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President Lungu expected in Luapula for three days working visit


President Edgar Lungu is tomorrow expected in Luapula Province for a three-day working visit.

Provincial Minister, Nickson Chilangwa said President Lungu will arrive in Mansa tomorrow before proceeding to Samfya district.

“I can confirm that Republican President, Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu will be arriving in Luapula Province for a 3-days working visit,” he said.

Mr Chilangwa explained that whist in Samfya, the Head of State is expected to ground break the construction site of an international convention centre, a shopping mall and three-star hotel at Samfya beach frontage.

He further said the President will on Saturday grace the second Bangweulu Summerfest in Samfya, before commissioning the Green 2000 project at Liens farm, in Pambashe’s Chibote area.

Mr Chilangwa added that President Lungu will later attend a Church service in Pambashe before heading back to Lusaka.

“We are grateful as people for the continued visits to Luapula Province by the Head of State as his visits have continued to raise the profile of the Province,” said Mr Chilangwa.


  1. Our hard working and ever in campaign mood president he is always on a move… Insoselo muchibemba” Kwati untu basuba amafuta yambwa” this is not insult, just that bemba is very rich language.

  2. My boss you are working too hard for our people. Your passion motivates me to do even a 200 times more to help our people.

    You will need a long break bakateka. Meanwhile hh is busy blogging on Facebook and then come election time the small boy will wonder how he lost. Hh is evidence that university education does not eradicate stupidity

  3. who else is on that travel itinerary?Otherwise,such visits smell of a rat..

    Or is luapula as a province being sold to the highest bidder without going through a normal and legal process –The visits need to be probed, seriously.

  4. He’s paying his last visits as President, soon he’ll be jobless. ECZ passwords have expired so no voter registration. You see how God exposes the evil. If this scandal can’t move him then there’s nothing that will. He’s only good at fixing his opponents.

  5. Ba Mwankole imwe tekeni a m a t o l e panshi! Zambians are tired you visionless pompwes!

  6. Lungu is scared of prision once he loses the elections thats why he wants to stay by all means possible, he is the worst President
    in all of Zambian history.

  7. Samuel Doe President of Liberia’s presidential election on October 15, 1985 were heavily r ig g e d; Doe publicly declared that if he lost the elections, he would not hand over power, Doe had the ballots taken to a secret location and 50 of his own handpicked staff counted them. Foreign observers declared the elections fraudulent and suggested that runner-up Jackson Doe of the Liberian Action Party had actually won. Doe was formally sworn in on January 6, 1986. On the day of his inauguration as twenty-first president, in the stadium . Doe was c a p t u r e d in Monrovia on September 9, 1990, by a leader of INPFL, Doe was taken to Johnson’s military base. his ears and fingers were c u t o f f and was t o r t u r e d for 12 hours. Doe was finally m u r d e r e d; his c o r p s e…

  8. President Samuel Doe was finally murdered; his corpse was exhibited n a k e d in the streets of Monrovia, the c o r p s e had its head shaved…….The spectacle of his t o r t u r e was video-taped.
    this is what happen’s when people are tired of thieving corrupt politicians

  9. When does he sit in the office to plan for the country. This surely can’t be work. Eurobond holders are waiting for their money, Glencoe is likely to throw 15,000 people on the streets with their impending exit, liquidation of KCM hangs in the balance with high court not being favour with the aggressive take over by the government, unemployment is all time high and somebody must continue with domestic tourism. No way

  10. Please tell people to register in luapula.Make sure they register.ECZ is not doing a good job there.tell your MPS and councilors to go out.Please southern taileyangala.millions are registering in southern province.Learn from them fi PF.

  11. Working visit here then working visit there . Carry on with your campaigns disguised as working visits or bribe visits. Meanwhile opposition cannot even visit the toilet without being followed or without a permit.

  12. Luapula “ya votolola, kubwekelako”, in Lundazi “wekeleniko na tuvotolola kale” president Lungu will be going round and round till elections day if ever will appear on the ballot paper.

  13. Just wondering what response one would get if they asked ECL a straight question “Have you been sworn in twice as President of Zambia?” it’s a question requiring a very short answer! Anyway when one starts giving a winding answer to any question that begs only a “Yes” and “No” response then let it dawn upon you that something is amiss!!!!!!!

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