The Electoral Commission of Zambia Launches Voter Registration for 2021 Elections


The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has appealed to Zambians not to get disenfranchised in the 2021 General Elections for failing to register as a voter.

ECZ Chairperson, Esau Chuulu said Zambians must seize the opportunity and register in order to vote in next year’s general elections.

Justice Chuulu said this when he launched the national voter registration exercise at the civic centre in Lusaka.

The ECZ Chairperson said the voter registration will run from November 9 to December 12, 2020 and will be conducted at civic centres in all the 116 districts in the country.

Justice Chuulu stated that all eligible voters are required to register to avoid being left out of the new voters register.

“If you want to participate in the elections next year, you better register now because indeed you have a duty as a citizen to register, and indeed to ensure that you’re not disenfranchised next year,” he added.

Justice Chuulu stated that the old voters card that people currently have will not be used in the 2021 general elections as the Electoral body is issuing new voters cards.

“The voter’s card which was used in 2016, will no longer be used in the 2021 general elections” said Justice Chuulu.

He advised that anyone can register anywhere in the country as long as they indicate the polling station where they want to vote from in the 2021 elections.

“This is a national commitment, if you’re a citizen of Zambia, and eligible, seize the opportunity,” advised Justice Chuulu.

Justice Chuulu called on the church, civil society and Members of Parliament to ensure that the general public is informed and sensitized to go and register.

He explained that the online pre-voter registration which started on September 21, is still running alongside the mobile voter registration.

“We have made it possible for citizens to go and register at any place of their convenience,” said Justice Chuulu.

And ECZ Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Nshindano urged voters to ensure that they verify their particulars before leaving the registration centre.

Mr Nshindano said failure to verify details can lead to a voter not being able to vote due to the details which may have been captured wrongly.

He assured that the Commission will ensure that it has adequate personnel and registration kits to speed up the exercise.

Mr Nshindano further expressed optimism that the Commission will capture the targeted number of voters.

He explained that the voter registration is not just for the new voters but also the old voters who have to be transitioned to the new voters register.

Mr Nshindano added that the new voter registration exercise will capture new details and a person’s biometrics that will upgrade a particular voter’s details.


He urged eligible voters to take advantage of the online voter pre – registration in order to spend less time at the registration centre.

The Electoral Commission is targeting to register about nine million voters under the new register.

Zambians that have attained the age of 18 or by 9 of May next year, are expected to register as voters for the 2021 general elections.


  1. ECZ should be announcing accurate results bsed on registersd number of voters from each polling station.
    Come Aug 2021 Authenticate the nember of registerd voters and ensure that they are not accused of presenting frudulent elections like what has been happening in previous elections where it was noticed that at certain Polling stations the number of registered electorates was more than the actual number of voters who were registered at that Polling station.

  2. Why make life complicated for my grandmother, she already have a voters card, why you want her to go ku civic center to re-register? Why don’t go to her house to register?

  3. This launch and announcement lacks the the most important details. Judge Essau Chulu has said the exercise will be conducted at Civic Centers in all the 116 districts, does that mean that they’ll be the only registrations points in the districts? We have always registered at places were we usually cast our votes. So ECZ must follow up and make that clarification. Last time I wanted to transfer my polling district to another it wasn’t effected. I still travel to vote where I no longer reside. Now he’s saying you can register from anywhere as long as you indicate where you want to vote from, from experience this is already confusion because many people will end up in wrong places. The verification exercise night even take longer

  4. I will ensure that i ferry all my relatives to registration centers so that we can make perpetual losers lose with a landslide this time. We shall see how they will appeal after refusing to increase the number of days for petitioning of election results.

  5. They want to create a whole new register in 4 weeks of 8 million people overwriting the old one…opposition is sleeping again, moreover this man should have been relieved of his position last election to make way for a new chairman. Learn from the Kenyan opposition which pushed for reforms way back before the General elections.

  6. What has happened to chavula and who gave him the password to protected ECZ IT protected Zone ? This is the issue you have intentionally refused to avail Zambians with good answers ?

  7. I was watching last night as ECZ chmn Esau Chulu was speaking on tv. He didn’t seem like a man comfortable in his own skin. There’s surely something eating him up, there’s something he’s not happy with, there’s something he’s worried about. He’s a man in need of help.

  8. How dare you create an impression as though Zambia has never held elections before. You complicate the whole process by limiting the registration period as if we are not Zambians but need to register in order to be turned into Zambians. NRC department maintains a national register once updated becomes a fresh voters register. This has been used in all past elections. Why all this fuss, Zambians just want the unstoppable change.

  9. The only way PF will win elections is through rigging. This is what happened in 2016. KZ was also involved helping his ex boss retain power.

    Thus is what happens when power gets into your brain. Look at Trump announcing to stop counting the ballots knowing he will be losing the elections.

    This is what happens when a drunkard and a thief is inning the country with no vision.

  10. People are not dull, they saw the hard work of Lungu and also know the value of votes. It is our right so we will never waste it!

  11. No doubt President Lungu is going to get maximum votes again in the 2021 elections because he brought true development in this country

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