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I’m 64 years old and I regularly exercise, President Lungu tells Samfya residents


President Edgar Lungu has urged the people of Luapula province to keep healthy and fit. President Lungu encouraged the people to regularly exercise and maintain good body physique.

He stressed that it is in the interest of everyone ordinary Zambian to be physically fit. President Lungu urged the people to emulate him by regularly exercising. The President revealed that he is 64 years old but regularly exercises.

“What I want to tell you is that please keep fit and healthy it’s in your interest. Am 64 years old now never says die, Zambia belongs to everyone lets believe in ones self. Let’s continue cooperating and working together,” President Lungu said.

The Head of State said this when He addressed participants who took part in this year Bangweulu marathon challenge 2020.

Meanwhile President Lungu has called on the people of Luapula province to continue working and cooperating with the government.

And speaking earlier, Luapula province Minister Nickson Chilangwa thanked President Lungu for gracing this year’s event. Mr Chilangwa informed the President that the people of Luapula are happy with his participation in this year summer marathon.

“Your excellence we are very grateful that graced this event. There are athletes here who have come from very far and u will be failing in duties if don’t invite You to say something to our athletes.”

Among the sporting categories that were lined for this year’s Samfya summer festival included 72 kilometres cycling race, half Ten kilometres marathon and full 21 kilometres marathon, Five kilometres walking race, and 100 meters boat padding on Lake Bangweulu.

President Lungu participated in the 10 kilometres Bangweulu challenge where He was joined by senior government officials and local residents of Samfya.

President Lungu’s participation mesmerised the people of Samfya who were astonished with his physical fitness during the exercise. Peter Musonda a resident of Samfya expressed happiness with the manner the President was exercising.

Mr Musonda was shocked with the physical fitness of the Head of State.

“Am so shocked and surprised that the President was so fit and could run more than 10 kilometres.”

President Lungu are Samfya Summerfest Event
President Lungu are Samfya Summerfest Event
Former FAZ President Kalusha Bwalya at the Samfya Summerfest Event
Former FAZ President Kalusha Bwalya at the Samfya Summerfest Event
Former FAZ President Kalusha Bwalya at the Samfya Summerfest Event
Former FAZ President Kalusha Bwalya at the Samfya Summerfest Event


  1. You need to be prepared for exercise sir. Next year Chimbokaila is waiting for you. 43 fire tenders & toll gates equals Hard Labour.

  2. Copper queens just proved that Hazel Nari is replaceable, Ngambo Musole is the best goal keeper Zambia has ever seen, she was best in Chile vs Zambia.
    PF can find a female to replace the “third-term” president Edgar.

  3. The hardships around the populace is enough exercise, thank you. Koma imwe waku ma yadi you can afford to schedule ka jogging here and there. Ise ni kaya koma.

  4. Setting a good example sir. You never see hh exercising. He spends all his time eating mabisi and posting on Facebook. I am sure our president can beat him at 100 metres race.

    Sir even I exercise and keep fit. Keeping fit is not just about getting muscles like lukanga on this forum. Many young men use steroids which gives them smaller ntwenus. As for me I train every day and let me tell you that it helps a lot with sex life. Young men need to learn to not take sex boosters like mwana apelule but instead should exercise

  5. Lincoln we have enough food here. Kaya uko ku Europe we hear things are tough due to covid. We will soon start fundraising for you guys there.

    The message is simple. Do some exercise every day. You will be surprised how it improves your wellbeing. Especially sex life. I can give you people a run for their money when it comes to uku doda due to my great exercise regime.

  6. Correction : A full marathon is 42 kilometres ; 21 kilometres is just a half marathon. In the athletics world 10 kilometres is never referred to as a marathon.

  7. Was it a 10 km walk or a run? Picture shows walking action and not running. Either way it is important to do physical exercises to keep fit. He must also start some mental exercises to keep ….,

  8. Exercising na njala, you bestowed poverty on us Sir, we were not like this before you came in. You can compare the stats you found and what you will leave us with next year

  9. Exercises are very important, but for them to be of proper benefits, it must go hand in hand with decent meals. THE PRESIDENT can afford to have any meal he wishes but the people he is encouraging to be doing exercise like him, can hardly afford decent meals. How do you even start running in the name of exercise yet there is no food at home?

  10. Was this ***** Lungu exercising in Chawama before he became president? I wish ECL could just shut up and enjoy his last days in state house. This useless vision less drunk of a man has taken Zambia back wards.

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