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Zambia Police Okays UPND Mobilisation Rally in Lusaka


Zambia Police has raised no objection to the United Party for National Development (UPND) going ahead to hold a rally in Lusaka for the first time since the last presidential and general elections in 2016.

The Kabwata Constituency UPND Executive Committee last week notified the police of its intention to hold an end of year mobilization rally in Chilenje Township in Kabwata Constituency in Lusaka.

The police responded with a “no objection ” letter. According to the UPND statement, there is a mountain of notifications by the UPND to the police throughout the country to hold meetings, rallies, and protests which have been rejected by the police. Many stakeholders have raised concerns on the suppression of citizens’ freedoms of assembly, association and expression in the last 10 years of the rule by the Patriotic Front.

The rally will be held at the Chilenje Secondary School grounds today Sunday 15th November 2020 starting at 14.00 hours.


  1. The Police don’t have powers to give permits, so what okaying. Don’t these frightened little men cancel such rallies a day before the rally after giving their so called permits

  2. We are praying for you HH. We also pray for Edgar despite masive failure to perform. HH and Edgar are not enemies but opponents, it is a pity that they themselves are treating each other as enemies. The people of Zambia want to see HH and Edgar having a meal together, even if each one came with his own food from their own house. Let us promote unity, these are just politics. Demonstrate the Christian nation that you pronounce. Demonstrate the not so meaningful national day of prayer reconciliation and fasting. Lead by example both of you

  3. For those who have not seen the cover of the latest edition of the respected economist magazine, it reads Zambia the next Zimbabwe and it substantiates and qualifies its story in the magazine. Please HH come and serve us, immediately after reading that story I have decided to defect to your party, I am not looking for any position, I am just looking for a leader who is going to come and sort out the economic decline which has been for the past 9 years after MMD left

  4. Soldier on HH, they will arrest you, they will restrict your movement, they will stone your helicopters in Shiwang’andu during campaigns, they will ignorantly and deliberately blame you for a privatization program which was government driven. In their usual incompetence they will blame you, they will blame climate change, they will blame covid 19, and they will blame failure of Bill 10, it is a question of a drowning man clutching to a straw. Failure on their part is vivid, just come and correct the situation. No grudges please

  5. Please come and sort out the huge unemployment levels, let them as usual call you names because they don’t have a message, just come and work HH

  6. MMD inflation 6% PF 16%
    MMD Exchange rate K6 PF K21 to a dollar and rising
    MMD fuel per litre K6 PF K16
    MMD no bore hole tax PF bore hole,health tax and others
    MMD sustainable debt(thanks to economist RB) PF reckless debt and in default
    MMD guaranteed civil liberties, opposition would gather PF no civil liberties for opposition
    MMD public media bias not as bad as PF whose policy is total black out of the opposition
    And they want to come back and do what

  7. And don’t even argue with the stubborn PF chaps on this blog, just show them the negative economic statistics. Everything is negative and this started way before Covid

  8. I will use my common sense to vote, I will not use my party affiliation when poverty is this high. I choose to be responsible

  9. HH also please come and also replace the Ministry of religious with Ministry of employment. Salvation does not come through ministries, come and do something practical to sort out the huge unemployment issue. May God Almighty richly bless and favor you

  10. Just wait and see what they will say about this rally. “HH has painted Lusaka red”. “Thunderous welcome”. etc. Word of advice, do not believe the crowd that may come. Remember Chilubi island, you painted it red, but when the result came, it was a sorry sight. Just like PF, they can’t paint Choma green. Don’t talk about bill 10 it dead and buried. Or even corruption. PF will respond by accusing you of benefitting from sale of companies in zambia. They will also accuse you of tribalism which may hurt you. Avoid those topics just talk about what you would do for the country. I was just wondering why Rally on Sunday. It seems he does not care about people who go to church on Sundays. Sundays catholic dedicate the day to God. Why not Saturday? Oh I forgot he is SDA. Imagine I skip my…

  11. HH shot down the referendum to repeal the public order Act in 2016 and now he is crying foul. As long as this Act (public order) exists you will dance to the tune of following the required procedures. The economy is bad yes, but some of us do not see a leader in HH who can to do better than ECL. HH is just a business man who has questionable wealth, some of which is inherited wealth. At “29 we already had wealth to purchase a house at K 60 m “ he said at one point. Given our Zambian Economy at that time who had that kind of mone and what business where they doing to earn that money. HH has been at loss to explain the source of his wealth. All we get are insults from him when you ask him about his wealth. The similarities with his friend Trump are too strong to miss. HH is just a shrewd…

  12. Illogical logic

    “…Why not Saturday? Oh I forgot he is SDA. Imagine I skip my…..”

    Iwe , do people spend the whole Sunday in church ???

    You are the people giving these fake priests time to rip the vounrable off ……

    Zambians need to put work and family time before this fake praying none stop , your god will not feed you

  13. True of green.. what are talking about.. you are the same people when MMD RB would boost about low interest inflation, good exchange rate etc.. you would say you cannot eat exchange rate and inflation.. what are talking about now?!!!

  14. Chendabusiku November 15, 2020 At 9:49 am

    “…..HH is just a business man who has questionable wealth, some of which is inherited wealth. At “29 we already had wealth to purchase a house at K 60 m “ he said at one point. Given our Zambian Economy at that time who had that kind of mone and what business where they doing to earn that money. ……”

    You are just jealous……

    Ati ” can’t do better than ECL ….”

    What has lungu done ? What ever he has done he has used borrowed money , even my garden boy can do that ,

    Now lungu , even with borrowed money still destroyed the economy to a point he is even failing to pay back that borrowed money ?????

    If you think HH can’t do better than lungu , you are used to failure and medicracy……..

  15. I hv not yet registered to vote. It’s not an election I’m looking forward to because all the ingredients point to a turbulent post-2021 election period.

  16. HH will have a hired crowed to give the impression that he is popular but no. Just leave the rally to the Chilenge people and see what they really think of you.

  17. Good to know. We wish them all the best. Unlike them, we in pf have no qualms with them being given permission for such functions. However, we find it weird that they seem to have an issue with us being given permission to hold rallies. They claim unfairness etc. Insecure?

  18. The Rally has been approved by Police to snare to HH and UPND. They want to find an excuse to arrest HH. PF Cadres are likely to go to Kabwata to provoke UPND Cadres and the Police will intervene and align itself with PF Cadres. Most likely this is a PF Set-up job. With the Tayalis of this World threatening to get HH persecuted we smell a rat. Time will tell.

  19. HH is a part of the problem. The thug in league with Mashebo, Chitalu, Hantuba and Kalala, the gang of Meridien Bank and tribalist Mazoka’s ang ki american group companies looting of Zambian resources.

  20. Did they go ahead? I saw disturbing pictures of the clobbered Chilanga constituency aspiring candidate. Purportedly heading to the same rally.

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