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President Lungu donates K2 million to women fish farmers


President Edgar Lungu has donated a K2m Presidential Fish Farming project to the Buyantanshi and Kamimbi Women Fish Farmers in Siavonga, Southern Province.

The private sector has also come on board to further support the Presidential Fish Farming Initiative to the tune of K250, 000 Kwacha focused on promoting Aqua culture and diversification among small-scale women fish farmers in the country.

The President’s donation includes a new boat and engine worth K80,000, fish feed to cover the entire 6 months production cycle, 6 Cages of 6 x 6 x 6 diameter suitable for commercial production and adheres to best aquaculture management practices.

Other materials donated by President Lungu include a feeding deck, PPEs, Oxygen, Temperature and pH meter and a digital scale and other accessories to Buyantanshi and Kamimbi women fish farmers in Siavonga.

The President, who also launched the Automated Fish Harvesting Machine at Yalelo Fisheries in Siavonga District says his administration is determined to grow the fish farming sector.

President Lungu announced that his government has grown commercial fish production in Zambia from 13, 000 metric tonnes per year to the current 50, 000 metric tonnes in the last 8 years.

He says government intends to cover the country’s Fish deficit of 120,00 metric tonnes in the next 5 to 10 years.

The President who is happy that Zambia has become a hub of fish feed manufacturing in the SADC region announced that Zambia is now exporting fish feed to other countries in Africa, whilst positioning Zambias Aqua culture industry to compete favourably in the AfCFTA.

Meanwhile, Yalelo has donated 150,000 fingerlings which has been stocked in the cages while the Export Trading Group has donated 50 metric tonnes of farming input to achieve diversification in the women’s farming approach.

Atlas Mara has donated K50,000 operational capital to sustain the 6 months fish production. The Bank will also support the women with a Financial Savings group facility from Atlas Mara bank with K1,000 each for each member, to encourage a culture of savings and drive financial inclusion in the Buyantanshi and Kamimbi rural communities.

Buyantanshi Women and Youth and Kamimbi Multi-purpose Cooperative are located in Kamimbi 27 km from Siavonga town.


  1. Leading by exceptional example- one edgar lungu. What is HH waiting for? Why cant the self proclaimed billionaire match that donation? After all the money he has was obtained by selling this country’s resources for peanuts for his own personal gain. His money is owed to all zambians

  2. In well run administration nistrations or governments you donte hear nonsense of presidential this presidential that!!! Why because the systems are well manages to facilitate business and eterprenureship to thrive!!! Only in failed and corrupt systems you find all process are tied to one political office!!!

  3. Buyantanshi in Siavonga? That is for a Bemba for sure because local people would not name it like that. Buyantanshi is a way of another thieff stealing money that is meant to benefit local people.
    Instead of misusing this money start paying the national debts please.

  4. Seriously this is very embarrassing to our country.

    This joke of a president is going around the country giving away tax payers money, in the pretence it is coming from his own pocket.

    Where is all this money coming from? Are you printing new money for campaign purposes?

    We all know Lungu was a broke man before he became president. Just like his entire cabinet – all broke cadres.

    Then tomorrow, this same man Lungu will be asking international bodies for money. Begging for loans.

    What a shameful chapter in our proud country.

  5. Zambians we have a clown for a president. He borrows money on behalf of the public and he is now all-over the country dishing out the same money like it’s his personal. Meanwhile the country is worried about how it will pay back the money Lungu is borrowing.

  6. Patriotic let us be clear, all that money hh has is tax payers money because he crookedly undervalued and unfairly obtained public property. Fuseke

  7. @Kashimani do not be deceived by these PF cadres who always want to make it look like you can never find people from the north in the south, actually most inhabitants’ in fishing camps in southern province are from the north , so the possibility of finding such a name in siavonga is 100%. try visiting shimungalu fishing camp in mazabuka you will find abena mulenga, chanda na musonda. DON’T BE CHEATED BY THESE POLITICIANS.

  8. Kaizer lets be clear, if HH stole that money he would be in prison now, if you guys managed to imprison him over a fake treason charge imagine if HH actually stole.

  9. This 1doit of a peace of sh1t president good for nothing w@nker with 0 IQ, donating money he doesn’t have…. What a w@nker

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