Friday, February 23, 2024

President Lungu Donates K100 000 to Chingola marketeers to enable them to boost their businesses.


President Edgar Lungu has empowered marketeers in Chingola constituency with a revolving fund of K100 thousand to enable them to boost their businesses.

Delivering the funds on behalf of President Lungu to the marketeers, Chingola Central Member of Parliament, Matthew Nkhuwa said President Lungu does not want to see people’s businesses collapsing due to lack of capital.

Mr Nkhuwa said the Head of State has instructed him to ensure that every marketeer should benefit from the funds that are being provided to cushion the economic shocks of COVID-19.

“The President has sent me to deliver these funds to you our marketeers here at Kasompe market so that you sustain your businesses. He has instructed me not to leave none of you behind as long you are a marketeer,” he said.

The lawmaker who is also Minister of Energy, implored the market leadership to properly coordinate the disbursement of the funds to the beneficiaries and cautioned that he will not entertain any misappropriations.

He noted that empowerment funds have proved to be a game-changer of people’s livelihoods if prudently utilised.

“When you have such an opportunity from the President, make sure you utilize it to amend the challenges your businesses are going through. These funds have come to you out of goodwill from the Head of State,” Mr Nkhuwa said.

Meanwhile, Mr Nkhuwa also urged marketers in the constituency to obtain voters cards for them to participate in the 2021 general elections.

“Voting is every citizen’s right, therefore you should go in numbers and be captured as voters so that you can choose leaders of your choices during next year’s elections.

And one of the markeers, Theresa Nanyangwe, a vegetable trader at Kasompe market said the funds will help revive her business which had completely collapsed after she consumed all her K500 capital.


  1. That’s well appreciated, but look at the business field. It’s not conducive for business, that’s why pipoz businesses keeps on collapsing…..AS FOR ME IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE.
    Make business field conducive NOT that.

  2. Zambia has defaulted on its debt repayments.

    The money ear marked to pay back this debt is now being donated in election campaigns.

    Who in their right mind would lend Zambia money right now?

    For once, the west is doing Africa a favour by stopping lending to corrupt thieves. We ask the Chinese to follow suit.

  3. Please abena Chingola sendeni impiya esho…nimpiya shenu but ensure that you go and register as voters and vote wisely next year. We should end this Politics of hand outs… It’s very retrogressive because its based on short term thinking. We need Leaders that are forward thinking not this business as usual mentality our current Leadership is subjecting us to.

  4. When a sitting President makes such donations it’s a confirmation of his failure. Donations have never brought about any development, hence Marshall Moyo’s Dead Aid book. The economy of Chingola has collapsed because even the liquidator has failed. He has just included PF cadres on the supplier’s roll. That money can’t turnaround the economy of Chingola. Who’ll buy marketeers?

  5. Eishhhh……wonders never cease! The country has defaulted but funds are being dished out elsewhere. I thought there are supposed to be emergency meetings right now trying to deal with the defaults in repaying Eurobonds

  6. A very generous and selfless leader unlike that other one who stole billions from poor zambians during privatisation and yet during covid he only donated tu ibu soap and hand small amounts of hand sanitizer. A very selfish man indeed who is desperate to rule this great nation. He even made sure to have camera man record him handing out cheap soap

  7. Total failure, nowhere to hide actually. just trying to salvage now, donations to churches especially the business churches, donation to YALI to parrot something, donation to Peter Chanda for the same. No coherent plan to salvage the country out of the mess, instead of planning and brain storming,, it is campaign trail after campaign trail, not sure which province is next and pretty soon

  8. President Lungu earns less than K700,000 per year. Where does he get the many K100,000s that he donates around the country in one year? I am not accusing him of theft, BUT we demand transparency. It behoves the President to tell the nation WHO gives him the money to donate to people. Probity is crucial to good governance. We MUST know who has paid for the President’s ear. We must know who has captured the state. Remember the old adage, ‘Who pays the piper calls the tune?’


  10. Unza students also need a helping hand. But retirees and other workers may not need a helping hand but just their rightful dues. Please organise funds to pay them as you are donating to marketeers. And remember Mr. President people can read betweeen the lines. They know what is motivating you to be so generous this time.

  11. They steal to enrich themselves and destroy the economy , then when people are suffering , they donate from their ill gotten wealth…..

    Pathetic cabal of theives lead by a mastermind……

  12. Let us all register to vote. As we go to vote. Lets not vote on emotions. Let’s ask those standing to share their manifesto so that we vote or not vote for them based on the ideas/policies they have that affect all of us.
    1. What’s their policy on pay as you earn?
    2. What is their policy on excise tax/ duty?
    3. What’s their policy on corporate taxes?
    4. Whats their policy on Pensions ?
    5.Whats their land ownership policy ?
    6. Whats the policy on education, health?.
    7. What is their policy on agriculture and promotion of local products?
    What’s the policy on easing regulation?
    8. What is the strategy to ending smuggling,???? corruption etc
    9. What is their policy on the rule of law and ending the pathetic cardalism within their parties etc?
    I can go on.
    You can not swim to the shore with rocks double your weight tied to your legs.
    We need transparent leaders..

  13. This guy has personalized Zambian public money. Instead of wisely using the money to drain the flooding Lusaka, he uses the money to bride ba Chingola. Anyway, people receive your money back but don’t vote for him.

  14. ….unfortunately this majority marketeer gender naturally feel guilty to say “No” when asked for a favour in return after accepting and “chewing” the unsolicited bait gift of cash.
    “Bushe aba bantu bapangwa shani?”
    … CK’s inquiring language. ?

    • Khumbulani Kachamba well said Khumbulani you hit the nail on the head. Where does he get the bloody money to handout for free?? Zamtrop was here before and is a clear case of laundering 101

  15. It’s our money getting it back from the crooked PF …its not a donation it’s our entitlement ..please bring back all the stolen and plundered monies …

  16. Kaizer will donate 10 times to every market in Zambia. Icipani must give him a chance! Kaizer for president general in 2021

  17. Nothing about generosity here iwe KZ,I it’s their money and more needs to be given back to the people. You’ve taken toooo much from people’s pockets . Anyways take money ( which is yours by the way) but I urge you to Vote Wisely. Just remember, the next time they give you something, it’s going to be at the end of another 5 year cycle….BE WISE with your VOTE.

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