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Do not politicize voter’s registration exercise – GBM


Patriotic Front (PF) Vice National Chairperson for Mobilization Geoffrey Mwamba has urged Mpulungu residents not to politicize the ongoing voter registration exercise.

Mr. Mwamba said it is a right of every Zambian to acquire a voter’s card as it would enable them to exercise their rights to vote in the 2021 general election.

Mr. Mwamba further encouraged all PF leaders in Mpulungu District to emulate President Edgar Lungu by registering as voters.

He said President Edgar Lungu took time off his busy schedule to acquire a voter’s card saying this gesture needs to be emulated by all Zambians.

“I am appealing to Zambians and all PF leaders to follow the example set by President Lungu who took time off his busy schedule to go and register as a voter.” Mr. Mwamba said.

Mr. Mwamba noted that some people are politicizing the exercise which is discouraging others to register.

He observed that people are blaming the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) for not being effective when carrying out the voter registration exercise when they are the ones who are not going for registration.

Mr. Mwamba also asked residents not to wait for the last day to register but move in immediately when a team from ECZ sets camp at particular registration centres.

He said this when he visited the district to check on the voter registration exercise.

And PF Northern Province Chairperson Chungu Bwalya said there is need to intensify sensitization on the ongoing voter registration exercise.

Mr. Bwalya who is also Northern Province Minister encouraged the people of Mpulungu to take advantage of the remaining days to register as voters.

He said he will engage the ECZ to send more registration kits to Mpulungu district to capture as many people as possible.

Meanwhile, Nchelenge Member of Parliament Anthony Malama is concerned that some Voter Registration Kits in his constituency are non-functional.

Mr .Malama said the registration kits at the civic center and Mwatishi ward have not been operational for a week the situation he said is derailing the Voter Registration process in areas.

Mr. Malama told ZANIS in Nchelenge yesterday, that the malfunctioning of the genset and shortage of ink in the printer if not checked will disenfranchise people despite them turning up in large numbers to obtain their voters cards.

He further said the slow pace at which the exercise is going has the potential to make it impossible for the district to achieve its target.

“The Electoral Commission of Zambia should look into the issue of malfunctioning Voter Registration Kits seriously because if we look at the rate the exercise is going, we might not reach the target,” Malama said.

The Member of Parliament is however, hopeful that the Electoral Commission of Zambia will extend the voter registration process to capture more eligible voters.


  1. Lelo ni tumoneni tu kabwalala when the privatization thief shared his loot. Now he is back in the thieves den & fighting the other thieves. Its all thieves ving for the tax purse. 2021 vote for a proven group of thieves or another group led by a known proven privatization thief. All thieves

  2. To this man, politics is survival. So used to government contracts, squeezed by PF and ended up rushing back. And now mobilizing for contracts. Sebana wikute style

  3. The other day minister Stephen Kampyongo politicized mental health by suggesting HH is in urgent need of mental attention.When did Kampyongo qualify as a mental health professional?

  4. If he’s not insulting he sounds sensible. Some of these kits began to malfunction before they could even capture 1 voter, it’s a very embarrassing scandal. It’s like some people trying to force Edgar to continue when he has failed. Zambia is finished

  5. Failure to not knowing the exact meaning of the word ‘politiks’.
    People went in numbers to register yet the system failed them and one GBM is saying stop criticizing ecz.

  6. Why is Kampyongo not in jail yet?
    Kampyongo used to insult GBM when he was in UPND, he like to tell him that “ndeisa kutulo ulufumo”. Kampyongo alitumpa umwaiche.

  7. I think politics has to be so useless that once u politicise something then it turns into rubbish. That is the understanding of politics at a superficial level. In fact politics is serious business. That’s why it is taught in university. It’s the business of dealing with our collective issues in a consultative way so that the greatest good is done. It’s the pettiness in politics that is a problem because politics is practised even by the uninformed such as GBM himself. He’s uninformed but he doesn’t know it.

  8. Upnd politicize everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if they ask their families to vote on whether they should make love to their partners.

  9. Since his contracts with government have been restored, it is expected that he will make sense to those connected to government than to the suffering massess of Zambia whose economic fortunes were relatively better in the MMD times

  10. Zambians are voting for UPND and you know what will happen there after. KZ your issues of assaulting a mini bus driver, your issues of burning peoples houses in Chongwe, your firing of guns to clear Kavindeles son at a hotel, your fights and abducting people in Kafue, and many others including your misleading of your boss rendering Zambia not credit worth any more due to poor governance will all come to life at once. Zambians are voting for HH again, this time difference is that majority well meaning PF Zambians who know change is needed will vote for UPND and HH.


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