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President Lungu apologises to Luapula Chiefs for not meeting them individually at their respective palaces


President Edgar Lungu has apologised to traditional leaders for not meeting them individually at their respective palaces. The Head of State disclosed that he received a complaint sent through the Minister for Religious Affairs and National Guidance Godfridah Sumaili when she visited the province.

According to the President, some traditional leaders complained to the Minister why the President was meeting them in a group and not individually.

However, President Lungu explained that time was not adequate for him to meet them individually hence meeting them as a group whenever he visits a place.

“Time is not enough for me to meet all of you individually that’s why I opt meeting you as a group. He asked forgiveness from traditional leaders for not meeting them from their respective palaces.”

President Lungu explained that meeting them as a group is not an indication that he disrespects or belittles them.

“When I meet you as a group it does not mean that I have overlooked or belittled you as chiefs. Am your son and you are the one who has given me the mandate to rule this country,” explained the President.

He urged chiefs not to be annoyed with him for not meeting them from their respective palaces. President Lungu requested the traditional leaders to bear with him for not visiting them individually.

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu meets their Royal Highnesses, Senior Chief Mwewa, Chiefs Kasoma Bangweulu, Mibenge, Chitembo and Mulakwa of Samfya District in Luapula Province
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu meets their Royal Highnesses, Senior Chief Mwewa, Chiefs Kasoma Bangweulu, Mibenge, Chitembo and Mulakwa of Samfya District in Luapula Province

President Lungu also called on traditional leaders in Luapula to continue working with government in fostering development in the province.

President Lungu noted that Luapula is endowed with abundant natural resources required to develop the province hence the call for chiefs to work closely with government.

The Head of State expressed happiness with the role traditional leaders have continued playing in promoting harmony and peace in the country.

President Lungu said this when He met five traditional leaders in Samfya district namely Senior Chief Mwewa, Chief Mibenge, Chief Chitembo, Chief Mulakwa and Chief Kasoma Bangweulu.

“May appeal to you is that let’s continue working together here in Luapula. The province is endowed with abundant natural resources required to develop this area so let’s continue working together. If we continue working together the way we are doing as you have shown by giving us land the welfare of our people will be improved.

“Thank you for the warm reception you have accorded me with my entourage. Am also so grateful for the role you continue to play in fostering peace and ensuring that people leave in harmony,” President Lungu said.

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu meets their Royal Highnesses, Senior Chief Mwewa, Chiefs Kasoma Bangweulu, Mibenge, Chitembo and Mulakwa of Samfya District in Luapula Province
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu meets their Royal Highnesses, Senior Chief Mwewa, Chiefs Kasoma Bangweulu, Mibenge, Chitembo and Mulakwa of Samfya District in Luapula Province

In response to the concern raised by President Lungu, Chief Mibenge said traditional leaders love him no wonder they want him to visit them individually.

Chief Mibenge said it was okay to bring chiefs together and meet them as a group as they are of one family.

The traditional leader told President Lungu not to worry as chiefs in the province are behind him.

He explained the province is receiving development because of the love President Lungu has for the people of Luapula.

“Most of the development we are seeing here we used to see it outside the province but today that development is here. Don’t worry as chiefs we love you that’s why we want to be meeting with you.”

He appealed to President Lungu not to reliant but to continue bringing development to the province.

And Traditional leaders in Luapula have pledged to work with government in developing the province.

Chief Kasoma Bangweulu told President Lungu that as Chiefs they are ready to involve themselves in spearheading national development in Luapula for the betterment of the people.

He implored the Head of State not to hesitate to engage them whenever need arises.

Chief Bangweulu emphasised that as traditional leaders they are willing to avail land for development purposes when called upon.

He praised government for the developmental projects being implemented adding that in the past Luapula lagged behind in development.

Chief Bangweulu vowed on behalf of other traditional leaders to continue supporting government’s development agenda.

“Whatever that government wants feel free to work with us, Luapula was lagging behind in terms of development but now we are seeing development taking place. As chiefs we want to involve ourselves in developing our province.”

“If there is any other place or land that you would require for development purposes please engage us.”

And Senior Chief Mwewa says it’s disappointing that some people have continued to question where government has taken the money when development is visible for all to see.

Senior Chief Mwewa stressed that people questioning how government used the money are just politicking as development is everywhere to see across the country.

He cited Lusaka as one place that has been fully developed to international stands noting that previously Lusaka was underdeveloped.

“The people who are asking where government has taken the money are even seeing the development government is putting up across the country. The Lusaka you see today is different from the old Lusaka. A lot of development has taken place in Lusaka even international visitors are appreciating the massive development taking place in the capital city.”

He pointed that those complaining are forgetting that development has also reached their respective areas.

“Roads that were in a deplorable state have been repaired and also new roads have constructed. Who knew that the Kalabo/Mongu road would be completed?

Mr President we are happy with the development that we continue to see, please continue don’t stop.”

Meanwhile Senior Chief Mwewe has appealed to President Lungu to come up with a way to regulate social media in the country.

Senior Chief Mwewe expressed concern over increased abuse of social media by disgruntled individuals.

He bemoaned that some people are using social media to insult the elderly in society.

“Before social media came, I never heard of a Chief or President being insulted as we are seeing today.”

He urged government to find a lasting solution to end the abuse of social media.

The traditional leader complained that the freedom of expression in the country is being misused and abused.

President Lungu arrived today in Luapula province for three days working visit, while in the province President Lungu is expected to visit development projects in the province.


  1. No need to apologize my President. Meet majority Zambians because some Chiefs are not even in good terms with their own people due selfishness and people are have no option because it is heritable leadership

  2. Ba lulu. Time flies hee! Who thought he would be trotting from one palace to another begging chiefs for help? Sadly though, chiefs can’ t rebuild a destroyed Economy which has caused his demise.

  3. One man one vote, some of these chiefs don’t even vote. Surprisingly they want to individually meet somebody who is not performing. Do they know the current economic stats for Zambia and that they are all negative. I hope they are also aware that we have defaulted on the debt payment. Do they know that our currency depreciated by over 50% in one year. And they still want to meet the President individually?

  4. I agree with the Chiefs. As a Chief, how are going to ask for your cut with a lot of people in the room?

  5. My humble leader you are very courteous and full of decorum. We wish that arrogant gumu gumu head HH could take a leaf from your book.
    The chiefs will understand and will support you fully due to your respect. Meanwhile hh is trying to meet chiefs via Facebook haha

  6. Come back and sort out the exchange rate. You inherited a very decent one from MMD. Don’t even talk about Covid which is very new

  7. Nonsense, he should be ignoring them! It is not, and never has been the President’s job to meet chiefs when he travels.
    I look forward to the day we have a leader who will rightly leave chiefs to their role as custodians of traditional values and history.
    No sane person votes because a chief has told him to do so, I would not vote for Lungu or HH simply because my chief told me.
    They want individual meetings for the brown paper, nothing else. Let’s not waste the time of the Head of State where he has to visit political nonenties.

  8. Humble humble kuti, we need a performer this time. The same humble we followed has made us default as a country. Inflation is double digit

  9. Kulibe vau humble manje. We need somebody to come and sort out this mess. And that next person if he also proves incompetent like this one, he will also be shown the state house exit door. This time we will scrutinize

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