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World Communication Forum closes in Lusaka


The first ever World Communication Forum for Africa that begun yesterday has closed today with stakeholders calling for positive branding of countries.

And Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Dora Siliya has urged the media in the country to embrace positive branding of Zambia through their reporting and programming.

Ms Siliya explained that journalists and other communicators are champions of investments in any given country hence the need for them to project a positive picture of the nation.

Speaking at the closing in ceremony of the World Communication Forum for Africa in Chongwe’s Bonanza Resort area, Ms Siliya said bad branding of the country breeds economic stagnation.

“Journalists and other communicators are ambassadors of any country’s economy and therefore should brand the country positively. I urge all communicators in Zambia to brand the country positively and explain to the people what developmental activities government is implementing and all communicators should not follow the agendas of other communicators from other countries as they have serious impacts on the economy,” she stressed.

The Chief Government spokesperson pointed out that the country does not get tangible investments as a result of negative reporting.

She indicated that government is doing everything possible to deliver social and other basic services to the general citizenry.

She cited the 234 people that apply for power connection from the electricity company ZESCO on a weekly basis as among the pointers of the growth of the economy in the housing and infrastructure sector.

Ms Siliya stated that the country will soon have sustainable power supply when the Kafue George power station is commissioned.

And Zambian Ambassador to Ethopia Emmanuel Mwamba echoed that the World Communication Forum was a reset button for the development of the country.

Mr Mwamba was optimistic that the country will have a positive brand within and outside Africa due to the detailed discussions that took place.

He was quick to mention that every Zambian home and abroad should embrace the national values and national icons as they are key pillars to positive branding of the country.

“This forum has helped Zambia to have once again the positive image in and outside Africa. As communicators and envoys of this country, we have a huge task to carry forward this reset button of our nation and I am sure that maximum development will be attracted soon,” he stressed.

Mr Mwamba urged the general citizenry to embrace social media as a tool to development as has no physical barriers.

Republican Vice President Inonge Wina yesterday opened the forum with a call for countries to come up with strategies that will address the negative branding on various economies by the digital era.

The World Communication Forum that ran from 24th to 25th November was held at Bonanza Resort under the theme ‘Communication in a Changing World: Challenges and chances’ and was attended virtually by the World Communication Forum Association President Maxima Behar.


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