Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Hitches in the voter registration exercise are being worked-Given Lubinda


GOVERNMENT has assured the nation that the hitches that have been experienced in the voter registration exercise are being worked.

And Government has described as impressive the response from Zambians wanting to register as voters ahead of the 2021 General elections.

Speaking shortly after touring some voter registration centers this morning in Kabwata constituency, Justice Minister Given Lubinda who is also Kabwata area Member of Parliament says people should not be discouraged as Government would do anything possible to ensure that the hitches are worked on.

“We will ensure that this small hitch is worked on and becomes more efficient so people should not be discouraged as we are doing everything possible to have the process normalized,” Hon. Lubinda said.

And the Kabwata law marker said he decided not to register for now but wanted to give Zambians the confidence that the system is being worked on.

“As politicians we are making sure that the system is improved by engaging the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) because I have noticed that they are taking about 6 minutes to register one person so we are appealing to people not to be discouraged because of this small hitch,” Hon. Lubinda added.

The voter registration exercise which commenced on Monday experienced some hitches with the process leading to the general citizenry and stakeholders expressing concern as to whether the ECZ would capture the targeted number of voters ahead of the August 12, 2021 General elections.

Hon. Lubinda added that the response from the public who wanted to obtain voter’s cards was impressive and he encouraged other Zambians to turn out in numbers and register as voters.


  1. We thank you ba wise minister. We know you are working hard from a legal point of view and we forever remain thankful. I for one think that you handled bill 10 very professionally with passion. For that you can be rest assured that you tried your best. Remember that we are dealing with ignorant upnd mps. So not your fault

  2. This is not a SMALL hitch! It goes to the very integrity of the electoral process, First you shorten the period and then expose what on the face of it appears to be logistical incompetence. What’s the plan? To create a mess for someone’s convenience?

  3. Hitches in Voter registration he says ….some of these statements you must leave to ECZ you just shut up…I dont know why Lazy Lungu appointed this guy who is a Agriculture diploma holder to be a minister of Justice. I mean if Lazy had respect for his profession he would have appointed an individual from a legal background but oh no Lazy is an utterly useless bum who fleeced a widow when he was practicing.

  4. Exactly @Tarino. This is where vigilance and a robust response is needed over what’s going on with the electoral process.

  5. @Tarino Orange, the opposition can sleep but Zambians aren’t. Just wait and see. Time will come when we’ll seize whoever is responsible for this mess by the balls. These aren’t hitches, they’re significant failures! The machines can’t work. They just have to be replaced and that isn’t a 5 minute undertaking. Most of the things the PF have done have failed because of their greed for money. There are many peasant farmers who paid K400 in the 2018/19 season but never received their inputs. They haven’t been refunded to date. Now a car wash has won a tender to supply vehicles. Watch the space

  6. If you’re taking too long to register people then extend the exercise to make up for lost ground…. Common sense but knowing ECZ kaya.

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