Maureen Lilanda releases “Love Me A Lie”


Brand new soulful music from the veteran herself, Maureen Lupo Lilanda, She’s has titled this impressive educative joint “Love Me A Lie.” The audio was produced by top raking sound engineer Jerry Fingers.

When Love Is a Lie will guide you towards accepting the narcissistic abuse for what it is so that you can actually move on with your life. Breaking free mentally is the key to breaking free altogether from someone with a narcissistic personality.

Maureen Lupo Lilanda, provides a story in form of song as an intuitive method for beginning this process. It’s a doable solution for everyone that will get you on the right path to becoming narcissist-free.



  1. Too monotonous.. sending me to sleep. Now I’m going to listen to Angela Nyirenda’s “Nipempako ma key” to compensate my ears.

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