Sunday, March 3, 2024

Speaker of the National Assembly calls on MPs to plant trees


Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matabini has called on all members of parliament to sensitize people on the importance of planting trees in their various constituencies.

Dr Matabini challenged all MPs to inculcate the culture of planting trees to the citizenry as such will help conserve and prevent environmental degradation thus reducing effects of climate change.

He was speaking during the National Assembly and Commonwealth parliamentarians Association of Zambia branch executive members planting a tree at Parliamentary conference forest grounds in Lusaka yesterday.

“I urge all the parliamentarians as they go out in the provinces to plant trees and also work with the forestry department officers in the constituencies and be advised on the types of tree to plant in the various constituencies ,” Dr Matabini stated .

He said the commonwealth Parliamentarian Association of Zambia has partnered with the forestry Department to plant a thousand trees in the constituencies to reduce effects and challenges of climate change that the country is facing.

And Director Forestry Department Ignatius Makumba said the department is ready to partner with a lot of stakeholders on planting various species of trees throughout the Provinces.

Mr Makumba said the department is ready to planting a thousand trees and called upon all stakeholders and the public to work together with the department and get advice on the types of trees that can be planted in different areas of the country at affordable prices .

He also thanked the speaker of national assembly and the parliamentarians for being part of the planting of the two hundred trees at Parliament grounds at a cost of two hundred Kwacha.


  1. They have no time to plant trees, they are busy amassing wealth at the expense of the environment. Forestry Department is now a shell without life. Government has neglected this vital department.

  2. That is a Far Fetched undertaking. Why don’ t you go for the Easier one of ordering people to STOP CUTTING the TREES. Especially charcoal burners. Look at the Deforestation between Ndola and Kapiri, it is so Heartbreaking to see our Trees being Distroyed at that scale.

    But PF sees nothing wrong with that. They have given it a Blind Eye just as they have given a blind eye to the wanton distruction of the Economy.

  3. Look how indigenous species of trees at Beit Cure Hospital in Lusaka on Great North road hv regenerated just from protecting the area. Am I the only one to see that? I believe Speaker Matibini lives in Lusaka. There’s no need to spend money. Just protect the trees from bush fires and needless cutting. Tropical trees will respond and regenerate.

  4. Certain trees like Rosewood, aka Mukula take 100 years to mature, we are cutting them down within minutes and not replanting them.
    We need to first act decisively and stop this irresponsible cutting! Then we can talk of planting the trees.
    It is good to encourage our MPs to inform their constituents to plant trees, I doubt a lot of them will take any action.

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