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Monze Doing Exceptionally Well In Voter Registration Exercise-MTC Secretary


Monze Town Council Secretary Mr. Pythias Samakong’a says the Registration Process in the District is progressing well and that the earlier challenges of the officers as well as the registration kits being slow are the thing of the past in the District.

Speaking when he featured on a Live call in Radio Program on Chikuni Community Radio, Mr. Samakong’a who is the District Registration Officer said the district was doing exceptionally well with the registration process since it commenced.

He said there were a few glitches when the process commenced due to officers familiarizing themselves with the registration kits but that after a few days everyone is now familiar with the machines and that the officers are taking not more than five minutes to register a person.

He said the District has already surpassed 50% of the old register since the registration process commenced.

“According to the statistics from the time we started on 9th November 2020 to yesterday the 23rd we have done almost 50% of the total number of voters who had registered in 2015/16, we are actually above 50%. The assertions that the registration officers are slow is incorrect in the sense that even when you have a child he doesn’t just start running but he first starts throwing one leg then the other leg and then that’s when he starts running so equally with our officers when we started the exercise some officers were a bit slow because they were getting to know the kits but after some few days they increased in terms of registering the voters and currently like for yesterday one officer registered more than six hundred (600) voters within a space of 6-7hrs so you can see that even the issue of our machine being slow is not there,” he said.

On the calls for the extension of the registration period the Council Secretary said that it was a preserve of the Electoral Commission of Zambia depending on the situation on the ground adding that the only mandate of the Local Authority was to register voters.

He however said that according to the deployment plan most densely populated registration centers will be revisited in the last phase so that those eligible voters who had not registered be captured.

He has since urged people to continue registering as voters as it is the only guarantee for participating in the democratic dispensation of the country.

Mr. Samakong’a urged the residents of Monze District who are eligible voters to go to the nearest registration centres to register as voters, he further mentioned that the old voters’ cards which were issued in 2015/16 would expire at some point and will not be used in the 2021 General Elections.

He further more said that if you don’t register as voter then you will not vote.


  1. Fake news and hate speech need to be treated as criminal offenses. Ignoring them or taking them lightly is the wrong way to build free speech and respect of human rights. It is shocking to attack professionals working hard to correct any distortions on the voter register. It is necessary to support them. Propaganda at registration time is not welcome. Keep it up Monze. Keep it Monze. Keep it it up Monze.

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