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Richard Musukwa Warns HH Against using disparaging remarks on President Edgar Lungu


Patriotic Front (PF) National Mobilisation Chairperson Richard Musukwa has cautioned UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema against using disparaging remarks on President Edgar Lungu.

Mr. Musukwa said that President Lungu deserves respect as Head of State from all persons regardless of their narrow political persuasions, adding that it is regrettable that Mr. Hichilema allegedly disrespects the Head of State and other political opponents whenever he gets an opportunity to address his followers.

Mr. Musukwa, who is also Mines Minister, said that President Lungu has embarked on a transformational agenda to ensure improved welfare and dignity for the citizens.

Mr. Musukwa told ZNBC News in a telephone interview that Zambians should ignore political leaders whose interest is to get to State House for personal aggrandizement at the expense of service to the people.

And Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Hon Davies Mwila has said that politicians that are still debating the eligibility of President Edgar Lungu are scared of facing him in the 2021 general elections.

Mr. Mwila said that the PF leadership has endorsed President Lungu as the sole Candidate and the issue is not debatable. The PF CEO said this when he met Village headmen from Dundumwezi at the ruling party Secretariat in Lusaka today.

He said the PF does not segregate in the delivery of development across the country. Mr Mwila said while the opposition keep insulting, the PF remains a party that believes in Christianity and working for the people.

The PF Boss has asked Headmen across the Country to get their people to register as voters ahead of next year’s polls.

Meanwhile, PF Deputy Secretary-General Mrs. Mumbi Phiri said the ruling party will always speak against political violence. Mrs. Phiri said tribal politics are long gone and now is the time to focus on bringing more development closer to the people.

And Village Headman Nsingo said the Headmen of Dundumwezi have endorsed the candidature of President Lungu. Headman Nsingo noted the need to work with the Government of the day for its love for the people of Dundumwezi.

And PF Dundumwezi Constituency Chairperson Cone Miyoba thanked the ruling party for the developmental projects currently taking place in Dundumwezi.


  1. These people who support *****ic HH are very dull and empty vessels. The same respect that ECL is accorded is the same respect Sunny Chitombwa would want to be given. It’s why by all means he will never rule Zambia.

  2. The minister should just keep quiet if he has nothing constructive to say instead of wasting taxpayers money to talk nonsense on ZNBC! The ministry and government have more serious things to spend energy on such as the KCM impasse that this minister created and its costing the country a lot of money!! Next he should spend his energy resolving issues affecting the industry for national benefit!! If you have failed, the honorable thing is to step down!!!

  3. HH is good at insulting the Republican president and alleging all sorts. What is surprising is that when people tell HH what he did during privatisation or discuss it, he throws his toys out of his pram and starts suing for defamation. This guy is a sick little boy. Hh needs to be bent over, trouser pulled down, and his little ashy pimple buttocks whipped.

  4. HH didn’t insult the president he “pa bwato pa bwato ba nyoko”. Remember Rupiah Banda’s famous quote; “Nanga Ni Ndalama Za Nyoko”? Was that an insult? No!!!!!!!!!, Please ba Musukwa its not every thing that you must politicise, you are just giving HH free attention.

  5. The ministry of mines has a lot of problems to keep the minister- KCM impasse, pending MCM departure, chipantepante tax regime, gold processing in foreign hands…..but instead he would rather waste time and energy on useless comments on baseless linguistic issues…..may he be reminded that respect is usually earned not forced!!!

  6. President Lungu like any Zambian citizen deserves respect not as Head of State. A Head of state who insists on being respected is one who cant point at what he has achieved so he cries for respect. People will respect you then put you into office. They dont respect you because you are head of state. You Cadres must Stop demanding respect for what you respect. That is dictatorship. I will respect whom I want to respect

  7. The avaricious Easy Money Class are closing ranks, organizing and coordinating; the other day Siliya, yesterday Kampyongo, and Chanda, today Musukwa. Working day and night to muddy the waters and throw sand in the eyes of Zambians.

    You sent IMF packing out of empty foolish pride only to go back begging when you had no choice. You want us to believe it was all part of the plan; bright luminaries that you are. Sunday Chanda wants solidarity now that you have run off the cliff in a stu.por of easy money once deluding yourselves that you do not need the IMF.

  8. The avaricious class are closing ranks, organizing and coordinating; yesterday Siliya, today Kampyongo, and Chanda. Working day and night to muddy the waters and throw sand in the eyes of Zambians.

    This is the same IMF you sent packing out of empty foolish pride only to go back begging when you had no choice. You want us to believe it was all part of the plan; bright luminaries that you are. You want solidarity now that you have run off the cliff in a drunken stupor of easy money once deluding yourselves that you do not need the IMF.

  9. It’s laughable that Mrs. Phiri Nova (Planet of the Apes) can claim tribal politics are long gone! We all know her aunt that ugly Nkandu Lunyokolola is the Queen of Tribal bigotry while Phiri Nova and CliDoras Slit and Phiri Nova (Planet of the Apes) are the Royal Crown princenses of Tribalism in Zambia! Fi mwankole fyabe ukunya!

  10. If anything you the PF are having sleepless nights. About not been sure if Lungu is eligible…the other thing is the more you talk about HH the more you make him Famous we wanna say thank. You fools have lost it.
    The game is over. Bye bye.

  11. We all remember how sata used to insult sitting presidents ……..

    These theiving rats have no shame……

    Meanwhile the economy is sinking while they masterba.te when the think of HH 24/7…..

  12. @Kaizer Zulu, for every beginning there is an end. You will one day lie in the bed you have made. Prepare. ‘We the people’ want answers from you and you will talk Sir. On that fateful day you will sing your heart out.

  13. If the word pamunyoko HH used is an insult in Tonga language then Iam also using it on you. The problem we have in zambia is being governed by these clueless characters who think that they’re dealing with lumpens. The country’s economy is on its knees but we have a brainless minister spending time on issues which are neither here nor there. Who bewitched our country.

  14. He never speaks about his extramarital affairs, Privatization scandal, and explosive press briefing of Tayali. How dare he say bad things about the Head of the State?

  15. In 2016, the US Government claimed that HH has strong tribal links and he can never be the President. Then why, he is even a candidate for the 2021 general election???

  16. HH became the leader of UPND just because he was a Tonga. And, we cannot forget the fact that all non-Tonga leaders including prominent human rights lawyer Sakwiba Sikota were forced to leave UPND. The entire UPND is a fraud.

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