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Chilufya Tayali’s Full Press Briefing on Evidence against HH’s alleged Corruption


By Chilufya Tayali


For Zambia to see progressive and meaningful change, we do not just have to change leaders, because we are frustrated by those currently in power, however, if we have to bring in better individuals and not those who have amassed wealth by taking advantage of us, citizens. We need credible leaders who will look at the needs of the people and not just themselves.

It is obvious that some of citizens are not happy with the current regime of President Lungu, but if we have to change it, we have to bring in better people and not worse than what we have.

In 2016 I labeled President Lungu as a better evil compared to Mr. Hakainde Hichilema because, in my opinion, President Lungu has his weaknesses but he is far much better than Mr. Hichilema on a public moral grounds.

President is accused of corruption by many people but no evidence has come forth and I have equally not come across any evidence of corruption against him. However, some of his ministers are very corrupt but President Lungu has been approaching the fight against corruption with kids’ gloves because he puts politics first. He (President Lungu) does not want to lose his friends, so he kind of shields them by not subjecting them to thorough investigations.

However, when it comes to Mr. Hakainde, I have come across some evidence that suggests that, instead of aspiring for Presidency, he (HH) should actually be in jail.
Some of the evidence relates the identity of Mr. Hichilema. *Who is Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, really? When you check the records at UNZA the names are different from what we know him in the political circles.* We don’t just pick and drop names and reasons might be well explained by swearing an affidavit. As it is, no Zambian can really explain who Mr. Hichilema is because he has not explained how and why his names are different.

Furthermore, evidence has come my way to suggest that Mr. Hichilema has two NRCs, 128873/72/1 and 261786/72/1 and I will be bringing this to the police so that they can investigate. It is not me to judge Mr. Hichilema, it is the courts after Police have done their investigations.


For a long time, now, Zambians have been crying about how privatization was corruptly executed, making it look like Late President FTJ Chiluba and the MMD government made a mistake, but in my opinion it is the selfishness of people like Mr. Hakainde who make privatization a bad policy.

I have come across some evidence which suggests that Mr. Hichilema corruptly benefitted from privatization. My investigations has revealed that Mr. Hichilema acquired several properties from privatization, depriving citizens opportunities to be empowered through job creation, accrued benefits, houses and other properties.

One example is a house on  Plot No. 77/a/609 on Poplar Avenue in Chelstone, Lusaka. This house was under ZIMCO (list of houses produced) and it was offered to a sitting tenant, Mr. M. Jere, who used to work for ZIMCO, at K9.8 million, unrebased, (offer letter produced).

Mr. Jere paid for the house through SP Mulenga Associates International (Receipt produced), but without proper explanations, this house was later brought by Mr. Hakainde Hichilema at K31 million, unrebased (Printout produced).

Evidence points to Mr. Norman Mbazima who was the joint Liquidator, together with Brian Musonda, of ZIMCO, seconded by Deloitte & Touche, that he is the one that gave a house to Mr. Hichilema. There seems to be a very strong link between Mr. Hichilema and Mr. Mbazima who even went as far as being the Deputy Chairman of AngloAmerican.

AngloAmerican is believed to be the key sponsor of Mr. Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND as a party.

The latest printout from the Ministry of Lands shows very suspicious entries on the property mentioned above and I am taking this matter to the Anti-corruption Commission (ACC) to investigate this matter on how Mr. Hichilema owned the house belonging to ZIMCO, depriving Mr. M. Jere a sitting tenant and former worker of ZIMCO. In my opinion this is a clear case of Corruption.

Another interesting issue relates to FARM No. 1924 belonging to late Samson Siatembo. This property is in Kalomo Southern Province and it was mortgaged to Lima Bank in 1989 (Memorandum of Discharge produced) . Lima Bank was placed under liquidation between 1997/1998 with Grant Thornton as the Liquidator. Suspiciously, this property was bought by Mr. Hakainde Hichilema in September 2004 (assignment produced) when he was the Managing Partner of Grant Thornton.

There are no records showing that Mr. Hichilema declared interest when buying this property which was mortgaged by Lima bank, an entity he was given to Liquidate. *This, to me, is a clear case of conflict of interest abrogating the ACC Act, Penal Code and the Privatization Act. Therefore I am taking this matter to the ACC so that Mr. Hichilema must be prosecuted.*

Apart from the above issues, I have also investigated the house in Kabulonga but I will not deal on it in this press conference because it is subjudice, however, it is one of the cases I am going to report to the ACC.

I am also investigating the Sun Hotel issue but I want to make a trip to Mauritius to dig deeper, unfortunately, I could not get a flight due to COVID-19. However, I am trying to see how I can get the evidence I need to prove another conflict of interest on Mr. Hichilema.


I know Mr. Hakainde Hichilema is the biggest opposition leader in our Country and he is loved by many people who see him as their hope, but I want everyone to look at this evidence and judge between myself and Mr. Hichilema, who has the interest of the people and this Country.

Something does not seem right on the identity of Mr. Hichilema, so how can Zambians trust such a person. Iam I wrong to ask the police to investigate about the alleged two NRCs for Mr. Hichilema?

The evidence is clear that, Mr. S. Jere of ZIMCO was deprived of a house and Mr. Hichilema bought the house, is it fair for Mr. S. Jere? Doesn’t this situation require the ACC to investigate?

The Kalomo farm was mortgaged to Lima Bank, which Mr. Hichilema was Liquidating, how come he is the one that owns the said farm? Am I wrong to call upon ACC to investigate?
The House in Kabulonga has issues, is it right that we get to the bottom of it?

Mr. Hichilema chaired the negotiation of Sun Hotel yet today is suspected to be the owner of the same hotel though hiding behind some company which was created in safe Heaven Countries. Is it this crookedness on the part of Mr. Hichilema if proven correct?

I urge Zambians to be very careful with the leaders they put in power, otherwise, we might be jumping from a pan into the hot furnace.

In my opinion, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema should not be aspiring for Presidency but be in jail for depriving Zambians and taking advantage of our resources.



  1. When is Given Lubinda going to introduce political parties bill in Parliament?

    Tayali take this case seriously,
    Mwanawasa did not want to prosecute hh because of Bantu botatwe, rupia banda was only three years and Sata was not a Lawyer.

    • Ignorance is a big problem like Dr Kaunda used to put it, does this little full believe that such a complex program like privatization would have been done by one man at the exclusion of government. School, School, School

  2. Tayali is the epitome of corruption just like his father… a certain Mr
    No legal.basis of this clap trap conversation
    Upnd for government

  3. It is hard to put ka Tayali in jail. Tayali is like those small dogs used by cow herders, they bark so annoying to extend of huge cows running away, just to avoid that nuisance.

  4. Tayali twala. You should have submitted first then sabayiladi. So do your thing, lets see where it goes. Hungry Zambians can do with some entertainment.
    But also make sure all these crumbs pf is paying you, you are planning for your future because once pf falls people like you suffer or end up in jail. So prepare yourself

  5. Mr. Sata whom l respected so much and was in control of all the country records,”the so called evidence,” at one point said he was going to Persue Mr HH privitisation issue so that he is jailed. But He failed becoz there was no evidence. This is pure rantings by a person seeking social media attention. Fake!

  6. Hope he is sure of what he is talking about. Madam Nawakwi has very similar accusations and failed to prove in court her facts. HH must make sure this chap is dealt with by large legal costs.
    In the meantime, let this young man focus his energy on Lungu’s government if he wants to talk about corruption then we can believe him about wanting clean people on the ballot. Why does he not question the wealthy many in Lungu’s government have accumulated some it’s very obvious they cannot explain their legitimate source of income

  7. Muyake Nawakwi akangiwa kuyenda ku koti. Let’s see how far this goes. There was a guy on here praising Nawakwi’s lawyer and telling me to “watch the space” — I am still watching that space.

  8. Intruder, u are a sucker the chaps who hv hopelessly divided the country to an extent that it’s slowly becoming a failed state. People are living in fear and u start bringing in irrelevant things. There’s no president who controlled political cadres the way Mwanawasa did. On that one he has no equal.

  9. I will back tayali on this one because seriously I do not understand why everything has to be about HH. If you read clearly he burns the government as well to say they are corrupt individuals in the system. People are all backing HH but when it fails they will want to blame the nation and government not knowing they are the ones who made the decision. Vote wisely and do not vote because someone has money and wealthy think of the nation and not your desires. Just so you know I ain’t a PF or UPND supporter. Both parties are a joke

  10. Only the guilty are afraid. Why is tayali being insulted by the supporters of that evil demigod hh? Is it not every citizens right to pursue anything he believes is wrong for the benefit of the country? Did you not study civics tukala twenu. I thought you said hh had powerful lawyer so why are you afraid of layman tayali. That f00l hh knows what’s coming. Woza

  11. Mmmmm…….so soon we expect the police to arrest HH over corruption allegations? And he will start appearing in court? Interesting!

  12. The government must conduct a detailed investigation of Hichilema. If he is a criminal then why he is not thrown in jail yet.

  13. Ba tatami remember of won’t be in power forever I hope u ve something to your name u will attempt to ran like chakra chimbwi

  14. Ba tatami remember of won’t be in power forever I hope u ve something to your name u will attempt to ran like chanda chimbwi

  15. People are happy with Lungu, it is Hichilema’s supporter who spread false information about PF and the government that people are unhappy with the current government.

  16. Last I checked, individuals are prosecuted in court, found guilty by the courts and punished by the courts.
    Much as Tayali may have what he calls evidence (which isn’t ) he has no rights/powers to be judge, jury and executioner. The best Tayali can do is take let report HH, than being a vigilante.
    Let the same courts that found did justice for Chitalu Chilufya do justice for HH.

  17. This country is finished, how does targeting of HH help the bread and butter issues. I don’t know how much they are giving him to do all that, at the end of the day the Kwacha is going to K30 to a dollar, inflation is double digit, unemployment all time high and debt choking us due to reckless borrowing. All benchmarks which countries use to measure an economy are in serious decline in Zambia even before Covid, and here is a guy acting drama. We need to be serious, people do not have food in villages and we need to put leaders who can turn our fortunes next year. We are not heading any where

  18. How can a person who has told you several times to probe him be afraid. The level of dallness in this country is alarming, could that be the reason why the economy is down. Instead of expending energies on things that matter people are listening to Tayali. My foot….

  19. Why does the registrar allow parties that have one person continue being registered. This EPP is not a party. This is a survival gimmick, I am told this Tayali guy does not have a steady income. Such loose canons are dangerous because the guy has to eat and he will go at any length to please the guys paying him using our tax

  20. Stop wasting our time with this Tayali chap, you have more problems than the HH you are targeting. The bond holders have refused to your request due to your lack of transparence and questionable debts, meanwhile you are busy paying Tayali to help imorove your fortunes, it doesn’t work that way, start working you are in your ninth year now in government, Former bank of Zambia governor was very clear to say Zambias economic woes started way before Covid. Start working please

  21. Dear Tayali,
    Please note that inflation is at 16% and MMD left it at 6. Also note that the kwacha is at K21 to a dollar whilst MMD left it at K5. Further note that reserves at one month import cover whilst MMD left them at about 1 year cover, not sure if you know the meaning of this. Further note that the bondholders are not giving Zambia any relief due to obvious reasons. Did you also know that unemployment is at its highest with no hope in sight?There is even a new tax called borehole tax which MMD did not leave, and a health tax as well. Public media is now the preserve of the ruling PF party only ironically the same public media is run by tax payers and this includes the opposition. We further wish to advise that the person you are targeting is not the cause of Zambias decline. Much…

  22. There is a difference between evidence and facts. You have the facts but those facts only become evidence when accepted by a court of law after scrutiny. For example, a man is shot and the police rush in and find me with a smoking gun. The facts are: there is a dead man. He has a gunshot wound. I have a gun. It is smoking. Those are the facts but they are not evidence that I killed the man.

  23. Ka Tayali uli Ka puba sana,why do you want to call on problems like Edith Nawakwi.Do you even care about your children.Anyway no Matter what you say,we are voting for HH.Voted for pf 3 times but I can’t anymore.

  24. This Tayali will learn the Nawakwi doctrine the hard way, these so called allegations he has concocted will come back and bite him in his backside! Any charade by Bembas to nail a Tongaman stinks, this systematic tribal bigotry by Bembas against Tongas must stop, now!

  25. Katayali mwaiche, you are now losing your mind because njala ya kunyokola. Even Lungu himself a good but corrupt lawyer together his team of good corrupt PF lawyers have failed dismally to pin HH on those issue you are raising. They have proper documents and have unlimited access to HH ‘s documents regarding his property acquisition transactions. Who do you think you are to pick a fight with HH mwaiche?. What has happened to Nawakwi has not taught you a lesson. This time mwaiche I will not personally let HH forgive your id1ocy. Besides PF are under so much pressure to even consider to bail such a non entity like you.
    Tayali go ahead and lodge a case against HH in the courst officially our legal team is waiting for you. This time no mercy! Wayaya sana.

    HH bought those properties…

  26. HH should be cleared by the court once and for all. Don’t forget a thief is always a thief. If he is then we shall jump from a hot pot to a furnance.

  27. Why are you doing this to a man who can help our economy, please I am not happy with this empty things, they are fighting HH because they know that he is coming to arrest them, remember that Our Father God who is in heaven is watching everything you are doing, Less ni malyotola, continue doing what you are doing, in the Bible says there’s time to everything, & time will come, God heaven and Earth protect your son Mr HH.

    • And den one Bally shud stand on de highest anthill to say ” am a business man”…kkkk.
      Questions still stand:
      1. Wat happened to Mulungushi travellers?
      2. Wat happened to Mpelembe properties?
      3. Who led de team dat evaluated some of dis firms?
      4. Who was chief negotiator for de pipo of Zambia?
      5. How is it dat such a so called businesse man, suddenly and misteriously became a shareholder in most of de firms resulting thereof?
      6. Did he declare interest?
      7. Did he give a fair deal to de pipo of Zambia, as chief negotiator?

  28. Interesting i did a snap check and discovered that NRC number 128873/72/1 belongs to a Mr SANGA ALEXANDER MASENGU and the second one produces no name. Tayali you are on to something dig deeper.

  29. Tayali would do a great service to the nation if he exposed the corruption in govt. While I welcome the issue of HH being investigated, it appears that it is one way to stop HH by those who perceive him as an enemy. We should not wait until PF is voted out to report any criminal and corrupt practices they are involved in. Tayali seems to have access to a lot of information on the opposition leader, how about concentrating on the current scandals by the current govt?

  30. Tayali has presented work for investigative wings (ACC) to dig deeper. How is it dat Bally amassed so much wealth soon after privatization? How is it dat Bally got to be a shareholder in a firm he helped to privatize? How is it dat most property owed by wer all owned by firms he helped to privatize? Did Bally declare interest? If not, wat does failure to do so amount to? Dis are questions dat beg sincere answers.

  31. How is it dat most property owned by Bally wer previously owned by firms he helped to privatize? Failure to declare interest simply amount to “pure stealing” from de pipo of Zambia. “Wealth surely find its way back to it’s rightful owner”…. African proverb.

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