Friday, March 1, 2024

UNDP call for safety of journalists


Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary, Amos Malupenga said the government supports initiatives that promote the safety of journalists in the country.

Mr. Malupenga said the promotion of the safety of journalists is essential for the preservation of the fundamental rights to freedom of expression which is guaranteed by article 19 of the universal declaration of human rights.

He was speaking during the official opening of a two-day workshop on the safety of journalists in Zambia in Lusaka yesterday.

The workshop attracted journalists from all media organizations across the country.

Mr Malupenga said any interference, harassment, or violence on the media personnel in the discharge of their duties has not gone unpunished in the courts of law.

“Citizens also have a constitutional right to information and the media as messengers of that information should be allowed to carry out this noble responsibility in a free and safe environment,” he noted.

He said the freedom and safety of the media is non-negotiable but guaranteed in the laws of Zambia.

“Therefore , any interference , disturbance, harassment , violence or attack on the journalist is an infringement against journalists and infringement on media freedom and the public ‘s right to information which is an acceptable,” he charged.

Mr Malupenga said government is aware of the fact that creating and preserving a safe working environment for journalist as well as promoting ethical and professional journalism is a collective responsibility that requires a multi- sectoral approach involving all stakeholders in the country.

And speaking earlier United Nations Development programme (UNDP) Deputy Resident representative Roland Seri said the media is a critical watchdog for accountability of democracy.

She noted that media promotes the market place of ideas needed to inform public debates and dialogue on governance, democracy and elections.

“UNDPs global media engagement aims at to promote an enabling environment for free and independent Media through support legal and regulatory reforms on issues such as freedom of expression, access to information and safety of Journalists,” he said.

“The media must also be alert, engaged proactive and never afraid to ask the tough questions on behalf of the citizenry, on matters pertaining to the public interest such as good governance democracy, human rights rule of law, constitutionalism to serve as the voiceless and marginalized section of the population,” he noted.

Mr Seri said journalists need protection from harassment, intimidation and any forms of censorship as enshrined in article 19 of the universal declaration of human rights.

And Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) Vice Chairperson Chalimba Phiri said the workshop is aimed at building the capacity of journalist to report ethically.

”This workshop on safety of journalist is the second in a series of capacity building activities lined up under the Democracy Strengthening in Zambia and we are hopeful that similar workers will be conducted in other parts of the country before the 2021 general elections ,” Mr Phiri said.

He said the authority was confident that the activities being implemented will create a safe working environment for journalists that will contribute to having peaceful elections.


  1. Tukala twenu you didn’t support bill 10 which was going to protect women,the disabled and even give more freedom of speech. Yet here you are opening that your smelly mouth. Smelling of faeces. My friend can you fuskeke from here!!!!

  2. @Kaizer hahahahahahaha ati tukala twenu, as if you have a bigger one…. You gaizi should organise an erection competition referee will be Minister of Journalists, Dora, first round should be:
    Romeo Kangombe (UPND) vs (PF) Nathan Chanda

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