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Rent-to- own housing project launched in Chipata


The government says alternative and innovative methods of housing development that allow for private sector participation is key to reducing housing deficit in the country.

Minister of housing and infrastructure Vincent Mwale said this yesterday in a speech read for him by Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Veronica Mwiche during the launch of a Collins Mutual Limited rent-to-own housing project in Chipata.

Collins Mutual Limited, a local investment company, has partnered with China State Construction and Engineering Corporation Limited to undertake the project, starting with 2,500 units on 400 hectares of land secured in Senior Chief Nzamane’s area.

Mr Mwale said the launch marks a milestone in the private sector participation in the provision of low and medium cost housing units in the district and the country as a whole.

The Minister noted that the country currently faces a housing deficit of 1.5 million as a result of rapid rate of urbanization.

However, he said Government under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu is committed to close up the housing gap and ensure people have access to decent and affordable housing as stipulated in the 2020 National Housing Policy.

“The 2020 National Housing Policy is aimed at facilitating the development of decent and affordable housing. It calls for the promotion of alternative and innovative methods of housing development,” Mr Mwale said.

He added that the policy focuses on the promotion of private sector participation in the provision of low and medium cost housing and that the launch of the rent-to-own housing project will start in April next to be developed over four years.

“The launch of the rent-to-own housing project here in Chipata is the timely response and progressive step towards the realization of the objectives of the national housing policy. Indeed alternative and innovative methods of housing development are a key to enhancing housing affordability in the country,” Mr Mwale said.

He mentioned that government has always believed that the provision of decent, adequate and affordable housing to people, adding that innovative approach to be executed by Collins Mutual would reduce the cost of buying a house, which will ultimately afford many people access to decent housing.

Speaking at the same occasion in a speech read for him by Chipata District Commissioner Kalunga Zulu, Eastern Province Minister Makebi Zulu expressed optimism that the Collins Mutual project in Chiapta will deliver one of the human basic needs that of affordable and decent housing.

“Collins Mutual will create wholesome communities that not only provides affordable , well designed , attractive housing units, but also recreational spaces and commercial centres for low and lower middle income families,” Mr Zulu said.

Chipata City Mayor Sinoya Mwale expressed happiness that the long planned housing unit is now on the verge of implementation and pledged the council’s full support to the project that will be undertaken by Collins Mutual Limited in partnership with China State Construction and Engineering Corporation at a cost of US$100 million.

While Collins Mutual Chief Executive Conrad Gomani said the company will roll out the 5,000 housing units over a four year period and promised to develop properties that are environmental friendly targeted at low and medium earning families.


  1. This is a great idea. Housing development creates jobs in manufacturing, transport, engineering, industrial arts and local government. Now get on with it with all your might.

  2. Development after development. I am laughing at the comments above. No such thing as lateness when it comes to home ownership. Ownership can take years and sometimes only your children or grandchildren will enjoy full ownership. Those in diaspora are on huge loans to own small houses there which they won’t even pay off before their death.

  3. Another campaign strategy…they will simply build a couple of houses to give the impression that they are building low-cost homes for the elections and if PF wins all this will be thrown out of the window for a shopping mall and commercial property. Some of these Chink state firms like China State Construction and Engineering Corporation Limited are banned in other countries and by World Bank for cutting corners and corrupt practices. Where is the council or an NGO in all this if these are truly low cost homes and who can afford such in Chipata? Numbers dont add up…Private sector has no time to chase up rentals its a costly business.

  4. This is what most developed countries have done, they do not usually give plots, but give an established developer land to build. If for example they build 2000 units, 1000 are sold to those who can afford and the other 1000 are for rent to eventually own.

    I hope that the rentals will not be abnormal like the NAPSA criminality in Kalulushi. A citizen can rent a house even up to 20 – 30 years or even more to own. That is what US does in some states. But here is everything here and now, how can you empower citizens like that?

  5. Home ownership starts with financial stability. Financial stability is supported by sound economic stability, governance, and rule of law. Given Zambia’s current state with one of the worst president in history as Zambia slowly becomes Zimbabwe even worse. The initiative is highly doubtful because there is a likelihood of high unemployment very soon so how will ordinary Zambians rent for more than 5 years without jobs or favorable business environment and eventually own? Unless China is planning to ship Chinese to Zambia to occupy the homes.

  6. This is just merely reading speeches what is really on the title deeds and the nature of land use…is this $100 million investment even in there in a Zambian account or China Bank ….this project would only hold water if it was PPP project. When did deeper on Collin Mutual’s page on Facebook …you will find that Collins Mutual is promoting the development of a modern Shopping Mall in Chipata City (March 2019). Collins Mutual has an MOU with Chipata City Council to promote developments in Chipata City. The first development is of a Hotel, Office block and a Shopping Mall (July 2018).
    Collins Mutual was formed for the purpose of managing investment assets and funds for the companies and staff members of the group.
    We manage the following 😕 Multi Assets? Investment Management ? Fund…

  7. Collins Mutual was formed for the purpose of managing investment assets and funds for the companies and staff members of the group.
    We manage the following :
    – Multi Assets
    – Investment Management
    – Fund Management.
    You dig deeper you will find that the CEO Conrad Gomani is linked to Conrad Gomani & Associates, financial consulting firm…I smell something fishy here dig deeper and you will find that this firm is just a front for corrupt politicians like Vincent Mwale to launder their stolen money

  8. NAPSA is supposed to spearhead such schemes. A member that contributes for a certain period must be entitled to get a mortgage or such a house on the rent to own scheme. This will provide enough Social Security for workers. NAPSA funds are just being mismanaged and the fund hasn’t fully benefited workers

  9. Ayatollah – this deal is fizzy…just go and look at Collins Mutual’s page on Facebook its all projects at computer design stage since 2018.

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