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Solwezi man locked up for defaming of the President Lungu


Police in Solwezi has arrested a 21-year-old man for defamation of President Edgar Lungu.

North Western Province Commissioner of Police Elias Chushi has confirmed the arrest of Alex Munganga of Messengers compound to ZANIS in Solwezi today.

Mr Chushi said Rodgers Tanganyika aged 40 of Cheshire area in Solwezi, reported the matter to Police around 16 hours yesterday.

“Police in Solwezi received a report of defamation of the President, which occurred on 27th November, 2020 around 1600 hrs at Solwezi Messengers Compound, which was reported by M/RODGERS TANGANYIKA aged 40 of Cheshire Home Area in Solwezi,” Mr Chushi said.

Mr Chushi said Munganga published a statement on his facebook account with intent to bring the name of the President into ridicule or contempt.

“Alex Munganga aged 21 of Messengers Compound Solwezi, also of Inama Village, Chief Sikufele, in Manyinga District, Northwestern Province who with intent to bring the name of the President into ridicule or contempt, published a statement on his Facebook Account, he said.

Mr. Chushi said the suspect is in police custody and will appear in court soon.


  1. Great development. There is a consequence for breaking rules. Even in your father’s house when you insulted him you faced consequence so what you expect when you insult father of nation. Now this is a warning to all those upnd supporters here on this blog who insult president lungu and our government. Remember you can run but you can t hide

  2. Arrest as many as you can, the discontentments expressed by Zambian masses will overwhelm the arresting authorities – “Mwe tupuba Zambians”

  3. I do not like Edgar Lungu because he has destroyed what was once a developing Zambia, but our head of state deserves respect and no one should insult him not only because he is our president but because he is a father, husband, brother and grandfather.

  4. This Koswe thinks he is a God.

    What has he done for our country to deserve respect?

    All he has done is borrow and steal. Impupu with no shame.

    Zambians can not wait to get rid of this thief and his corrupt friends.

  5. Chikal@ chakwe, the 1doit has destroyed the country, I don’t care what u morons think for me this w@nker deserves the insults. Even better when out of power he should just stay home in Zambia if he dare comes here he will be hunted down like a dead dog

  6. Even when you have a genuine complaint once you start insulting be it the your boss or worse the president just know that you have lost out because you will be fired or imprisoned. If you donot know the right channel of complaint just keep cool.

  7. Just saying that Lungu is a bad president (which he is, no doubt about it) can bring you in jail? Well, come and get me! I will tell those judges a thing or two about the president and his thieving compatriots like Gayzar Zulu!

  8. This culture of insults will worsen unless leaders moderate their language. Edgar recently called citizens utupuba (fools), his advisor refers to diasporans as dogs. They think to drive a point you’ve to be vulgar. I saw what this boy posted on that blog and I don’t know why the admin allowed it. But how many people are they going to arrest?

  9. Maybe its due to non fulfillment of their slogan MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKETS, LOWER TAXES AND MORE JOBS. Maybe that’s why people are just letting go of whatever is in their hearts and heads.

  10. It’s a banana republic pretending to be following democracy. The headlines tell you the rulers are tinpot dictators: man arrested for over taking the vice president’ s car. Iyee! Solwezi man locked up for defaming-of-the-president. Should we call Zambia a democracy? We should just stop pretending and go back to the second republic

  11. Look at how many people in America insult Trump everyday. How many have been arrested? Not even one. When you are a public figure then insults are a part of life.

  12. I don’t know what issues he had with the First Lady because she isn’t a politician. Should she be insulted because she’s married to a politician? What kind of madness is that? Leaders must also moderate their language so that the youth can emulate them. You don’t have to be vulgar to drive a point

  13. @Kennedy Bwalya The President is not my father. He just happens to be a President. He is not the father of Zambian citizens. He is in office because of me so he should respect me. not the other way round. He isa President because it is a job not because he was annointed to be King of Zambia

  14. What a waste of Police time and resources. ECL should sue people in his private capacity, but heck, we are still following archaic laws that used to criminalize the defamation of dictators or monarchs. Pathetic! ECL himself cannot even show how he has been ‘injured’ by whatever was written, which is one of the requirements of those that allege they have been defamed (in civil cases, by the way) Defamation should not be a criminal matter. Tin-pots use this primitive law to suppress citizens.

  15. It is gratifying that we can now begin to put to rest this unacceptable behaviour perpetrated these cowards who rush to Cybernet to defame others. We can have hard-talk but going all the way to insult or defame others is something else. It was so disgusting to hear this so-called boy of today insult the head of state like that. Whatever the motivation anyone with that kind of mindset need to be removed from society and placed under guard (prison).

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