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PF to report HH to Zambia Police for insulting President Lungu


Patriotic Front (PF) member of the Central Committee Kebby Mbewe has aid that he will today, Monday report opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to Police in Choma for using unpalatable language when referring to the Head of State.

Mr. Mbewe said that the PF will not sit idle and allow Mr. Hichilema to continue insulting Zambians, adding that the law must take its course to stop Mr. Hichilema from using unpalatable language.

And Patriotic Front PF National Mobilization Committer Member Bizwell Mutale has condemned Mr. Hichilema for using unpalatable language against women during a rally in Pemba District.

Mr. Mutale said that women deserve to be respected at any cost because they have the right to support a party of their choice and should not be intimidated by politicians.

Speaking when he addressed the media in Lusaka, Mr. Mutale said Mr. Hichilema needs prayers and God’s guidance because his statement does not in any way represent the Christian values of the country.

He wondered why the women’s movement in the country is always quiet whenever the UPND leader issues unpalatable statements against the women.


  1. Other than advising people to respond ‘pabwato bwanyoko’ I didn’t hear any insult.
    Did I miss something? What insult is mr mbewe referring to

    • Let HH leave other political players alone and concentrate on what he is going to do for Zambians. We have heard enough insults from him against the leadership. Why can’t he be telling us on how he is going to fix everything?

  2. Dull pf cadres who told you that insults are to be reported to police go to court if you feel he insulted you no matter how bad you will try to paint Bally we going to give him our votes

  3. People must feel for this hh. His hope was raised when he saw RB give up power so easily to Sata. He thought it was easy to enter into state house. He didn’t consider what criminals would do once they took hold of state house. Now he is frustrated after criminal reality has taken hold. So frustration & anger is oozing out of him. Give him space, he is angry. And yet more trouble is on the way. Criminals are not done with him

  4. The spoken English for the guy going to report is very bad, and strangely he speaks confidently. English is a measure of aptitude so we cant ignore that. And who is going to report a President who calls his citizens utupuba?

  5. Next will be directionless Monday Chanda commenting. by the way Zambia featured prominently on a BBC business report this morning and mainly talking about default and the many failures that have been outlined before. Though we are in a democracy, it is a common sense issue now, this is how you tick the boxes – inflation better or worse after PF taking over government, does the country have any reserves left and remember they found decent reserves, is there any growth in the GDP or it has been declining and contracting ever since they took over power, is the exchange rate inspiring any hope from the time they came in office, have you heard any leader talking about the massive unemployment and have they done anything. The choice is ours – the beauty of democracy

  6. Just help lungu and his ministers bring the economic decay to a halt instead of looking for any excuse to keep lungu is power….

    More like trumps desperation with his lawyers….

  7. Baros Shimpundu ok i hear you Sir. All i wanted is not people be quick to to judge. Some words in my language mean something in other languages. Like chindele in my language is ichipuba but in a language in northwest it it’s a colored. From the east matore or matole ( not sure with the spelling) to bembas it might sound to be an insult. Let’s learn Zambians lunguages

  8. Can’t this online newspaper employ someone educated especially a journalist to do their editorials. I am sick and tired of first correcting their English, spellings, half reprting (eg why shouldn’t this paper fully reported what was said-insults?). Or else why can’t Lusakatimes write in one of the Zambian languages which they would write better?

  9. LT please report better news than wasting time on this PF Carder trying to be relevant. When a failure fails to do something they always make confusion through all means and you see this currently happening. Doesn’t this chap have better things to do in life? Leave HH alone

  10. Unpalatable language my foot! I thought it has already been explained that “pamunyoko” means friend or “munonko” in Bemba

  11. what you consider as insults in your mother tongue is nothing but kindergaten ground language in other languages.
    Ask you tonga friend what salt is called in tonga or what a water well is called in tonga.

  12. This is the second time this loser is insulting. With time he gets more desperate as he realises he will never rule this country. Do not worry inquiry into privatisation is coming. We will see if you will insult them. Kolokombwa iwe

  13. Brainwashed cadres…
    Talk of issues affecting the nation, why do you guys like concentrating on stupid and petty issues??
    The country is faced with economical challenges, high cost of living, loadshedding to mention but a few, yet a person like you is busy singing about HH,
    Leave that person alone, let hold hands and work things out for the betterment of mother Zambia.

  14. Kkkkkk let me laugh oooo in bemba thy say Ba noko which means yo mother while in Tonga thy say banyoko which means the send as yo mother learn n try to understand before u judge

  15. When you’re no vision in life you can start doing what pf doing now we have 73 laugages in zambia if you don’t understad kaonde or ntonga ask so that you learn more than westing our time leave HH alone and tell the nation how are you going to sove the problems we have light now chabashani nkashi

  16. RB Used to Ask Nanga Ziko la Zambia Niya NYOKO?
    Why imwe A MBEWE didnt you report RB that time? is it bcoz of Umuzi Kumawa ..and Wako ni Wako?

  17. HH is shameless, several times in the past, he and his supporter were thrown in jail for disrespecting the President but it seems like he never learned anything from his mistake.

  18. @ Chris Rock you make an observation that the “two” who want to report HH are not Tonga going by their names! Probable but in modern day Zambia one can never know for sure. However read between the lines as to what is at play here. It is still meant to perpetrate ethnic tribalism and for no good reason other than fear of the unknown to continue spreading hate against HH and any other trivial reason that can obliterate him from participating in Zambians aspirations! Haters please leave HH be!

  19. HH has shown his true colours when he criticises the PF. He even abuses women with derogatory remarks to criticise PF. Good decision to report him to police.

  20. But some people are so ignorant, if you don’t understand what it means, ask and you will be told.
    Ignorance is increasing everyday ???

  21. But some people are so ignorant, if you don’t understand what it means, ask and you will be told.
    Ignorance is increasing everyday ???

  22. But some people are so ignorant, if you don’t understand what it means, ask and you will be told.
    Ignorance is increasing everyday ???

  23. Look at the useless @KZ who doesn’t even understand the language – jumping on the PF pathetic primitive misplaced opportunism meant for the gullible. No policies or vision, only embarking on falsehoods about the opposition


  25. What was the insult? I missed it. Though some words in other languages in Zambia mean different things. for example. I would Matoole in Tumbuka means calf and Chikaala means well! Anyoko ali ndiwe????? Eish Mwatusabila eno ba Sa!

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