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Avoid boundary disputes President Lungu tells chiefs


President Edgar Lungu has urged Traditional leaders in the country to desist from engaging in boundary disputes as they risk plunging the country into chaos.

President Edgar Lungu has instead urged Chiefs to resort to dialogue to resolve such disputes and that economic reasons should not lead chiefdoms to fight when they were one.

The President says traditional boundaries drawn in the 1950s should be left in the hands of responsible ministries who will in turn help them resolve such issues.

ZANIS reports that the Head of State was speaking during a meeting with five traditional leaders of Mambwe district at Senior Chief Nsefu’ s palace.

“I’m reminding you that Zambia is a one country and such conflicts should not be allowed,” he stated.

President Lungu pointed out that not even Zambia and her neighboring countries differ over border disputes but engage each other through dialogue.

The President was responding to concerns raised by the chiefs through Chieftainess Msoro who made the presentation on behalf of others.

Chieftainess Msoro appealed to the President to intervene in boundary disputes among chiefdoms in the district.

She said the problems were getting out of hand and may result in serious consequences.

“I’m also appealing to the government to intervene in a matter where some investors have acquired mining licenses to prospect for minerals over huge pieces of land without engaging traditional leaders,” she complained.

The traditional leaders however, praised the government for its continued drive to uplifting the lives of ordinary Zambians.

She said the distribution of inputs early and increased social cash transfer beneficiaries was commendable.

Chieftainess Msoro also appealed to the government to work on the road leading to senior chief Nsefu’s palace as the onset of rains will cut it off from the rest of the district.

The President who is in Mambwe district Eastern province is accompanied by ministers of agriculture michael katembo, provincial minister makebi Zulu, housing and infrastructure Vincent Mwale, PF National Chairman Samuel Mukupa, and PF Deputy national mobilization Chairman , Geoffrey Mwamba.


  1. The problem is that chiefs in Zambia think they have sovereignty, especially during traditional ceremonies. I always observe a certain level of thinking that they also matter in the lives of their subjects. Those subjects are in fact citizens whom they cannot tax or send to war anymore. Modern life has no properly defined role for chiefs.

  2. Just tell Mpezeni to stop his bullying activities in the area. Why have you avoided Chasefu? They also deserve your visit, go and see the kind of neglect that exists there. With the onset of rains it will be impossible to reach those areas. So what development are you bragging about?

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