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UPND MPs to Move a Motion Against Matibini for Tolerating the Abuse of Parliamentary Privileges

Headlines UPND MPs to Move a Motion Against Matibini for Tolerating the Abuse...

The United Party for National Development (UPND) has commenced a process of moving a motion in Parliament against Speaker of National Assembly, Dr Patrick Matibini for allowing the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General, Davies Mwila to abuse parliamentary privileges in relation to PF MPs who didn’t vote for the collapsed Bill Number 10 of 2019.

PF Secretary General, Davies Mwila on 4th November, 2020, wrote to PF Kamfinsa MP, Elalio Musonda, Chifubu MP, Frank Ngambi and Mwansabombwe MP, Kabaso Kampampi to show cause as to why disciplinary action should not be taken against them for not voting for Bill10.

Leader of the Opposition in Parliament Jack Mwiimbu raised a point of order wondering whether this was not a contravention of section three of the Parliamentary Privileges Act.

And UPND Mazabuka Central lawmaker, Garry Nkombo says he and other MPs have since commenced the process of gathering signatures to move a motion of censure against Dr Matibini.

Hon Nkombo stated that the resolve by him and a number of MPs to move a motion against Dr Matibini had been necessitated by what he called the “unfair” ruling on the matter by both Dr Matibini and his deputy First Deputy Speaker, Catherine Namugala who stated that they were not competent to rule on a matter that had to do with the internal issues of the Patriotic Front.

But Hon Nkombo wondered why Dr Matibini was swift in summoning UPND Secretary General, Stephen Katuka to appear before him to answer to similar matters following a report in the Zambia Daily Mail that he intended to punish three UPND MPs who defied a party directive not to vote for Bill 10.

“I and other MPs have since commenced the process of gathering signatures to push for a motion against Dr Matibini for giving an impartial ruling when Hon. Jack Mwiimbu rose on a point of order over PF SG Davies Mwila’s decision to threaten disciplinary action against three of its MPs who didn’t vote for Bill 10. Dr Matibini had earlier ruled that he couldn’t interfere in the internal affairs of the PF while he was quick to summon Hon. Katuka on hearsay over a similar matter. So, we have already gather a number of signatures and as soon as we are done, we will table this motion,” said Hon Nkombo.


  1. These upnd f00ls chicken out of debating in parliament and yet are quick to issue complaints or run to courts. They never tell the zambian people what their long term plans and manifestos of the country are. For them criticizing everything pf do is their priority. Total madness. They will never rule these childish used condoms

  2. Matibini’s house is already being built by PF. So he knows this is his final year. But Edgar is still dreaming and fighting his battles to be eternity president.
    Ba Edgar where will you stay next year? Maybe you can rent HH house.

  3. Mr Bean caused Roan By-Election and therefore loss
    of money which would have been better used for poor UNZA student exam fees.
    Simply the worst Speaker ever and good only for the …bin.

  4. Am glad it’s called a motion which simply mean intellectuals of politics are being called for a debate… We don’t want to see people shunning away but I would to love to hear more educative debate with proper articulation of issues not pf this that or upnd this that…
    Bring out real points of affirmation not personal issues on the public agenda
    I personally wants to reason with the outcome… Because the two parties have my question….to y they don’t want him —- to y they feel it’s okay he can be….
    Napita nafuti….

  5. That’s the kind of action we need from principled opposition. Now you should do more of such things. I especially want to see the opposition challenging the Presidential defamation law. There are too many innocent citizens being locked up for just exposing the stupidity of the presidency. People like Kwalela Kafunya who have been OVER sentenced. Why should there be holy invisible shields around any one human being in Zambia? Don’t create unnecessary unearned idols!

  6. A Christian country full of duplicitous rulers. This has been the case since 1991. The opposition cried against the activities of UNIP. Chiluba even set up a Human Rights Commission of inquiry. They cried against the Public order Act. They cried against a State owned and controlled media. They cried against police unprofessionalism. They cried against Special Branch spying on the citizens. UNIP left and guess what, the MMD simply stepped into its shoes. This time, it was worse because it was under the guise of democracy. PF cried. MMD left. PF also just stepped into the same shoes. Nothing has changed. In fact, we now have the worst Legislature, Judiciary and Executive in the history of our country.

  7. @The Saint what you have narrated just shows us that politicians are selfish beings who pretend to be working for the masses. They first ask for our vote then ask us to respect them. We all know they just want to go into power to enjoy yielding authority and transferring unearned wealth into their accounts. Given their silence on these very issues one can safely say even UPND when they take over will be doing exactly what PF is doing. Politicians sell out immediately their man enters State House

  8. Kakaiza zezulu, have you not realised that the ruling baboons have failed the people of Zambia. The only thing the baboons can show for is defaulting in paying ingongole.

    Indalama Shaba mumapockets yabo.

  9. HH told his MPs not to vote for bill 10 he said he will discipline whoever is going to vote. Surprisingly UPND didn’t move a motion in parliament for tolerating abuse of parliamentary privileges by hh. PF should also move a motion against the speaker for tolerating abuse of parliamentary privileges by Hh.


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