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PF makes tabling of Bill 10 in 2021 an Election Issue


Government Chief Whip, Brian Mundubile says the Patriotic Front (PF) will table the Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 in Parliament once it wins the 2021 general elections.

Mr. Mundubile said it is unfortunate that the bill fell off despite the party and other stakeholders explaining its benefits.

He said this at a media briefing in Mporokoso district.

Mr. Mundubile stated that the opposition political parties who shot down the bill did not put into consideration the proposals that were made by different stakeholders.

“Bill 10 was not the making of the PF but the youths, traditional leaders, persons with disabilities and other stakeholders who made submissions on clauses they wanted to be amended,” said Mr. Mundubile.

He further said PF will now work on winning majority seats in Parliament so that it can pass such important bills without requiring the support of the opposition.

Mr Mundubile who is also PF Chairperson for Legal Affairs and Mporokoso Member of Parliament, noted that bill 10 had very progressive clauses that would have benefited all Zambians.

He has since urged the opposition parties to be putting aside political differences when making decisions that concern all citizens because such matters can negatively affect the development of the country.

Meanwhile, Mr Mundubile said he is optimistic that the party will win the 2021 general elections because people have confidence in PF.

“The massive development ranging from construction of schools, health posts among other developments are among the reasons why citizens want to work with us, ” he stated.

The Chief Whip has since reaffirmed the party’s commitment towards fostering development in all parts of the country without leaving anyone behind.

The Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 collapsed on October 29, 2020 after it failed to get two- third support of Members of Parliament required to pass it.

The bill required 111 votes to pass but only managed to get 105 votes.


  1. This funeral is massive, it has continued and from Mporokoso this time. Failing to understand democracy and that the bill got defeated in a very democratic process in parliament. Zambians rejected Bill 10 through the legally established channel which happens to be parliament

  2. More evidence that the fight for bill 10 is not based on political convenience. If that is the case then we would not be pursuing it after winning elections. The sooner the upnd realise this, then the better

    • Bill 10 is dead. Continuing crying on this dead bill will make pf loose 2021 elections, focus on how government will clear inkongole, how to construct lusaka-ndola dual carriage way, how to stop unruly of cadrs besting innocent people, how covid 19 donations disappeared. Shame, smallest countries in africa like Swaziland, Eswatini, Djibouti etc can’t fail to pay creditors but Zambia with all that copper. Chansoni Sana.

  3. Bwana Mundubile, how long are you going to cry for bill 10?
    I thought the issue is over and we need to reflect on economical issues which you PF have messed up and have not resolved? Dollar is K21:00, ubwali is above K120/25kg, Sugar is now K35/2kg, water and electricity bills are up? Uko kupwa amano. Do you think God is happy for little children to fail being educated?

  4. Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    Are these numskulls trying to argue that they can’t develop the country ubder the current constitution and laws and regulations unless it is Bill 10? Are you freaking kidding me? What’s up with the obsession with Bill 10? You shouldn’t be allowed to change the constitution anyway unless it is through a referendum. What a failed project this thing called Zambia!

  5. Dreamers in PF are really amazing! These PF maggots can’t believe that Bill 10 is gone for good.

    We are sending Edgar Lungu back to Chawama and throw his retirement package in the Zambezi River till his corruption scandals are dealt with.

    PF must go!

  6. Bil 10 failed from Cabinet office itself because it is a selfish bill meant to prosper wrong things that have been done without approval from Parliament. In criminal investigation it is always assumed that a criminal will always go back to the scene. If it were the British system, the failure of Bill 10 would have gone with somebody. Gentlemen, this how we weasrst money in Africa. We are not serous with governance and then you are asking for relief. Are you normal people or ka nut kalisela mu mutwe yenu. The Chief Justice should assemble a committee of Medical Doctors and please medically examine cabinet. It beats me for normal human beings to have a BILL like that that promotes and hides deshonestness and we are busy talking about Christian values when we are totally failing to…

  7. Mundibile you’re responsible for the failure of that Bill, you took many things for granted. The had both good and controversial provisions. Your stubbornness sacrificed good provisions, please don’t do that again. I’d rather a more mature Ngosa Simbyakula comes back to oversee the process and not you and lunatic Tutwa Ngulube

  8. That PF is still lamenting the failure of Bill 10 to get the nod must open up people’s minds to what’s behind it that is not being shared! Many people had asked/advised that the bill be withdrawn or deferred to no avail as PF made it a priority over raging Covid-19! The mourning continues and selective non contentious provisions in the Bill are being highlighted as the loss suffered for Bill 10’s rejection! Who needs supreme law to embrace equity appointments in governance! Can someone tell me if there is an ammendment to law for provision of access ramps into buildings? PF is using trivia for Bill 10 promotion when KK did not seek any constitutional amendments in the appointments of the likes of Lazarus Tembo (MHSRIP) to Cabinet. People open your eyes! PF is bent on propagation of the…

  9. Given seems to have recovered but this one still seems hammered, but it’s understood, when you promise and mislead your boss that it is done and results go the other way you have to find a way of mourning to avoid the wrath of your boss

  10. Mundubole you are avoiding the key point of this argument. It is not how many terms someone serves but “how many times one has been sworn in as president”. And I will let you answer that question and decide for yourself

  11. Mundubile: surely the nation is going through a turbulent period where seizure of national asset may take place due to our failure to pay interest on euro bonds and in the midst of this crisis all u can dream of is Bill 10? President ECL I love u; please fire this man. He is not with us. He must be working for some opposition party. He may be a DP plant in PF.

  12. Cry cry babies still crying for rejected bill 10 but sweep the pressing issue of economic decay under carpet….cry me a river.

  13. These are empty tins no wonder they have no answer for the failing economy …fooolish foools….he is even confident he will have the numbers in Parliament; they have taken us for morons who just like to dance and drink!!

  14. Mundubile,do you have your immediate supervisor?
    If I was ECL I would have fired you,Lubinda,and Tutwa because you do not use your brains but will.

  15. Hehehehe……now they want to make us believe that Bill 10 was not intended for the 2021 polls?? They should tell that to people who have not been to school. They think they can insult our intelligence. Well, they are free to bring it back to the House and this time it will crumble miserably because I’m confident there will be few PF MPs in Parley next year. The wind of change is blowing and it is unstoppable

  16. Now I see that the once intelligent Mudus has ben tembo-lized and Sky-lized and PF members are blind that Mr. Sata was deliberately delayed to go to hospital hence Mr. Sata was too week to be operated on as Israel Doctors had said wake up PF membership you are moving with murderous in your PF Party. Clean it up now for the elections in August 2021. No arms raising but secret ballot as the PF Laws states. The conversion after the death of Mr. Sata was illegal so therefore, PF leadership is still illegal. Lets have a proper conversion where we vote as per our laws.
    We must remove the chuff from PF and put true leadership who are patriot to our nation

  17. For now let us all bury the issue of bill 10 and focus our attention on the loans that we defaulted, This is going to negatively affect us the ordinary citizens. LET US STOP POLITICKING

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