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PF and its Government are engaging in a grand scheme of theft of public funds and money laundering


By Sean Tembo

1. As Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) we are concerned with the high levels of conspicuous consumption among PF cabinet ministers which does not seem to match their incomes. Almost on a weekly basis, we see a cabinet minister purchasing a brand new bus costing not less than K4 million for their constituency.

2. As Patriots for Economic Progress, we know these ministers as they live among us. We know that their businesses are struggling because they are often in the media having been sued by lending institutions such as DBZ or CEEC for failing to repay loans. Some of them have recently been in the media having been sued by their landlords for failing to pay rent for their businesses. And yet, the following day we see them donating a K4 million bus to their constituencies.

3. It is on the basis of the above that we do not agree with the statement that was recently issued by the Vice President Inonge Wina that Ministers who donate huge amounts to their constituencies have businesses. Clearly, you cannot on one hand be struggling to pay rent for your business to the extent of being sued by your landlord and yet on the other hand you are making so much profit that you even have a spare K4 million to donate to your constituency.

4. As Patriots for Economic Progress, it is our considered view that the PF and its Government are engaging in a grand scheme of theft of public funds and money laundering. This is the only explanation as to why, despite running ailing businesses, their ministers are able to donate huge amounts of unexplained cash to their respective constituencies.

5. As Patriots for Economic Progress, we call upon the Republican President, Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu to stop running his Government like a mafia organisation. Public funds collectively belong to the people of Zambia and not to a few select PF ministers. For those PF ministers who have become overnight millionaires as a result of theft of public funds, they can be rest assured that their day of reckoning is near. They shall surely be held to account for their pilferage of public funds.
Thank you and May God Bless the Good Citizens of the Republic of Zambia and Our Ailing Nation.


  1. In this type of highly indebtedness, we should have started with the perks, the way they feast at parliament hotel, the emoluments etc today that’s when you’re seeing that , you should have raised this issue long before, now that you’re not on the table , then you try play sour grapes politics,, pa Munyoko apangako na sence not imwe ba seer Tambo

  2. This is when he he punches light blows to his pay masters to look independent when we know you are on the PF payroll with your fellow nashala neka party president Tayali

  3. I had a lot of hope in PF and voted for them in 2016. But I can not pretend any more. They have completely lost control of the economy. And you can tell that ideas have completely run out. Even other countries have covid but their currencies have never depreciated by over 50 % in a single year,something fundamentally wrong here , and it can’t be fixed by PF

  4. As the Americans have told Donald Trump, provide the evidence for your rhetoric. If you can’t prove squat Tembo, shut the f@#k up!!! Instead of convincing voters with your manifesto and alternative policies, it’s the same corruption cr@p since 2016-that’s why you have no councillors, ward officials and mps. God save Zambia from this useless opposition.

  5. Do you require location map sent to you so that you know where to go and report, or after your reporting Moringa battering you and nothing happening, you have lost confidence in reporting

  6. These donations which are basically bribes are typical of failed regimes. Donations are not development. Development is well structured and normally benefits the massess and does not target a selected few who will benefit from a bus whose proceeds of buying that bus are blurred. These are just bribes and must taken as such, but you think they care?

  7. This where you should have focused your Political energy from the very beginning. Stop fighting your fellow opposition because the ruling Party has more space, power and money to do that for you.
    There is gross corruption and stealing in this Country spearheaded by PF government as if we do not even have a President. I am a Taxpayer and am seriously concerned. Please stop stealing from the poor you thieves.

    God help us, this time around – in Jesus name AMEN…!!!

  8. If ministers start making donations to their respective constituencies in their individual capacities instead of line ministries/ departments then we are in trouble as citizens. What will happen to those areas where they have been voting for opposition MPs they will be completely left behind. All these fruitless efforts of donating here and there are signs of failed state. We don’t elect people to public offices to become personal donors but public servants. ZRA should take keen interest to ascertain where these fellows are making such huge amounts from and tax them accordingly. This call also should extend to DEC and FIC . Some ministries have even failed to repair utility vehicles or buying stationery due to lack of funding from the treasury yet individual MPs have millions of…

  9. I now believe the rumours that this man is a heavy user of cannabis and other concoctions of lethal drugs. One minute he speaks sense the next he is vomiting faeces. Zambia opposition kuwaya waya fye.

  10. Only corrupt failed regimes allow and thrive on donations of Mps to their constituents outside structured ministerial sustainable development plans……They are using stolen money.

    That stolen money would be better used in establishing training skills programmes or sports skills programmes in the constituents…….

  11. When HH wanted to donate he was told to do so through the respective ministry …… these scared little men of PF openly bribing people with stolen funds…

  12. One can understand the political differences. But how can one justify blind and baseless criticism? Opposition in Zambia needs to get more serious and responsible while levelling any allegation. False and laughable allegations have made their mockery.

  13. Sean Tembo should first look back, how many people are behind him. What is the size of his party, what is the number of total members of his party, then speak. Levelling allegations for cheap publicity is now synonymous with these nano parties.

  14. Dear Sean Tembo. If you have the proof, please go to ACC or police. Newspaper or media is not the place to take your complaints to.

  15. The allegation that every minister is purchasing brand new bus every week, then this must be investigated. Sean Tembo, it is your moral responsibility to give the proof that these buses have been purchased by dirty money. Can you?

  16. This is very serious. Sean Tembo, being a responsible politician must be having concrete evidence to support his claims. ACC should take suo moto cognizance of this article and register a case. I am sure Sean Tembo will cooperate in the investigations.

  17. As true patriot, by your own admission, Sean Tembo, don’t waste time, go to ACC and submit the proof. It will be a great service to the nation. What are you waiting for? To negotiate a deal with PF? Do you think, someone from the PF will approach you and bribe you to keep quiet? If it is so, then forget it. Nothing of that sort will ever happen. You better take the proof to the authorities concerned.

  18. God help us if this misguided soul ever ends up anywhere near plot one.

    Everyone in the world knows the PF leadership are thieves. Corrupt to the core.

    Even the PF leadership knows that everyone knows they are a rotten bunch of thieves.

    Yet, they carry on plundering.

    Day of reckoning is near.

  19. The trouble with Sean Tembo is that despite all this, he would rather lose the election nxt year to the PF than to another party in the opposition. Go ahead and ask him this question, if he doesn’t win the election nxt year, who would he rather won it? He will tell u it’s the PF. I don’t know wht Tembo is doing in opposition politics.

  20. I have problem to decipher the major differences between Tayali and this Tembo as regards policy consistencies as surrogates of PF on one hand and trying to be relevant as politicians.

  21. All you saying

    ” must be reported , must report …..”

    ACC and the police can not investigate anything on PF unless lungu farts instructions for them to investigate ………

  22. Which donation did HH wanted to make and was redirected to use other ministries? The man is so mean that he has even failed to sink a single borehole in his village and not even for his mother.

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