Thursday, May 30, 2024

CSOs detail number of voter registration kits in ECZ manipulation scheme


A consortium of civil society organisations and students have detailed the number of registration kits distributed by the Electoral Commission of Zambia personnel responsible for elections in a scheme described as a manipulation of the electoral process to register more voters in UPND strongholds.

Speaking on behalf of CSOs during a media briefing this morning, Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) President Andrew Ntewewe outlined how 308 registration kits have been distributed in Southern Province with Monze District ranking highest on the list.

“These kits are distributed as follows in Southern Province: Monze (41), Choma (36), Mazabuka (31), Katombola (30), Livingstone (24), Namwala (23), Sinazongwe (19), Chikankata (18), Pemba (16), Kalomo Central (15), Gwembe (15), Mapatizya (15), Siavonga (15), Dundumwezi (10),” said Ntewewe.

He contrasted the 308 voter registration kits allocated to Southern Province with the 202 kits allocated to Lusaka, which accounts for half of the kits needed in Lusaka province. He said Copperbelt has also been allocated 327 kits when it needs about 380 to 450 kits.

The CSOs said challenges voters in Lusaka, Copperbelt and Eastern are facing with registration is because of this unfair distribution of kits and that no one must complain of slowness in registration if they are ready to defend the distribution of kits by ECZ.

The CSOs have also brushed aside the defence of autonomy by the Commission as a way to avoid scrutiny. They said the enjoyment of autonomy does not immunise ECZ from scrutiny and criticism.

“It is not the first time nor will it be the last when stakeholders will bring ECZ and its staff under scrutiny. The very members of political parties such as UPND and CSOs who falsely champion the autonomy of ECZ have been the worst culprits when it comes to criticising ECZ,” said Ntewewe.


    • These Donald TRUMP tactics of crying foul before the election has even begun don’t work. Trump just lost and raising eyebrows about nothing is not helping his protest. They just want us to lose faith in a system that will remove their political idols

  1. What is the ECZ has to say on this serious matter? Are these discrepancies being done with impunity in the name of it being independent? Already Southern Province has recorded the highest number of voter registrations amongst the rural provinces according to the statistics that were released by Mr. Nawa. I think Mr. Ntewewe is right to allege that there may be something fishy about the distribution of these kits.

  2. Can you give numbers also in other provinces. Let this numbers for all provinces be given so that we can judge for ourselves. Please ECZ release the numbers of kit allocation to each province.

  3. So copperbelt has the highest number of registration kits?
    After realising that actually copperbelt has the highest number of kits, he now says they need 380 to 450, maybe journalists should find out from him how many kits are needed in southern province,does the province need less than what they have been given or do they need more kits?

  4. The current voters register the province with the highest number of voters is lusaka, followed by copperbelt, then southern , eastern…. and the list goes on, and when you look at the ntewewe’s list you will find that copperbelt has a higher number of kits, why he he not questioning the number of kits given to copperbelt that are more than lusaka if copperbelt is number 2 in terms of registered voters.

  5. This is on top of registering more than once and obtaining Registration cards multiple times.
    Were told that Akainde has two and probably he has been voting twice.

  6. Why I can’t support these tantrums by Nthewewe and company is that ECZ is headed by a retired Supreme Court judge. Whatever the misgivings we all need to safeguard its integrity. Danny Kalale and Priscilla Isaacs were both subjected to what Nshindano is going through. So whom do we wish to be at ECZ? Nervers Mumba? Please….

  7. Ntewewe is right. Copperbelt deserved to have 450 kits than those 327 kits distributed. This is electoral manipulation strategy

  8. The opposition strong holds recorded vary high abnormal votes in their favour during the 2016 general elections. Is it because they had double NRCs and we were sleeping.

  9. Ntwetwetwetwe now that your bill 10 has not succeeded and the coffers have dried up you are looking to rejuvenate them by now going on the voter registration. In fact he is even letting the cat out of the bag by admitting that copperbelt has been given more kits than southern. Truth has a way of coming out through dull people like this.

  10. Where are those kits in Southern Province because we are spending more 6 hours in a queue here in southern province?

  11. Simple statistics on the ECZ website indicate that Lusaka has 13 constituencies and Southern has 18. Isn’t it obvious that Southern will have more than 100 polling stations than Lusaka considering that there are on average more than 20 polling stations per constituency? ECZ itself said they will register in every polling station at their meeting with stakeholders where they arrogantly refused to listen to concerns raised as to their capacity to register 9 million voters. Ntewewe was one of the defenders of this policy. Why is in he now questioning the obvious? Simple proportion: the more polling stations, the more kits are needed. It’s not about the number of voters. SP is also much larger than Lusaka and has more districts which are far apart hence the distances between polling stations…

  12. Ntewewe must give us Statics on these numbers per province, including the population and sizes by area of each Province. He should also give statics about mobile NRC Issuance Kits!

    Further Ntewewe must be dared to do the same for:
    . The distribution of Solar Hammer Mills
    . Completed Health Posts
    . KMs of Road Network under the the Link 8,000 Project
    . Completed Schools
    .Completed Universities

    Ntewewe must tell the Nation the reasons for any glaring inequities!

  13. Tolerating these rantings will one day plunge the country into confusion. He failed bill 10 now starts another rubbish.

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