to our home country in one way or another , like Jews do to isreal , regardless of birth , our country would be much better…..

  11. Congratulating someone for becoming a headmaster at a school?

    Have you congratulated all the headmasters in Zambia?

    I mean this guy is a scientist by training, can he not get a job in his field in Canada?

    Our thinking as Africans needs to change. Just because someone has become a headmaster in bazungu land, we start clapping.

  12. @IndigoTyrol your reasoning is quite strange. So for you, the head of a higher institute of learning is equivalent to a headmaster of an ordinary school? You say ” this guy is a scientist.. can he not get a job in his field?”
    Do you know that Angela Merkel is also a scientist, a doctor of Chemistry but is now the head of government? Dnes anyone ask why she can’t get a job in her field?”

    It all comes down to responsibility and achievements in life. Only a nerd will reduce his value to become nothing else but a restricted expert in his field. You’re right when you say our thinking has to change as Africans: yes, we must learn to clap for each other instead of trying to discredit each other’s efforts and pull each other down.

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