Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Lusaka man sets wife ablaze


A Lusaka man aged 25 has set ablaze his wife aged 21 using kerosene and later attempted to commit suicide by taking unknown poisonous substances.

Zambia Police Spokesperson, Esther Katongo identified the man as Shepherd Chisala of Mtendere East, who set ablaze Agnes Kafupi Chisala, between 02: 30 hours and 03: 00 hours yesterday on November 22, 2020 after a marital dispute.

Ms Katonga said both victims were rushed to Levy Mwanawasa Hospital where Shepherd Chisala died the same day while his wife was admitted in the ICU until she died in the early hours of today around 05: 30hrs.

She said the bodies are in the same hospital mortuary.

This is according to a statement issued to media today by Ms Katongo.


  1. Sad news to read…..Everyday read Proverbs to help you with emotions and mind set…Christ is way out even as things will get worse…RIP

    • Emotions are very difficult to control. People will do the wrong thing even when they know its wrong because they are not in control of themselves at the time. Humility is not easily acquired. We all need great teachers to travel this world

  2. So sad indeed. ZeroBoyz you’re right, these young couples need spiritual guidance and a lot of prayers in their marriages. Most young people think getting married is an achievement and yet the real achievement lies in keeping your marriage – ukusunga icupo ne ng’anda, as Bembas say.

  3. Ba “Nine Chale” wise advise indeed too…”Most young people think getting married is an achievement and yet the real achievement lies in keeping your marriage”

  4. Thumbs up guys for positive words. We must pray for the renewing of the minds as the battle starts in the mind. If one bears the mind of Christ, no matter what you encounter in your relationships, you will overcome.

  5. When things start getting beyond control, better for people to part ways peacefully than resorting to such violent ways. Terribly sad

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  7. It makes me realise how lucky I am to still be with my beautiful wife regina after so many decades. We may argue as most couples do but we always get back to amicable terms. I wouldn’t ever think of ending her life or anyone else’s for that matter. Sick man. Cage him

  8. Two young people gone too soon. Sad indeed. But marriage is demanding, you need to be patient & accommodating – a difficulty act for most 21 year old!

  9. Very sad development. Young men and women need serious counseling before they get into marriage. I don’t know how both parents feel. Our artists and script writers must work hard and produce more works that depict our traditional way of life. These things they learn from foreign soaps don’t add any value. We need to go back to the roots

  10. Ukufunda umwana kufikapo. Young ladies please stop it! Young men beware! If your wife or girlfriend puts your dick in her mouth it’s not for love but rituals. It has brought so much confusion in young marriages. I will end here for now. Women are the largest clients of herbalists and papas

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