Translate your livestock into money- Livestock Minister

Livestock and Fisheries Minister Nkandu Luo
Livestock and Fisheries Minister Nkandu Luo

Minister of Fisheries and Livestock, Professor Nkandu Luo has handed over 120 goats and 1,000 chickens to 26 groups in Lusangazi District of Eastern Province under the restocking program, enhanced small livestock program (E-SLIP).

The Minister has urged the Beneficiaries to ensure that they translate the livestock into money, by way of adding value to the rearing of goats and chickens.

She explained that Government prioritizes women and youths with Empowerment so that through them, many families may become financially stable and assist in growing the economy because women are more responsible while youths are energetic.

Professor Luo urged the Beneficiaries to ensure that they add value to the livestock as goats can be sold as meet products and the animal skin to be used for making shoes, hand bags, belts, hats or leather clothings for value addition.

She added that the chicken must be allowed to multiply in number and its droppings must be used as crop manure.

Professor Luo was speaking today in Lusangazi District when she handed over the livestock to the Beneficiaries.

“I want you to be making more money with the empowerment that you have received not just as meat products but also to make other products such as hand bags, hats, leather clothes, belts and shoes using the animal skin.

She adds that empowering people at household level as evidenced by the distribution of livestock to groups is the meaning of the 2016 Patriotic Front campaign slogan of more money in people’s pockets.

Ms Luo asked the Beneficiaries to treat their goats and chickens well by vaccinating them and ensuring they are well fed so that they grow healthy and multiply.

The Minister advised the Beneficiaries not to slaughter the chicken and goats as they are meant to be passed on to other groups so that many people may benefit as well.

She urged other groups that have not yet benefitted to be patient as there time will come when they will also get their own share.

“You must ensure that you treat the goats and chickens well by ensuring they are vaccinated and well fed so that they multiply and benefit you,” she said.

And speaking at the same ceremony, Lusangazi District Commissioner, Goodwin Phiri said this was the first time that the District was benefiting from restocking program and thanked Government for bringing the livestock to groups in Lusangazi.

Mr Phiri pledged that the department of Fisheries and Livestock in the area would closely monitor the Beneficiaries of the livestock to ensure that they adhere to the program guidelines and grow their livestock business.

“We are grateful for bringing the empowerment to our district as this is the first time it is happening and we pledge to monitor these Beneficiaries,” he said.

And Msanzala Member of Parliament, Peter Daka urged the beneficiaries to support Government’s efforts by taking the empowerment seriously as it is aimed at developing their livelihood.

Mr Daka also advised people in the area to register as voters in the voter registration exercise that is stating on Monday.

And Chief Sandwe of the Nsenga Speaking people of Lusangazi District has thanked Government for the gesture, adding that his Chiefdom has witnessed a good number of developments under the Patriotic Front Government.

The traditional leader urged Government to continue with developmental projects in his Chiefdom and Lusangazi as a whole.

“I’m so grateful to the Government that through you the Minister, you have come to deliver the livestock and also for the many other developmental projects that they are undertaking and we ask them to continue,” he said.


  1. PF is no longer running a government, but an NGO. These dreams of 120 goats to yield products like handbags etc.

  2. This is a good program and it should be extended to all provinces to benefit the poor people.
    This program is better than giving artists hard cash to denounce the opposition.
    This program is better for the Zambians than exporting millions of goats to Saudi Arabia.
    The only down side is its timing, It will alwys be viewed as an election campaign,

  3. Really laughable…who are these beneficiaries? Are they registered co-ops? Have you trained these people bookkeeping and livestock rearing? You can not give hungry people goats and say start a business you visit them next month and all the livestock will be gone. We know this wicked woman Luo is using this as a campaign tool.

  4. With coons like tarino, the problem is that they will always consider any project done by a zambian leader to be inferior unless it is done by their white masters, whose behinds they wipe there in diaspora.

    Tarino you have decided to show your ignorance by commenting without doing your research into the restocking program, enhanced small livestock program (E-SLIP). And actually finding out what is involved in this program. You have rushed to use your tribal behind to think before doing research and getting facts. You are a very dull rock.

  5. Just last month the first Lady was in eastern, then ECL went there followed by Dora. Again last week the first Lady was there and now nkandu is also there. They are really going into overdrive in eastern province to counter the southern province votes.

  6. 1000 Chicken how laughable kikikiki
    What she is really saying sell all your livestock to survive !!!!!!!
    Why cant6 they think before they speak

  7. Bwana Minister you need to develop a NATIONAL PROGRAM that will improve food security in all the vulnerable rural households.
    Think long term and think big impact, you are government of zambia not agricultural extension officer.
    You are just using these small projects to steal money. Shame on you.

  8. See what happens when you have wrong people in important positions. She clearly doesn’t know anything about agriculture.

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